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This game is fantastic!

I didn't know anything about the game before, so I went into it completely blind and I was surprised.
The game starts very slowly. You are trapped on an island and have to find your friends and help them with their problems. There comes a moment, when you have to rethink things a bit, with tasks that you already know and seem very simple. Once you've got the hang of it, the game picks up speed. Suddenly there are no more easy tasks, the horror picks up and you are fully immersed in the game. The implementation is very successful and the more I played and the more desperate I became, the more I've learned to love this game. Shipwrecked 64 has a lot more to offer, than you'd expect. The puzzles are absolutely unique and I've never really seen them in a game before. Besides, as you go on your way, you get more and more of the lore and h*ly sh*t, it goes deep and ruthless.

I think the whole game is a success. I have nothing to criticise. The music & sounds are absolutely fitting. The horror is strong and the puzzles are really fun.
Some people criticise, that there are too many jumpscares from the second half onwards and I can understand that, but it's worth fighting through it, it becomes more enjoyable again! It's also very satisfying, if you manage it & it's worth it :)

If you like puzzles & horror you should definitely get Shipwrecked 64, you won't regret it. For me, Shipwrecked 64 is the best horror game that has been released so far this year and I hope that the developer will bring out more games!
About Me!
:summer2019hare:Name: Jan
:summer2019hare:Age: 22
:summer2019hare:Country: Germany
:summer2019hare:Game Collector
:summer2019hare:Game Translator
:summer2019hare:Activity Stalker
:summer2019hare:Youtube Dude

Best Gaming Moments Each Year
:steamthumbsup:2015: Mod on my favorite server in Garry's Mod
:steamthumbsup:2016: #1 in Mitos.is
:steamthumbsup:2017: Level 100 in ShellShock Live
:steamthumbsup:2018: #3 in ShellShock Live
:steamthumbsup:2019: Champion in Rocket League
:steamthumbsup:2020: First knife in CS:GO [★ Karambit | Urban Masked]
:steamthumbsup:2021: Completed Horizon Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard difficulty
:steamthumbsup:2022: I got Grand Theft Auto & Grand Theft Auto 2
:steamthumbsup:2023: 10M XP in ShellShock Live

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:bronze__medal:Nintendo 64
:bronze__medal:Game Boy
:bronze__medal:Game Boy Color
:bronze__medal:Game Boy Advanced
:bronze__medal:DS Lite
:bronze__medal:Wii U
:bronze__medal:XBox 360
:bronze__medal:Steam Deck (512GB)

:SGunPC:Keyboard - HyperX Alloy Elite RGB
:SGunPC:Mouse - Razer Basilisk v3
:SGunPC:Microphone - Rode XCM 50
:SGunPC:Headset - HyperX Cloud MIX
:SGunPC:Monitor - Samsung S24F356F
:SGunPC:Webcam - Logitech C922 PRO

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✞ 18.08.1966 - 17.03.2021 :8bitheart:

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