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This game is an absolut gem.
You get that feeling you had when you first discovered a game like Zelda.
The visuals and music are so charming and soothing.
The gameplay is spot on, satisfying and fun.
So many places to discover, characters to meet and powers to collect.
At first the world is filled with mystery, and inaccessible areas, and as you go you start connecting dots, learning new abilities to access closed off areas and get NPCs to open up.
There is a surprise and every turn, and even though you will go back and forth between regions many times, it's never boring.
At times it will make you rage and throw the controller, especially when you lose all your money by dying or have to walk back miles to spend/store it. But this is quickly forgiven and forgotten, because everything is so perfect.

This game packs a solid 50 hours of enchanting gameplay. It is easily worth $40. I have no idea why they are selling it at $15. It is worth far more than that.

One of the best games I've played lately, absolutely recommend it at full price and then some.
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There are not gods or kings, only brazilians and serbians
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+rep nice trader
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+rep Friendly, fast and reliable negotiator!
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+REP: good, fast and nice!
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You are the best person ever..