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[mod] unBusinessDay - restore default building names on Business Day
By Erbkaiser
Restore the default building names for the April fools season.

Mod description and installation instructions.
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What is this?
unBusinessDay is a mod that changes the building names for the April fools season back to normal.
Why would I want this?
Business Day is arguably the best or second best season, once you get the Startrade Heavenly Upgrade it makes all Golden Cookies spawn 5% more. With an active build, this can give you a lot more income than any other season.
The only other season that has a long lasting bonus is Christmas, which uses the normal building names.

The downside to BD is that almost all buildings get new names, and it can be annoying to figure out which is which. This mod swaps back the original names while leaving everything else about BD intact.
Go to and download the file

Extract the contents to your mod directory <Steam>\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\mods\local - or go there by going to Options -> Mods -> Manage Mods -> Open /mods folder, then open the \local folder.

Restart Cookie Clicker and go to Options -> Mods -> Manage Mods and enable unBusinessDay.
The mod isn't working
  • Are you sure it's Business Day? The building images should be green as in the screenshot and you should see different, 'serious' news.
  • Make sure the mod is enabled in the Mod Manager
  • This mod is for English only.

The building images and news items are still Business Day
I know. It's not as easy to change, I might attempt to do so in the future, but no promises.
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Erbkaiser  [author] May 15, 2022 @ 3:55am 
Mod updated for 2.046