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Tales of Zestiria

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Tales of Zestiria "Fix" - Community Patch
By Kaldaieℵ₀ and 1 collaborators
This project fixes:
  • The 30 FPS cap! (Author: DrDaxxy)
  • Stutter caused by Namco's Framerate Limiter
  • Shimmering Artifacts
    • Caused by Poor Quality Post-Processing
    • Caused by Missing and Incomplete Mipmaps
  • 7.1 Channel Audio Crashes (PATCHED: 11/3/2015)
  • Crashes and Audio Distortion caused by Sample Rate
  • Aspect Ratio
    • In Full-Motion Videos
    • In the field
    • In Menus

  • Steam Broadcasting
    • Enable this yourself by editing tzfix.ini
    • Or open the console (Ctrl+Shift+Tab) and type AllowBroadcasts 1
It also adds:
  • Custom intro videos
    • Play ANY .bk2 file
  • Increased character shadow detail (Author: Durante)
  • Framerate counter with advanced frametime statistics
  • Support for framerates below 30 FPS at normal game speed
  • Steam achievement unlock sound
    • PSN trophy sound is the default, but you can use any .wav file
Problem Description
While this is a very respectable port, especially for a first-attempt at this platform, it does have some issues.

  1. The game has a faulty framerate limiter that prevents 30 FPS from ever happening on a lot of high-end hardware.

  2. The game has audio mixing problems when sample rates greater than 44.1 or 48.0 kHz are selected; incorrectly set sample rate causes audio distortion (hissing and popping).

  3. The game has post-processing shenanigans that can ruin image quality

  4. The game does not support aspect ratios other than 16:9

  5. The game disables Steam broadcasting even though OBS, Twitch, YouTube and every other conceivable form of broadcasting is not locked-down

  6. The game has shockingly low resolution character shadows that are not changed using the in-game Shadow Quality setting

The generally accepted solution for audio problems is to edit your system-wide speaker settings to accommodate the game. That is very inconvenient and in some cases impossible, so a fix that only affects this game is desirable.

Everything else listed above is impossible to fix without a patch (be it community or official).
Download and Install
The Smart Way
      • (Preferred — Requires No Additional Software)

    The Install Manager is shared by all of my software, make sure you select the correct product.

        SKIM64 will locate your Tales of Zestiria installation, download and install the mod. It also verifies that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime is correctly installed.

    Software updates are automatic
      You will be given the option to upgrade when one is released (see step 3).

    • Run SKIM64.exe and select Tales of Zestiria "Fix" from the product list

      • Select an Update Schedule
          (Branch as seen in SKIM64)
          Frozen 1.6.1
          Use as a last resort if the Main branch gives you trouble.
          Main 1.8.1
          Default install
            Updated infrequently, but generally stable.
          Testing 1.8.x
          All the cool kids run Testing...
            When stuff crashes they know how to submit bug reports.

      • Press Manage/Repair (optional) to run Tales of Zestiria Tweak and configure the mod.

      NOTE: Step 4 is obsolete in v 1.8.x+, simply press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace in-game :)
    Download and Install
    The Hard Way
          (Strongly Discouraged — Requires 7-zip Software and Easy to Mess Up)

    Download the Dependencies
    Visual C++ 2015 Runtime
      This mod requires the (x86) version, grab the installer here.[www.microsoft.com]

    Download the Community Patch

      The latest version (1.8.4) is available from GitHub here (grab tzfix.7z only, not the source code):
      v 1.8.4 [github.com]
      v 1.7.0 [github.com]
      All Releases[github.com]

    Configuration Utility
    Tales of Zestiria Tweak
    v 1.1.0 is included with TZFix 1.6.0+

    Please stop by the development thread for a more thorough discussion of this project; it is here.

      1. Extract tzfix.7z to your ToZ install path
      2. Copy default_tzfix.ini to tzfix.ini and default_d3d9.ini to d3d9.ini

        • Leave the original INI files in-place; the auto-updater uses these to determine when a change has been made to default configuration and will overwrite your customized config if they are missing.
      1. Delete d3d9.dll and tzfix.dll from your ToS install path
      2. Delete the config files for tzfix.ini and d3d9.ini as well as logs stored in logs/
    Odds and Ends
    The preferred method of configuring the community patch is the in-game config menu (Ctrl + Shift + Backspace) With it you can quickly enable/disable and configure most of the features. 3rd Party Plug-In (e.g. ReShade) support is not implemented yet, but everything else is.

    To use ReShade, you must manually edit d3d9.ini and add the following lines:

    [Import.ReShade] Architecture=Win32 Filename=ReShade32.dll When=Proxy Role=d3d9

    This will resolve conflicts between my injector (d3d9.dll) and ReShade (which usually needs to be named d3d9.dll as well). Rename ReShade's d3d9.dll to ReShade32.dll and it will happily work.
    On-Screen Display
      OSD Readings

      Toggle Framerate Counter
      Ctrl + Shift + F
      Toggle Clock / Version
      Ctrl + Shift + T
      Toggle GPU Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + G
      Toggle CPU Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + C
      Toggle Memory Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + M
      Toggle I/O Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + I
      Toggle Disk Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + D
      Toggle Page File Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + P
        OSD Appearance

        Ctrl + Shift + +/-
        Show / Hide
        Ctrl + Shift + O

        Color and Scale Config
        Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\osd.ini

              Changes made using hotkeys are saved in osd.ini at (normal) game termination.

