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There is a dirty little secret lurking in plain sight. One that threatens to destroy any credibility Square Enix hopes to foster with their customers.

Its name? As best I can tell it refers to itself as "klang."

We cannot debug this game, and while that seems silly at first ("debug? that's Square Enix's job") stick with me here. When I play my games, I like to know how they work, I like to know what is causing any performance issues I encounter, most of all I like to be able to solve any incompatibilities in my own software for the better of the community.

Klang does not want anyone to do any of the above. My usual performance analysis is hindered greatly by this software and I spent an embarrassingly long time reverse engineering how simply to get my debug toolset up and running and whatever limited low-level performance analysis I could muster (very little).

One could argue what purpose does DRM serve after a game has been cracked? I do not know, nor do I really care, because my freedoms are not being trounced like they are here.

No version of this game in existence is giving any of its users the same freedoms they enjoy in even the most "Denuvo-infested" software. Denuvo software can be debugged if it crashes, Denuvo software can be performance profiled (and believe me, I spend a ton of time doing that and very much miss the ability to do it in any meaningful way in FFXV).

Klang is protecting lord only knows what, and I suggest you ask Square Enix why we need anti-debug in something that already has ineffective anti-tamper protecting ineffective DRM? The only effective thing here is the anti-debug, and it is effective for all the wrong reasons and to all the wrong individuals.

This leaves us stuck with whatever limited feature set we get in whatever over-regulated Steam Workshop environment is eventually forced on the community.

A game should not force you to use its limited toolset, you should have the freedom to do as you please with it if you are willing to put the time and effort into low-level reverse engineering. You should not be left second guessing what performance impact the thing that is hiding everything from you has on the game and you should not be left wondering if it's not causing stability problems with the various tools and frameworks we enjoy on PC.

If this is modifiable, then please go do some soul searching Square Enix and come back when you learn what that word actually means. I will not be a part of this and I will be your staunchest adversary if you continue to claim that Final Fantasy XV "supports" modification.

You know what supports modification? Final Fantasy I - XII. Those games are all more modifiable than this farce is. Buy those instead if that is what you want out of a game.
Posted March 12.
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Fun to look at, fun to play. Very unique art style and gameplay mechanics. For the price, if you're looking for an adventure game with puzzles this game is a no-brainer.

The tech stuff

  • The game is locked to 30 FPS because of engine limitations like Tales of Zestiria.
      Little talked about, but important, is what happens on systems that don't even hit 30 FPS -- bullet time :)
      Not many people will find themselves in this situation, but some of those handheld devices like GPD Win probably shouldn't be running this game until I can add arbitrary framerate support like I've done for other games.

  • The game has a maximum resolution of 4K
      Special K can break this limitation (set OverrideRes=... and force fullscreen in dxgi.ini for 4K+ DSR)

  • If you Alt+Tab while in fullscreen, you cannot re-engage fullscreen mode after switching back to the game.
      Special K fixes this, if you set forced Fullscreen override

  • The game will crash at start for audio sample rates > 48 kHz
      I have no fix for this, I am as annoyed by it as everyone else is ;)

  • Motion blur and a grain effect are permanently enabled
      Special K can toggle both of these things while the game is running.

  • If the Steam client disconnects, the game may inform you that your saves are all corrupted
      Do not panic, this is a bug -- restart the Steam client and connect (or use Special K with the Spoof Online Checks option).

  • The game uses Steam Controller API, which breaks XInput and DirectInput
      If you do not use the Steam Overlay in Big Picture Mode and register your gamepad for Steam controller button mapping in Steam's controller config, you will have to play the game with keyboard and mouse.

  • The game's framerate limiter is good
      This is not a problem, it just felt good to find a limiter in a Japanese game that works correctly :)

  • The game's only DRM is Steamworks' DRM wrapper (Steam client checks your license)
      This prevents the game from starting in a debugger, but this will only inconvenience modders, not users.
Posted December 17, 2017. Last edited January 2.
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It's a LEGO game with more sophisticated gameplay mechanics than usual and a more diverse set of locations and puzzles.

Basically, it's Tt's LEGO equation at its finest. If you like LEGO games, this represents their new gold standard for gameplay.

