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Created by - Hagen Berghof
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If you want to enjoy clean and fair racing, it is essential that you and your competitors play by the same rules.
Don´t be afraid there are only five articles, if you act by these 5 basic rules you will wreck less and race more.
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Sniper Elite 4 is well worth it for sniper enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that this is a "Third Person Shooter" so some "arcade" aspects is to be expected, but they have really tweaked the game very well with realism.

The campaign, could had been slightly better designed, cause it feels more like just playing through some designed "levels".

Took me between 50-60 hours, to complete the whole campaign with every side objective that follows on "Hard".

I have to point out that Sniper Elite 4's price is to high compared to what it has to offer, i would rather put this game around the price of being worth no more than 30 euro's in total.

Be ready for a lot of replayability! (sadly not meant in a good way.)


++Lots of possibility to tweak difficulty settings.
++There is a Shooting Range, a form for tutorial mode, if you are unsure about bullet drop or not that used to Rifles and Scopes.

+Great graphics and physx!
+Game runs perfectly smooth with great performance on PC.
+Perfectly working Co-op through the whole campaign.
+DLC missions is really good.
+No game breaking bugs or crashes.
+Grenades, mines and every kind of explosion is very enjoyable to use.
+Lots of environment interactions to use as traps, you can even shoot objects on NPC's, such as grenades, so on.

(*These things can probably be changed through difficulty settings, where i choose "Hard", because it had a "HUD".*)
++/-NPC Ai is alright, but nothing impressive and can be easily trolled around.
++/-Playing without silencer isn't rewarding enough and there is too much ammunition for everything.
++/-Playing different weapons don't really feel different or appealing cause of slowmotion ability, which makes every weapon deadly, having a fast weak semi-shooter compared to a powerful single-shooter don't make much of a difference.

+/-Few minor viewable bugs, like physx working too hard once or twice. (Is to be expected with this type of game and fun to see.)
+/-Campaign aka Singleplayer, feels more like level challenges, but with a lot of freedom. (Matter of taste.)
+/-Total of 8 locations + 4 with DLC, i would personally have liked a few more playable maps. (Matter of taste.)

-No bots available to choose for any multiplayer mode.
-Very high price for a 2 year old game, thats never been worth 90 euro to begin with.
-Might be boring in length as you can really only have fun replaying the same few levels.
-2 co-op missions where you MUST have a co-op partner in order to play those 2 missions.

Overall i'll give Sniper Elite 4,

(In my opinion the game is great, but feels a little rushed and short, unless you keep playing with the difficulty and it is also too expensive, i wouldn't recommend buying it for it's full price.)
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Show everyone exactly how long you've been playing SpeedRunners! This exclusive trail, only available for those who bought the game during Early Access, will display the version at which you first started playing.
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Status - Pending, Created by - Casper van Est
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Im not really a trader, but dont hesitate to send me an offer anyway, just dont expect me to accept it.

If your not on my friendlist and just want to trade, make a Trade Offer with this:

My Coupons is ofcourse free to all who might want.

------------------------------------------------------------About Me?------------------------------------------------------------
I'm an all around gamer, i'd say.

"If" i have to choose, 3, all time favourite game genre's, then they would probably be.

Simulation Racing, cause i love serious races in, player versus player battles, and being really fast.
FPS Shooters, preferely CSGO competitive lately, my Rank, is pretty stationary as LEM/Supreme.
True Single-player Adventure games, every genre counts here, i just love getting into a new story.
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