        Command Console

          Activate / Deactivate
          Ctrl + Shift + Tab
            Cycle Commands
            Up / Down

          The Special K Global Injector (optional), includes documentation:
        %UserProfile%\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\ReadMe\cvars.txt

                  Framerate Limits
                  60 FPS Fixed
                  Ctrl + Shift + 1
                  30 FPS Fixed
                  Ctrl + Shift + 2
                  20 FPS Fixed
                  Ctrl + Shift + 3
                  15 FPS Fixed
                  Ctrl + Shift + 4
                  12 FPS Fixed
                  Ctrl + Shift + 5
                  10 FPS Fixed
                  Ctrl + Shift + 6
                  60 FPS Adaptive
                  Ctrl + Shift + 9
                    Timing Hacks
                    15 Tick Time Skip
                    Press and HOLD Ctrl + Shift + .
        Incompatible Software
        Certain third-party software is known to be incompatible with TZFix.
        • Dxtory and FRAPS

          • Dxtory and FRAPS set up hooks non-cooperatively and are not compatible with my software.

          • There is nothing that can be done about this.
            • Please disable or replace these pieces of software with something else.

          If you need video capture or framerate monitoring software, RivaTuner Statistics Server is suggested. It can be installed and configured using Tales of Zestiria Tweak, please make sure that its "Custom D3D" option is not turned on or weird things will happen.
        Known Issues
        Twitchy Cutscenes (at 60 FPS)

        The game has problems with timing during cutscene camera transitions at 60 FPS.

        Additionally, cloth simulation sometimes goes haywire.

        These are purely visual problems, but if they bother you the mod supports running cutscenes at 30 FPS and everything else at 60 FPS -- use the config tool to set this up under the Framerate tab.

        VSYNC in Version 1.1.0

        Beginning with 1.1.0, the framerate limiter is built-in to the software and is no longer based on VSYNC or a driver-based limiter (NVIDIA). All versions since the 60 FPS option was introduced forced VSYNC on and this is the first version that does not do that.

        The unmodified game itself has a known issue related to VSYNC where changing this setting in-game does not stick until you restart. If you notice tearing in 1.1.0 and did not before you probably need to turn VSYNC on in-game and restart the game.

        Alternatively, you can override the game's VSYNC settings by editing d3d9.ini

        [Render.D3D9] PresentationInterval=1
        The fix may not work in all cases. If after installing this fix, problems persist, please paste the output of logs/crash.log, logs/tzfix.log, logs/d3d9.log, logs/preloads.log and logs/audio.log to pastebin.com and leave a message in this fix's development thread so that I can debug the problem.
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        Zangato May 31 @ 6:46pm 
        Beautiful SKIM64 does no work, i click on it an nothing happens :steamfacepalm:
        GRΣΨ/GRΔΨ 惡 May 14 @ 2:14am 
        Hey, thx you so much for this! :cupup:
        Grim(CW) Apr 17 @ 12:33pm 
        Gias fix still works. Looks like the same file, isn't, and it actually can launch whereas the original above doesn't.
        Corrie Apr 10 @ 4:32pm 
        I installed the fix through skim64 a while back and now trying to run it again and it just says the game is not installed as if it's not finding the folder. Any idea why?
        kaejivandar Nov 17, 2021 @ 8:47am 
        worst game ever seen couldn't play it because mode no take in charg for my screen and can't change anything in parameter
        なるみん Oct 4, 2021 @ 5:35am 
        Good evening. I have a question for you.
        After installing this fix, I was able to start the game, but the character's movement speed is too slow for me to be able to run.
        Is there anyone who knows how to fix this?
        Gias Sep 29, 2021 @ 8:48pm 
        If SKIM64 is not launching for you

        go the following link and download SKIM v0.7.5.15 -


        run SKIM64 -- the one you just downloaded from the Special K wiki link
        (it will also say "Special K Install Manager - (v" on the title bar after launching it)

        then select and install Tales of Zestiria "Fix"

        if you're having crashing issues in-game with that version somehow, then try Tales of Zestiria "Fix" v1.8.0 from the following link-

        in that github page for Tales of Zestiria "Fix" - v 1.8.0, download the tzfix.7z file and extract it into your steam Tales of Zestiria game folder
        (\steamapps\common\Tales of Zestiria)
        Enclosure Sep 26, 2021 @ 6:48am 
        skim64 wont launch for me either -_-
        Artur Sep 26, 2021 @ 5:23am 
        Didn't launch for me either.
        Fortunately the manual install worked.
        Chloe Sep 26, 2021 @ 4:19am 
        skim64 wont launch for me either