Rhaimes:Leon how do you only have 1k hours on tf2 but others have more and suck cack? .

/フフ         ム`ヽ
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==>Rome:Total War Campaign Completions<==
Complete Julii Campaign - [✓] 11/30/13
Complete Egypt Campaign - [✓] 12/21/13
Complete Gaul Campaign - [✓] 4/13/14
Complete Brutii Campaign - [✓] 6/25/14
Complete Greek Campaign - [✓] 11/4/14
Complete Seleucid Campaign - [✓] 2/20/15
Complete Scipii Campaign - [✓] 6/24/15
Complete Carthage Campaign - [✓] 8/21/15
Complete Parthia Campaign - [✓] 12/16/16

"Because hes a jerk! And a sexual harasser! And a show off!" - Sinon, SAO 2 107
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[6:36:03 PM] Reiner: call me your little boy~

^1[7:14:17 PM] BoBo: Or ride my survivor
[7:14:27 PM] LEON35: how about ride my shrock ;)
[7:14:31 PM] BoBo: Fine

[11:34:44 AM] Konyuna: Stop being such a pussy and whip that dick out
[11:34:44 AM] LEON35: wat

[8:07:54 PM] Reiner: Leon im glad my first time was with you
[8:07:59 PM] LEON35: wat

[4:03:23 PM]LEON35: alex me la p3la
[4:03:45 PM]alex @ college: brb gonna suicide
[4:03:47 PM]alex @ college is now Offline.

[3:23:35 PM]Konyuna: Leon-kun I...BAKA
[3:23:36 PM]LEON35: wat

[7:23:36 PM] AquaWaffles: i dont want 2 remove him cuz he sux at trading and i get gud dealz

[10:10:56 AM] Reiner: fak me
[10:11:04 AM] LEON35: Ok ;)

[8:13:39 PM] alex: fill my uguu hole with your magical juice

[7:04:08 PM] Soar-a のんの: Tell turret
[7:04:28 PM] Soar-a のんの: I want to fuk him so hard

[4:12:08 PM] Crit the Angel: retired demo FF2 champ training current FF2 goomba champ
[4:12:09 PM] Crit the Angel: hmmm

[8:31:26 PM] Sebastian: I wish I can good at using 3D gear in ff2 like heichou
[8:31:45 PM] LEON35: sebastian pls

[6:29:17 PM] alex: imma shove potatos down your uguu hole
[6:29:23 PM] LEON35: wat

[2:00:13 PM] Reiner: senpai leon the zombies are no excuse
[2:00:20 PM] Reiner: for you to grope my breasts

[8:25:21 PM] Hammer777: love youuuu :)

[8:59:34 AM] Rhaimes: nah... you fish for the "Titans"

[8:19:57 PM] AquaWaffles: das cuz turrut waz beun gey

[12:45:22 PM] alex: dont skip the cutscenes u phaggot

[7:11:16 PM] alex: ur my uguu hole filler

[5:09:07 PM] Reiner: Fuck her right in the pussy doesnt help me get real poosy

[7:35:47 PM] teux: turret is such a fat kid

[11:38:14 AM] alex: if this guy doesn't sell me his max's
[11:38:18 AM] alex: im going to fuck turret so hard

[6:08:43 PM] ‏LEON35: hmmm
[6:08:46 PM] ‏LEON35: i think its my tuRn
[6:08:52 PM] Reiner: dun du it phaggot
[6:08:55 PM] Reiner: mercy

[7:46:05 PM] Reiner: Mel gives verbal sex
[7:46:09 PM] Reiner: bae gibes real sex
[7:46:15 PM] Reiner: = profit

[3:57:21 PM] Krispypotato: chops off LEON35's dick

[1:18:24 PM] Krispypotato: Dont go on FF2
[1:18:28 PM] Krispypotato: stay with me forever

[1:29:58 PM] Krispypotato: FETISH BOY

[5:04:58 PM] Reiner: fak off jabroni u beun a jew u r the reason I cut myself

[11:37:09 PM] Konyuna: I want you to swim in my ass like a trout.

[9:58:14 AM] AquaWaffles: chair helped me cum out
[9:58:25 AM] AquaWaffles: He should be in gay niga gaming

[2:59:59 PM] LEON35: When it comes down to 8 year old Turret
[3:00:00 PM] LEON35: Chair
[3:00:03 PM] LEON35: you are
[3:00:07 PM] LEON35: NOT the father
[3:00:10 PM] Soar-a: fuck yeah

[8:42:23 AM] Konyuna: That's what I get for buying furry games.

