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As someone who is a fan of almost anything platinum puts out, I'll be the first admit there is some bias in my review.

That said, I do think that Wonderful 101 is underrated gem that thankfully got a second chance by being decently ported over to the PC from the Wii U. Anybody who ever played a platinum game would know what to expect. High octane, over the top, but super fun gameplay with bunch quirkiness in between and this game is no exception.

The port is pretty solid, though they have had to make some compromises when having to fit in what was the Wii U gamepad functionality into the game. It's not perfect, but it is still very much playable.

The gameplay does take some getting use to and is something that may put off a lot of people due to how "different" it may be to control at first. But it can be rewarding if you put in the time to learn and practice it.

Overall this is one of my personal favorite platinum games that is very near to my heart, alongside Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. I personally think this game is worth $40, but I would not blame anybody for wanting to wait for a sale.

Side note: I recommend playing with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.
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Dave The Diver is a fun, wholesome, and relaxing game that I view as a nice palate cleanser. In that this can be something you can play if you are trying to wash out the taste of a bad game you've played out of your mouth or if you just want to play something a little more simple and just relax.

You can definitely tell that the developers put a lot of love into making this game and had some making it with its charming pixel art, chill soundtrack and a bit of quirky humor in between.

The story feels like it's really just there for the sake of progression. Which is fine since it serves its purpose for what it's trying to do, but that's just it, it doesn't really stick with you. There are some points in the story where it does feel a little sluggish, but overall it has kept things interesting by steadily introducing new mechanics as you progress.

Overall, I would say this a game that is worth picking just have something sit down, relax, and play. For it is VERY good at doing that.
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