Yorkshire Tea
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Someday I hope i can get my Hat back, Starstorm Slumber Crones Dome. No matter how long it takes!
I want to get back the hat that has been with me since so much, since school, since the first instance of pure happiness when playing a game. I traded it away but soon i realised how empty i am without it. By my soul i will try and get it back....I have too

:jarate:You could also know me as Mr.Minion, Merk OR BloodICE_ttv :jarate:
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Crones Dome Starstorm Slumber

I'm so empty without it, its like my child that had grown up so fast and quickly left me.
I dream about one day getting it back, i dream about rocket jumping through the sky with a smile on my face, a tear of joy as a i Hit a man with a shovel.
I want my dream to come true, Everyone wants their dreams to come true but don't act enough to make them come true. Sure i'm just a newbie with barely any trading experience but i believe everyone deserves to be happy.
They deserve to enjoy a well earned laugh and cry of triumph as they reach their end goal.

What will I do if i ever get it back?
Ill cry.
Ill be so happy that id think i wouldn't sleep in days.
Id cry in joy with a smile on my face looking at the hat smiling back at me, "I'm back"

I know you probably came to this profile from either a CSGO match or a game of TF2 and checking my profile to see how many hours i have or maybe to leave a mean comment, all i can say is Sorry.
I'm sorry if you are having a bad day and i made it worse, If you are still mad at me and need someone to yell at, then please leave your hate below...I don't mind.
If you are going through any problems in your life id highly suggest going to a Pherapy.
It has helped me through family and stress problems.

Thank you for reading this if you are here, and please take care.
Current stage of mind?

I need a cuppa

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