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I play Stellaris for escapism

I am a Social Worker for mentally disabled people, plus I cant have children of my own, so when playing Stellaris I try my best to ensure a happy live for those who can't have one and always fight for their rights.

I need to tell you that I do believe that humanity will be significantly worse off in the coming decades. I guess you can call me a doomer or whatever but with the effects of climate change already gripping the world climate and government corruption and general greed at an all time high and becoming more apparent I'm starting (or already have) to lose hope.

While playing Stellaris I like to roleplay my empires are always benevolent and do everything to make my pops have the highest amount of amenities and happiness. I build gene-therapy clinics and entertainment buildings on all of my planets. I set the rights of my citizens as high as I can. I download mods that add policies that play into this RP benevolent republic that I like to play.

My Stellaris campaigns are always without slaves, sometimes democratic, sometimes authoritarian, it doesn't really matter, when the state works for the common folk. As mentioned, I build a lot Gene clinics and often ascend to Cyborgs, because in my job I see how weak the flesh is. It terrifies me that a minor accident may leave me mentally disabled. I wish for a world in which every one is healthy and can pursue their dreams, and since that’s unrealistic in our world I build it in Stellaris.

I never play as spiritualists, because I'm sick of so called healers on earth, who stuff themselves with money through their scam faith healings. So I go fully materialistic and enjoy going to war with spiritual states so I can liberate their people.

I rarely play Mega-Corpations because that's like my worst nightmare, it'd be like living in a shopping mall where everything is for sale, even basic things like healthca- wait. On the rare occasions I do, I have played as a MegaCorp with criminalistic heritage, so I can destabilize those planets owned by spiritualists or militarists and use migration treaties, so their pops emigrate to my worlds, where they can be free.

I think by far the saddest thing I've seen in the game is a nuked earth. I know that it's not real and that the pops don't feel anything and don't care if they live in an idealic paradise, but I do. I play this game to make a society that everyone enjoys and they want for nothing because they already have it, it's a nation where I would be proud and happy to live in.

Anyways, sorry if that got weird. I just wanted to rant and express my love for the game. If you are on the fence, don’t. It’s a great game and continuously gets better.

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Let’s be real, you’re here because you want to finally have the chance to play as a Nazi.

Maybe you’re someone like me. I’m always the good guy, the Jedi, the Paragon, the lawful good.

Then when playing Hearts of Iron IV something in me snapped, I came to see that in these strategy games you are the villain, you are evil.

Embrace it, let the hate strengthen you, harden your heart to the lamentations of your foes, sit atop a throne of skulls steeped in blood and command all you survey.

If I’ve learned anything by talking to other gamers, it’s that if someone makes a game where you can kill people, some gamer is going to kill everything that can be killed in that game. Be that gamer, and enjoy this gem of a game. 10/10
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Uniting all non-theists. Together we are strong. All are welcome.
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I have noticed some users on Steam asking for a way to, ahem, "ethically and responsibly" remove some ethnic minorities. I've helped some, but making a guide that is easily linked to and actually shows the code is the right choice I feel.

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