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I'm a fan of games in almost any form, and will often review them on here once I think I've something to say about them. I also love collecting badges!

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Add me on PSN, I play a lot of console games. I'm erbkaiser there, too.
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Exciting heist game! There are multiple approaches to entering the mansion, in my playthrough I chose the roof. Taking down the snipers with the tranquilizer gun was fun, at least until the chimney I was climbing collapsed. Not sure if that was scripted or a trap?
It brought me right to a garden level where there was a cool chase sequence involving a tiger. After that it was back in the mansion and on to the vault.
The patrolling guards' narrative was amusing with a couple of in-jokes, although their AI needs a little work. I crouched right by one and they didn't see me. The game has good weather effects though, which actually distracted them so I could get to the elevator leading down.
Some weird dialogue in the elevator made me think I was missing something, but anyway after that it was straight to the vault and the emerald. The game seemed to glitch a little on picking up the emerald but I guess that's why it's free... all in all a good game experience!

The good:
-thrilling stealth gameplay
-exciting chase sequence
-funny narrative

The bad:
-long load times
-weird muffled dialogue throughout
-some audio and visual glitches making me think the game crashed where it didn't.
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New Immersive Events gets newest bugfixing update as well as new co-author: Erbkaiser, that will from now on contribute most to the mod.
What is New Immersive Events?
It is
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Created by - wielkicien and Erbkaiser

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