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Hiya! I'm a Mathematician who loves to play video games. Have a Master's degree in Mathematics, and now have a REAL job. So, I (most likely) don't have as much time to play games as I used to. Funnily enough, even when I get the time to play games, all I end up doing is playing the same games I've played before... even with the large amount of games I currently own.

And yes, that's me in the profile pic.

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(Mustik is a nerd)

List of name misspellings:

🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏: get dolphin
🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏: gamecube emulator
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🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏: its a CLASS game
Chikiro [Grad School]: pfft, backyard baseball 4life
Chikiro [Grad School]: pablo sanchez 4evah
🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏: donkey kong 4evah
🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏: nihgt
Chikiro [Grad School]: night!
🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏: u spelt it wrong didiot
🙏praise hgod , eskimo lives🙏 is now Offline.
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I absolutely love the Deus Ex franchise, and was excited to hear the mobile game was coming to pc. However, once the game was officially released, I realize that this game probably should have stayed on the mobile platform. So far, I've only played through the tutorial part of the story, and it is absolutely riddled with bugs.
-Spoken dialog being skipped altogether
-Spoken dialog being silent
-Constant bugged sounds (no gunshot sound, no walking sound, no explosion, no takedown noises, etc)
-Laggy video screen (my character kept jumping all around)
-The tutorial popups, although I'm sure is easy to turn off, were extremely annoying and prohibitive during the tutorial
-Outdated graphics for the time
-Awful animations
-Uneditable Controls

This game has the potential to be a decent game on the pc, they just reaaallllly need to work on all the bugs that are prevalent.
However, my least favorite thing about this game is the item system. Unlike the item system in HR, one can purchase any weapon/ammo/grenade at any time. There is also (seemingly) no limit on how many items that one can pick up. It really dumbs down the experience.
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i swear, we're not drunk
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