[5:35:10 PM] Reiner: Then im blocking jew again cuz your being a fag

[8:12:36 PM] LEON35: ask him why they call him chocolate obi
[8:12:38 PM] LEON35: boi
[8:12:55 PM] AquaWaffles: This iz why turret is salty?
[8:16:30 PM] LEON35: ya
[8:16:55 PM] AquaWaffles: iz he coob v2

[9:01:03 PM] alex: what nigr
[9:01:23 PM] alex: omg
[9:01:27 PM] alex: are u serious with ur bandana
[9:01:42 PM] alex: it'll be like having your cum in my face the whole time

[9:37:07 PM] Krispypotato: i need my backup

[9:48:17 PM] Krispypotato: i wanna spectate you playing vsh

[10:05:26 PM] Mel: Y'all probably thought i was a fat shit or something
[10:05:34 PM] LEON35: pretty muchya

[8:08:20 PM] Soar-a: id suck dick for a box trot
[8:08:22 PM] Soar-a: for real

[8:13:08 PM]im gonna get rekt tomorrow: may the leon be with me tomorrow

[5:10:54 PM] +Sebastian | S> Keys: http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=nvlS1L5AwLOMzIMVD%2BmWtYh4l5k2TGxc
[5:11:01 PM] +Sebastian | S> Keys: does this look like a face of mercy?
[5:11:15PM]LEON35: LMAO

[10:27:12 PM] Alex:Minako Aino: he pissed me off

[8:48:52 PM] LEON35: dw mel we <3 you
[8:51:22 PM] Mel: :(
[8:51:56 PM] LEON35: mel pls
[8:52:06 PM] LEON35: dont give uncle leon and alux that look
[8:52:11 PM] LEON35: turn that :( into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[8:55:40 PM] Mel: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[3:56:00 PM] LEON35: roses are red violets are blue, were going to have sex tonight because im stronger than you
[3:56:19 PM] Soar-a: did you take that shit from my profile
[3:56:24 PM] Soar-a: thats how i get all my bitches
[3:56:35 PM] LEON35: lmfao

[2:22:19 PM] Leon and Alex's boy toy: i got a girl to rest on my shoulder today
[2:22:22 PM] Leon and Alex's boy toy: today was a good day
[2:22:23 PM] LEON35: danm

[8:45:23 PM] I'll miss you, Sharon </3: kuuko's that ultra top secret boss whose not tough at all but you need to kick his ass to beat the game
[8:46:32] Rip Alex's gf: LMFAO

[9:47:55 AM] Hammer777: it has lots of grabing
[9:47:59 AM] Hammer777: and pulling
[9:48:01 AM] LEON35: wht
[9:48:14 AM] Hammer777: if we play with it

[5:43:04] the final countdown: when i lose in mge match http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=24osih1&s=9#.Vl4Cr1GCOrU
[5:44:30] LEON35: parasoul you're one of the only master weebs that I lik
[5:45:02] the final countdown: b-b-b-baka don't say such embarassing things!

[8:37:51 PM] LEON35: Hey Luve
[8:37:56 PM] LEON35: what do you want for christmas
[8:37:57 PM] Luvedragon♀: Yo
[8:38:00 PM] LEON35: wait wait
[8:38:03 PM] LEON35: before you say anything
[8:38:06 PM] LEON35: I got the perfect gift
[8:38:11 PM] LEON35: *pulls out bad dragon catalog*
[8:38:18 PM] LEON35: Dragons Dragons Dragons = Luve
[8:38:25 PM] LEON35: :caster_wink:
[8:38:35 PM] Luvedragon♀: Stan the trex
[8:38:40 PM] LEON35: what
[8:38:54 PM] LEON35: oh wtf
[8:39:02 PM] LEON35: why did I click
[8:39:03 PM] Luvedragon♀: i know like a lot of the names lol
[8:39:08 PM] LEON35: Luve
[8:39:13 PM] LEON35: geez
[8:39:15 PM] LEON35: jesus

[11:30:33 PM] Sebastian | Rip TF2-Trader: i was an atheist until i realized there is Leon
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