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Hello, i am very lucky player, with slightly above average skill (Mostly because of my crosshair placement, high-end pc with 240Hz monitor, and lack of any sights of what people use to call "real life").
Because i am from slavic country Czech republic, i can understand russian and polish little bit, beside that i can Recognize colors im deutch, читать по русски and comunicate in english ( But its rusty as your moms Bel Air from 57´, if your mom have actually Bel Air rusty as mine english... i am jealous :2019love:)
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(O,o)Settings, Setups... Bla bla(o,O)
:summer2019tortoise: CPU: Intel Core I9-9900K 4,7GHz (8+8)
:summer2019cockatiel: GPU: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti DUKE 11G
:summer2019tortoise: RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4x8GB 3,7GHz
:summer2019cockatiel: MoBo: ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Pro
:summer2019tortoise: Sound Card: Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5
:summer2019cockatiel: Power: Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750W

:cozypaladinsbmbk: Display PC: MSI Oculux NXG251R //fHD, 240Hz (1ms), G-Sync
:cozypaladinsbmbk: Display PS5: Samsung U32H850 Quantum dot 4K, 10Bit, 60Hz
:summer2019tortoise: Mouse: Logitech G303 Shroud edition
:summer2019cockatiel: Mousepad: Glorious 3XL Extended
:summer2019tortoise: Keyboard: Logitech G915
:summer2019cockatiel: Headphones: Beyerdynamic MMX300
:brokenhelmet: VR: Valve Index // 2.0 Stations // Index controllers + Vive 2018 controllers
:2017stickyorange: Steering wheel Logitech G920
:winter2019coolyul: Consoles: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Valve SteamDeck

Favourite videogames Icons: Jon Burton (Founder of TT games,Designer/Director of Lego games and movies), John Carmack/Romero (If you dont know these guys, Here :shotgun: , kill yourself),
Favourite skill based games: Osu!, CS series, UT, PUBG and Bear Saber .
Favourite SP games: Uncharted series, Horizon zero down, Marvel's Spider-Man, Doom/Wolf series, Half-life series, Farcry 1, Mafia 2, Spellforce 1

CSGO info.:
DPI 800;PR 1000Hz;
Res............1024x768 ;
Stats: Check my stats on csgo-stats-nick : tominaut
UT4 info.:
DPI 800;PR 1000Hz;
Fps lock......500
Quality.........everything low without textureQ high
Osu! info.:
DPI 800;PR 1000Hz;
Res............1440x1080 BB ;
Profile: Thomany [osu.ppy.sh]
:hiirocurious: rank #50K | In my country ~ #250 (Non-activ since end of 2018)
Fav. players: -GN, WubWoofWolf and Haxwell.
Beat Saber info.:
Valve Index with HTC V2 controllers ;
Grip: X-Grip;
Profile: T0M1N4UT [scoresaber.com]
:hiirocurious: My best ranking was #743 | In my country #4 (July 2019)
Fav. players: Dietah, Bandoot, Taichidesu
:Beds: Somehow lost that passion for progress in 2020,
Also Wrist Pain started to popup after few songs, so now i play casually 2-3 times in a week.
Human Benchmark :csgostar: [www.humanbenchmark.com]
FaceIT :csgostar: [www.faceit.com]
Tradelink :csgostar:
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Weird game from 1994 (2004 is year, when it went off as a opensource), with active mod community. You can't even say rating for this game, its from 90's and people still playing it, if you dont like it, then it is not a game what you should blame.
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