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World of Tanks Blitz is a lite version of World of Tanks, developed for mobile devices at first. It's a good compromise rather than the HD version of the game if you have a low-end computer. However, note that there are notable differences between the two versions, in Blitz:
PROS (at least for me)
- Battles are faster and more arcade-based
- Tank upgrades don't require credits (only xp)
- There is no artillery, a very good point imo
- Daily/weekly missions are simpler and more engaging
CONS (compared to the HD version)
- There are less tanks, obviously (and some are in loot boxes...)
- Most of the low-tier HE guns have been removed with the update 5.5
- Crew management is almost inexistant, with only crew skills to upgrade
- Maps are smaller (arcade), simpler and there are few but honestly it's enough
- There are one-battle monetized boosters: shame, but it's the economic model...
Currently, I have ~3600 battles on my account and I'm at tiers VIII-X on most tech trees.

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