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Advanced Welding - detaching and reattaching blocks!
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Sep 1, 2015 @ 8:26pm
Jul 26, 2020 @ 11:47pm
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Advanced Welding - detaching and reattaching blocks!

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This mod adds 2 things:
  • Weld Pad block (for smallship and largeship/station)
    Ultra-slim and cheap merge blocks that are only usable once because they get destroyed in the merge process.
    Also unlike mergers they don't have a magnetic ability but they do inform nearby friendly/neutral engineers (10m radius) of the alignment when a pair of these blocks are in range of each other.

  • Angle Grinder detach mode
    By holding CTRL or typing /detach in the chat, your handheld Angle Grinder tool will be set to 'detach mode' which allows you to detach blocks from the ship.
    The block needs to be grinded down 10% above the red line in order to be detached.
    You can only detach terminal blocks, for balance.

Known issues
- Use only 1 pad per grid when attaching, using multiple can cause errors in the game code.
- Detaching pistons and some wheels detaches them from their head/wheel too, this doesn't happen on all wheels for some reason so I've not yet identified the issue;

Please report issues or post suggestions in the discussions tab by making a new discussion, thank you :P

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XBox ?
Will not work. This mod relies on client-side scripts which are not allowed on the console itself.
Popular Discussions View All (11)
Dec 14, 2020 @ 4:11am
Disable possibility to weld small and large grid
May 10, 2019 @ 12:08pm
no connecting pad when i only have that mod on
Dec 27, 2020 @ 9:26pm
Cant weld the pads
Mr. Night
< >
Nablabla Apr 8 @ 1:26am 
I can not build the weld pad (it is greyed out) and I can not find it in the tech tree
CptVodka Mar 24 @ 8:07am 
@WJSabey well, i was mainly thinking about ground. However even in space.. Imagine trying to push a heavy object, for example the battery, while giving your own body an acceleration of 8 kN. As long as you're trying to push that object with thrusters on.. That's equivalent to a Mitsubishi Mirage on top of your shoulders in earth atmosphere.
I'd probably argue that 8 kN would kill you just from the G-forces even without trying to push something.. But that's another story :P
[AFO] HyP Mar 24 @ 5:22am 
Hey, is there a mod where i cant transport the shipparts in a Cargo Container? (like a landing pad lock but as a field to carry more objects).
WJSabey Mar 18 @ 7:09pm 
@CptVodka we're talking about moving things in space in zero-g, right? in that case, all increased mass does is slow things down. Also the jetpack appears to be able to produce about 8kN of thrust, which is about half of a small thruster. You could totally move small assemblies around with that.
Digi  [author] Mar 7 @ 10:42pm 
You should include the crash log :P
★Tanya Sapien Mar 7 @ 5:28pm 
OMG that's a patch that /needs/ to happen.
lorddoug1 Mar 7 @ 4:57pm 
trying to use this with the new GridPickupMod that allows placing of blocks by hand. unfortunately the game crashes when you place the blocks to be welded. was hoping these two mods could work together to really change the game as we know it for the better
CptVodka Feb 8 @ 5:14am 
@Julius Don't forget breaking all the bones in your arms when you connect the part to your suit before using the improved thruster pack :D
@Jack Carrying it by hand probbably wont happen, but a device that could create a magnetic field would probabbly be able to move stuff around.
@CptVodka Step 1: Attatch large hydrogen thrusters to your suit instead of the mini once that are on it by default. Step 2: Put a large tank on your suit to provide enough fuel. Step 3: Realize how horrible the plan was after you accidentally launched yourself into space. Step 4: Profit.

Now on a more serious note: if we could build a device that allowed us to create a magnetic field which we could use to move around stuff then that could be really helpfull.