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Resuming development, slowly. Expect SKIM64 to malfunction frequently for a while. I will fix auto-update on Special K in due time, I'm focusing on completing the texture / shader modding UI for D3D11 at the moment.
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Voodooman Sep 12 @ 3:14am 
I have problems with Gun*Gal texture modding (and it was a pain to even figure out where to place textures - so there is no separation per exe name and requirement to put in streaming folder?) - every time i start game hash is different for same textures. As far as i remember gedosato, helixmod and 3dmigoto and Umod has this problem sorted out (could happen in every Unreal Engine 3 game and some others), and 1st and the last 2 one has source code available so you can borrow it parts. Also why dont you borrow their methods of hash calculation and texture formast and add compatibility option, so that Special K can load textures mad for Texmod\Umod (tpf, zip) , Gedosato, 3dmigoto, Helix? Its shame that every tool calculates hashes different way and there is no standard to make texture packs compatible with any tool.
modworkshop | Tatsuto Aug 22 @ 3:04am 
Don't go all out, just get it running. It has issues with AA and doesn't let thee AA settings be overwritten for strange reasons. It will be interesting from a technical point.
Kaldaien Aug 22 @ 2:09am 
I'd rather not be associated with that game ;)
modworkshop | Tatsuto Aug 22 @ 2:03am 
Can you take a look Gun*Gal running at Special K. It seems to behave quite strangely.
Kaldaien Jun 24 @ 6:49am 
Oh, neat :) I won't lie, C# kind of makes me angry for some reason every time I see it, lol. Objective-C and C# both have that reaction from me. Looks like this could be very helpful in debugging those games. Thanks.
modworkshop | Tatsuto Jun 22 @ 9:31am 
Oh Kal. Friend of mine is working on a native modding tool for Unity. This might proof interesting regarding your latest confontations with unity :P https://github.com/0x0ade/MonoMod