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This guide will provide you detailed information about the weapons, telling proper use and which one suits more over the style of gameplay you enjoy the most. Contains also common and rare tips used by most experienced players. Information is took from the
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I absolutely love this game, it's such a fun game to play either solo or with friends and The gunplay feels so good and weapon manufacturers like DAHL and Jakobs feel much better and more satisfying to use in this game than in Borderlands 2. The endgame has a ton of content to do like for example the Takedown maps are for trying to do a real challenge, Mayhem mode for the higher difficulty, better reward and for getting exclusive powerful weapons from some bosses through Mayhem level 6+ and Farming for the perfect items. Each one of the characters are pretty powerful and feel fun to use. Want a play style that focuses on crits and high damage? Go for FL4K. Want to fire a weapon for so long without needing to reload or do you want to cause explosions in the battlefield or ride a big powerful mech? Go with Moze. Want to have elemental powers and crowd control or have a powerful melee build? Amara is your choice. Want to freeze the enemies and also have drones and a clone of yourself and that is pretty good in general? Zane is for you. I'd definitely suggest you getting this game it's definitely worth it.
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Jill from VA-11 HALL-A. I did not create this image, merely set it up as a background.
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Kriz Jan 11 @ 1:14pm 
Me regala un arma? :IzzyMoonbow:
Freesia Oct 3, 2023 @ 3:51am 
Someone else besides me who renamed their TF2 guns after BL3 ones, pog
Atraimia Oct 7, 2022 @ 2:29pm 
+ rep, friends may come and go but you will always have a brotha
Dottore Aug 26, 2022 @ 4:38pm 
metalica oh yeah:steamthumbsup:
Boccher Aug 9, 2022 @ 8:03am 
+REP MASSIVE RESPECT, i'm so jealous for the classic.
Royal Mar 24, 2022 @ 5:41pm 
Nice Classic :D