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There are twenty-one species of gull inhabiting these islands, there are somewhat more games in my Steam library.
:praisesun: Made Pathologic 2, translating Disco Elysium. :praisesun:

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GRIS is an absolutely gorgeous puzzle platformer that offers incredible visuals, soothing atmosphere, and very little challenge—which is, I suppose, the point, since the game wears its easiness proudly on its sleeve. If you're unsure, just watch the trailer. Do you like what you see? Then buy the game. If you don't, I strongly suggest you give it a pass, because if you're not taken by the visuals, GRIS has little else to offer you.

Some puzzles in the later chapters are actually more complex and interesting, and finding all bonus stars (mementos) is a fun challenge, but the game has a very slow start that might annoy less patient gamers: the first two chapters feel almost like a walking simulator.

I also strongly disliked how collecting mementos is communicated to you: one of them in the first chapter is only obtainable later on, so, naturally, you assume that the game features a metroidvania-like progression, inviting you to revisit earlier chapters later on with new abilities... except it doesn't, and all other chapters get locked after you finish them. A very unfortunate design decision that lead me to skip some mementos at first because I thought I was supposed to return later, not figure out clever ways to get them.

But this is a very minor gripe. Personally, I found the game's visuals breathtaking, and while the gameplay is nothing to write home about, it did not detract from the experience—which, for a game of this kind, is good enough.

All in all, just watch the trailer. And if you like it, do not hesitate to buy GRIS. It's even prettier on the inside.
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If you know who and where this is, you know how I feel right now. I don't think any gaming challenge has ever felt so good
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Snake Powerforce Jul 7 @ 2:55pm 
"translating Disco Elysium"

Природа Jul 2 @ 11:25am 
Привет,извини что удалялся ( ну точнее удалял не я,но я если что объясню ) воть
WeAreBorg May 13 @ 7:36am 
+rep в связи с участием в локализации Disco Elysium!
Rich Apr 27 @ 7:56am 
+rep за мор
Cloacky Apr 7 @ 2:26pm 
Hello. I have a question regarding Pathologic 2. I'm eager to create a polish translation for this game. Please, accept my invite!
I Created Rem Lezar Feb 9 @ 2:38pm 
Дратути, можно вопрос, а вы вообще каким-нибудь Ютуберам присылали ключи игры своей? Если бы отправили там хоть JohnWolfe или СhristopherOdd, то больше людей узнало бы о проекте в принципе...