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Air Conflicts: Secret War is a sequel of the original Air Conflicts from 2006. It is an arcade turn-and-burn WW2 flight game with some interesting story line rarely covered in WW2 games: the Balkan conflict, and how the resistance in Poland, Azerbaijan, and other eastern European countries fought the Nazi invasion. You play the daughter of a WW1 Ace, "Deedee" as you attempt to work your way out of Africa into Eastern Europe, attempting to work your way through the war, as sort of a mercenary / smuggler for hire of the Allied side, along with your mentor Tommy (who flew with your father) and Clive, the best mechanic / drunk. You start working for Flight Captain McIntyre of the RAF, but you'll end up helping a lot fo different factions on the Allied side, not all of whom are that friendly, as you attempt to survive WW2.

The game has quite good graphics, and fully supports high resolution screens, as well as all sort of eye candy, from bump maps to high polygon models to post processing effects, and more. However, your windows need to use the regular DPI instead of any enlargement (125% or 150% under display) or you won't be able to run the config program as you can't see the buttons. Sound is quite good.

The game play has variety of mission types, such as eliminate all enemies. Though it's the timed missions, as well as the "plinking" missions that are the most frustrating. As an example of timed mission, you have to destroy advancing German tanks within 2 minutes (or they'll fire upon the convoy and you'll fail the mission). Another example is the "plink the parachutes" mission... German transports are bringing in paratroopers. You need to shoot down the paratroopers. Yes, you are here to shoot parachutes (WTF?!) And you need to shoot dozens and dozens of them... until you killed at least 12% of those darn parachutes. There's another one where "kill 70 soldiers on the ground with bombs or strafing". YIKES.

That parachute missions is the most hideous I've encountered so far, with the "kill 70 soldiers on ground" a close second. And I don't mean the objective, but the sheer frustration attempting to finish such. The parachute mission lasts 12 minutes, and you are barely informed of how you're doing. You simply keep shooting parachutes until you get a 'pass' or 'fail'. And yes, the paratroopers will scream as they fall from the sky. Same with ground soldiers you kill.

On the other hand, there are some missions that are more... subtle, such as the "smuggle" missions where you are trying to stay undetected (with a stealth meter), or a rescue / recon mission about finding a signal (radio finder blips). There's also a mission or two where you simply pilot a captured Luftwaffe plane and fly over enemy territory for recon... and hopefully not get caught by air patrols. That can get tense.

Depending on the aircraft you fly (and you fly a lot, from WW1 fighter to civilian transport, from fighters to fighter bombers, even a B-24... ) you get guns, bombs, and maybe rockets. The bombs and rockets are unlimited but takes time to regen. The guns are unlimited too, but won't fire if overheated. If you can hit a plane with a rocket, you get insta-kill, but obviously that'll be quite difficult. Hit ground targets with bombs or rockets, but you need to be VERY precise... or you don't get the kill (and fail the objective). The bigger planes have additional turrets and tail guns, and those fire automatically. You can even take control fo the turrets and let AI fly for a while. Bombers may be able to drop salvos of bombs rather than one at a time.

There are missions set in both WW1 and WW2. The story is told from POV of Dorothy "Deedee" Derbec, who fight in the various conflicts (that you play) in WW2, but also relive the missions talked about by friends of Deedee's father in WW1.

As you complete missions, depending in kills and objective completion you gain 'stars', which you accumulate to add a point to your four attributes such as luck, leadership, armor, and damage, giving it a slight RPG flavor. This also controls what planes you can unlock, and there are more than a dozen planes from all sides: German, American, British, Russian, even a few jets and rocket powered planes, not to mention bombers, fighter bombers, and pure fighters.

The locations are interesting, at least to those accustomed to regular WW2 games, as you do a lot of fighting in Eastern Europe (but that's understandable, the developers are from Slovakia), and they mixed in quite a bit of WW2 history (or at least, hypothetical history).

The game has simplified landing... basically fly through a series of "rings" and you're considered "landed". Taking off is easy: full throttle and you'll take off.

Controller is fully supported, and can be set to arcade or sim mode with different control schemes. There's also multiple difficulty levels to customize your game. There's also plenty of quick dogfight missions (random AI opponents) and plenty of multiplayer options.

Enemy AI is not bad, as they do try to get on your tail and stay there.

Overall, my impression of the game is positive, except for those painfully tedious "plinking" missions (i.e. kill paratroopers and kill 70 ground troops). I'm about 60% complete and I sincerely hope I don't run into more missions of that type. Once I got past the female narrator (female French accented English) the game is actually quite enjoyable. Enemy planes smoke and break apart convincingly, and at Rookie difficulty you generally do breeze through the missions (except for those tedious plinking missions).

if you like the genre, arcade WW2 flight game, this game is quite good. Not a must play, but definitely something to try.
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