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If you need to contact me, please use the Special K public forums.

Unfortunately, I cannot accept friend requests because I am very nearly at the limit and need to reserve slots for communications with Steam admins.

This is for the better, because with the frequency that I restart the Steam client, chances are VERY high that I will miss any chat communication.
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Technical fixes and general enhancements for the PC version of Final Fantasy X / X-2: HD Remaster.
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ClassicJarboeSwans Aug 29 @ 3:25pm 
Hi Kaldaien just stopped by to see how you are doing & wishing you all the best.:Greet::vote_yes:
Kaldaien Aug 3 @ 2:52pm 
I have already spent way too much time on it. The engine is not reference counting its textures correctly. I wish I had a simpler explanation, but that's the simplest I can give you :)

The texture cache will cause infinite recursion issues (game locks up during texture memory release). I can't see any short-term solution for this problem unfortunately, so texture modding will have to be a no-go for that game.
Tsuna Aug 3 @ 2:25pm 
Kal, can you check why the texture caching and mod tools arent working in Yakuza 0?
ClassicJarboeSwans Apr 13 @ 10:51am 
!HAMBURGERTIME! Apr 13 @ 8:32am 
Happy bday!
Wollverine Apr 13 @ 5:24am 
Happy birthday bro