If you like Marvel stuff, good on you. I cannot comment on the faithfulness of these characters because I do not know or even care about them; they're like stories in adult films -- a distraction at best :)


Important technical point
    The character sheet that explains a character's abilities (important for me, since I'm not into Marvel comics or movies) can be borderline illegible. It is like this on all platforms though and PC is the only platform I have played this game on where that text can be read without crossing your eyes
Posted November 30, 2017.
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Quite possibly the closest thing to Hello Kitty Island Adventure that the world has ever seen ;)

This open-world island sandbox has gorgeous physically-based-rendering lighting combined with a whimsical childlike facade. It is far deeper than you would expect, including puzzles, story, crafting. It's like a cross between RiME, Harvest Moon and Submerged.

Be warned, the game uses Unity. Unfortunately, because it uses Unity, there's no fullscreen mode and it uses an sRGB framebuffer. Those two things together mean G-Sync will never work in this game without using something like my mod framework (Special K) to force the game into fullscreen.

I have nothing good to say about Unity (sorry Unity), but the game is good enough that it makes up for this mistake.
Posted September 26, 2017.
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You don't know the first thing about being a sea creature.
Posted July 5, 2017.
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Fair Warning: I previously left a negative review for performance problems. I addressed the biggest ones and am happy to suggest this game now.

Unmodified, this game cannot be run in fullscreen mode. At launch it shipped with a fullscreen mode, but if you were to alt+tab your entire computer would become unusable. Rather than fix this the right way (I don't know if TT even understands the cause of the problem), they just disabled the feature altogether. That is the level of commitment you can expect from them on technical matters :-\

Technical problems aside, this game is packed full of content. It's basically the ideal LEGO game, oodles of extra non-story related content to unlock in a fairly large open world. It's like the Marvel Superheroes game, only without the silly superheroes :)

I have changed my review to a thumbs-up, but this is only because of a mod that I wrote (look for it in the guides section).

    Given TT's commitment to the game, consider looking for this game when it's on sale. If you have problems with the game you won't be getting any support from them, and $40 might be a tough pill to swallow.
Posted June 6, 2017. Last edited June 18, 2017.
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Skyrim: Post-Processing Edition

It's Skyrim with Compute Shaders, beyond that there's nothing special. Play it if you got it for free, but by all means don't pay $40.00 for this.
Posted November 14, 2016.
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Unplayable if your controller becomes disconnected; you must restart the game, plugging it back in does not work. I'm not going to waste my time fixing this for QLOC and you really shouldn't have to deal with such poor design.

If they mess Berseria up like this, I'm done with Bandai Namco forever.
Posted September 7, 2016. Last edited September 7, 2016.
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God damn Micro USB! Die, die, die you evil spawn of Satan.

Steam client will crash whenever a Micro USB cable wears out and the connection becomes intermittent. Expect to go through a lot of Micro USB cables with this controller and also expect to lose a lot of progress in whatever game you are playing when the Steam client crashes and causes whatever game is running to crash as well.

"Micro USB cables are cheap" is no excuse for this awful design. I am tired of buying cables in bulk for this shoddy piece of electrical engineering. Please Valve, use a better connector standard on future hardware iterations.

What makes this so infuriating is that the cables have no visible defects. The little prongs that are supposed to hold a tight connection simply wear out because they were engineered by baboons.

I really only ask that my cables last 1 insertion; I don't think that's too much to ask. Mini USB was already rated for 1500 insertions, which is 1499 more than anyone needs. The ficticious durability numbers made up for Micro USB (10,000 insertions) are frankly insulting - they fail after 2, with insertion number two occuring only because the♥♥♥♥♥♥poor excuse for a plug slipped out of its socket.

It's a scam by cable manufacturers, pure and simple; manufacture the smallest imaginable connector for no real reason, give it the flimsiest retention mechanism 15 minutes of brainstorming can come up with and force it on consumers. This ensures market demand for something nobody wants. If the plug were large enough to be serviced by a human, I'd take a soldering iron and permanently fix this problem with 2 minutes of effort.
Posted August 13, 2016. Last edited August 14, 2016.
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I don't even like superheroes, much less the cheery Marvel variety and thoroughly enjoy this game. _Almost_ makes me wonder if the LEGO Harry Potter games are any good.

On a technical note, Super Sampling (e.g. Sparse Grid) is necessary to eliminate texture aliasing on shiny surfaces (there are A LOT of these) that may drive you nuts. This is par for the course in LEGO games and being that this is D3D9 it is simple to set this up (on NVIDIA GPUs).
Posted July 13, 2016. Last edited July 13, 2016.
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