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I do not trade away cards I require to build a set in most cases, not even foil for foil.

If you want a game gift in my library, I will only trade (give) for equal value of usable holiday cards.

Will trade coupons for full holiday card sets or foils I need.

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This guide is intended to be a list of mods that work well together and enhance the Fallout 4 experience without straying (at least not too far) from the unmodded game, gameplay, and lore. As a user pointed out in the comments below, Fallout 4 is a lot mor
Favorite Guide
Created by - kdodds
There are two goals for this guide. Hopefully, with the Microsoft acquisition of ZeniMax/Bethesda Softworks, the first goal will soon become a thing of the past. However, and unfortunately, in its current release state, Fallout 3 GOTY does not run out-of-t
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The Forgotten City is the first mod in history to win a national Writers' Guild award, and offers a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to
Created by - ModernStoryteller
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With only 3 or 4 hours in, I'll refrain from blanket statements. I will, however, say that, gaming for over 30 years, with a substantial Steam library, Cyberpunk is a clear stand-out. I'll update this review later, for sure. But for now? Does it live up to the hype? Does any game? Cyberpunk, at least, comes close. No regrets. I am playing on an SSD, 32GB, 2080ti, though.

Okay. 20+ hours in, well into the main story, having downed a bunch of side jobs... Still no regrets. If you look at it as what it is, a single player action/adventure, it's a very good game. If you are, however, looking for a meaty RPG, look elsewhere.

The world is absolutely gorgeous on a 2080ti. The details, from playing ads and tv shows, to a very well designed city, to roads and highways, are amazing. But. It's all static. For the most part. And that lifelessness of objects extends to factions, character development, crafting. It all feels... superficial... like they wanted to put meat on the bones, but settled for a shell.

That all said, driving through Night City on a job is very, very enjoyable. All the sights and sounds breathe life into an otherwise hollow experience. It's more like watching a movie, but you're in control of the main character, and less like you're building a role/character.

There are problems. Combat is... weird. Some battles are overly easy, others overly difficult, sometimes with the expected roles reversed, a job that should be cake, isn't, or one that should be near impossible is scripted simple. NPCs are terrible. There are tons of people walking the city, but they're all window dressing. Hacking is... ugh... this is a cyberpunk genre. Cyberpunk is right there, right in the name. It boldly professes a Cyberpunk world. It needs to. There is very little "cyber" involvement in anything you do. It's secondary and mostly unnecessary. It's *there*, yeah. But it's not the focus, which leads to it feeling incomplete, half done. You're paying more for the Bladerunner paint job on the world, in other words, than, say, a quality Shadowrun-like experience.

Ignoring these gripes, as a game with no expectations, it has its minor frustrations, but is very enjoyable to play. No regrets.
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Due to increased requests, I will not accept friend requests from apparent scam accounts. Low level accounts with few games and little play time will be ignored, sorry. Private profiles will be blocked without question.

I do not play CS:GO. I am not interested in this game, nor in trading items for this game. If this game, or trading items for this game, are your sole or primary interest on Steam, please do not add me.

Attention CS:GO players: if CS:GO is your primary interest... I DO NOT PLAY. I DO NOT TRADE GAME ITEMS. PERIOD. All CS:GO players with comparatively little play time in other games will now be blocked.

If you have been VAC banned, you will be ignored. If you have been Trade Banned, you will be blocked.

If you are using a questionable profile name intended to provoke reaction, or have such materials posted or linked on your account, please do not add me, you will be blocked.

If you are accepted and your acceptance is followed by many requests by friends of yours who fit any of the above, you will be removed, blocked, and any comments or dialogues will be deleted.

I am not here to provide you with the rare cards you need through trades. Nor am I "selfish" for wanting to keep them. If your opinion is to the contrary, please do not add me, I do not trade cards I need to make a set. Example: Unmarketable foil cards can only be created through boosters and only gained through trades, There is no way to obtain or sell them other than through boosters or trades. Since I have so many badges, I do not actively seek to create these rare sets, but I do not give up on them either. If you want or need these cards, make sure I have doubles before asking for trades. Repeated requests to the contrary will be unfriended.

If you seem to think I am a Booster Pack vending machine, do not add me. I have better things to do than create packs for your profit with no compensation. I am not "selfish" for requesting compensation. Example: recently a user requested I make a booster pack for a game he did not own that was selling for +70¢, Cost to make the booster: 1000 gems, 1 sack. Sacks are selling for ~30¢. I asked for 10%, 100 extra gems, for my trouble. User refused. If you're that type of user, don't bother adding me.

Read the last two paragraphs again. If you're prone to using people for your own gain, please look elsewhere for "friends".

Skyrim and Fallout folks, feel free to add me.
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