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I welcome friend invites as well as group invites if it's a group I am interested in!

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If you really want to invite me to a game, send me a chat message first. The answer will 99,99% of the time be "no" if it's a game I don't play currently. Repeat violators will be kicked off my friends list.
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This is a review of the entire release with all DLC included, not just the free version which comes with only one table.

If you like old pinball tables, by which I mean electromechanical (EM) and early solid state (SS) tables, Zaccaria Pinball has a huge number to offer although a lot of it is quantity over quality. Which is not to say there aren't some really good tables in here, but be prepared to see a lot of tiny variations on the same design over and over again.
The only modern tables which are somewhat comparable to the likely more famous Williams or Stern tables you can find in Zen Pinball FX3 and Pinball Arcade are the recent Deluxe tables, which include (fake) DMDs or even full video screens.

So if you get everything ZP has to offer, you're going to end up with many classic tables. The good thing is, they all play very well. ZP has nailed the physics model and offers by far the most tweaks of any commercially available pinball simulator I know of. Just about everything is customizable, from the intensity of the lights to the amount of reflection on the glass cover, which itself can be customized in many states from invisible to old, dirty, and scratched. The physics can also be tweaked to a fine detail, although changing physics disables scoreboards (as it should).

Every table has multiple scoreboards in fact, from normal 3-5 ball play to special time limit modes and other unique modes per table. On top of that, ZP sells special Campaign and Zombie modes which take you through a series of tables with specific goals. These unique modes are not just a fine way to keep things fresh as you won't spend long on any table, but also to discover ones you might not have played before.

Can I recommend ZP? Yes, but only if you know what you're going in for. You're not gonna get tables like Williams' Terminator 2 or even Fish Tales, or the unique Zen tables with animated characters and gameplay modes, but you ARE getting a mostly unknown chapter of pinball history emulated to near perfect detail. If you like old school tables, get this pack. If you don't, or aren't familiar with them, play the free Time Machine table and realize that 90% of the DLC for ZP will play the same.
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Exciting heist game! There are multiple approaches to entering the mansion, in my playthrough I chose the roof. Taking down the snipers with the tranquilizer gun was fun, at least until the chimney I was climbing collapsed. Not sure if that was scripted or a trap?
It brought me right to a garden level where there was a cool chase sequence involving a tiger. After that it was back in the mansion and on to the vault.
The patrolling guards' narrative was amusing with a couple of in-jokes, although their AI needs a little work. I crouched right by one and they didn't see me. The game has good weather effects though, which actually distracted them so I could get to the elevator leading down.
Some weird dialogue in the elevator made me think I was missing something, but anyway after that it was straight to the vault and the emerald. The game seemed to glitch a little on picking up the emerald but I guess that's why it's free... all in all a good game experience!

The good:
-thrilling stealth gameplay
-exciting chase sequence
-funny narrative

The bad:
-long load times
-weird muffled dialogue throughout
-some audio and visual glitches making me think the game crashed where it didn't.
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Was this made in the south?
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Created by - Erbkaiser
A quick guide on how to enable force feedback for this game and others that use DirectInput for Force Feedback rather than XInput, to get force feedback on the Xbox360 and compatible controllers using the same driver.
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New Immersive Events gets newest bugfixing update as well as new co-author: Erbkaiser, that will from now on contribute most to the mod.
What is New Immersive Events?
It is
239 ratings
Created by - Erbkaiser and itsjustmyshadow
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