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:thecatpaw::reheart: I know that..simply no kind of expression will ever be able to express the intense, deep, burning desire and love I feel towards this guy ..He is too perfect for me to find words appropriate for him, but that still won't stop me..from dedicating an important section of my piece of description here..it is the least I could do, for someone so kind..so lovely, so caring, so understanding, handsome, thoughtful..amazingly sweet.. Which I am more than proud to call my handsome, caring and simply perfect butterfly, my honey heart..my baby..He means the world to me..he pulled me away from the deep dark hole I have found myself in pretty much my entire life. I thought I could never find happiness..never find the true love of my life..but here he is..The most perfect boyfriend to ever exist..and he is mine..and I am his..forever, and ever...And one day love..Our dreams will all come true..I will come to you, and never let go.. ~:ss2heart::ss2heart::ss2heart:

Benim olduğun için sana tüm kalbimle, sonsuza dek minnettarım..:StarwhalBlue:

:lefteye: Some examples of my shit music taste :righteye:

Birthday: 14th of April

I love you so much honey heart..
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In this guide I'll cover two very simple and really effective moves for the twinswords mode!
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A map inspired by the act openings of Hotline Miami.

The map name is "gm_hmunknown", just in case anyone is having a hard time finding it.
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Created by - Wajld's big Butterfly
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The Wild Fire~
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Alright..so I got this game hoping for a decent horror game. I didn't have extremely high expectations, but even so I was HEAVILY disappointed. Despite not having any high expectations at all. Let me start first by saying that everything is scripted. Very trial and error based, plus the camp is just..unnecesarrily big, and confusing. Even in daytime this place would be a mess. Why is everything being scripted wrong? well..especially in an extremely short and low budget game like this, scripted events completely kill the 'terror' element of a horror game. I do get that almost every horror game uses it, but this game used it for EVERY instance..I was kind of terrified at the beginning when the T-Rex started thrashing around the caravan and peaked inside. But aside from that, I wasn't terrified at all..The raptor and T-rex chases were EXTREMELY anticlimactic. Not to point out the fact that they literally can't match your speed at all. What logic is this? You sprint faster than both a raptor and a friggin T-Rex..? Very anti-climactic..no tension to the chase at all..

I would also like talk a bit about the 'hiding' mechanic. IT MAKES NO SENSE. I literally walked in front of 2 raptors, with my flashlight open and they didn't even notice me in the slightest. Plus the path I walked through was quite big, in any other horror game you would have been caught instantly. But not in Oakwood as it seems. So yeah. Both hiding and chasing has no..'terror' or 'shiver' to it at all.

And oh boy the ending..I am just going to say that I was 'okay' with the game up until the ending..it literally made no sense..felt like the end to a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ creepypasta. you 'sacrifice' yourself to the dinasours or something..and the humans led you there..what? . Just..thank god it is cheap but, overall, I don't get these positive reviews..the game really wasn't that good at all. It wasn't completely terrible but I do not think it certainly does deserve a recommendation.
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