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"Untitled" Project X
By Kaldaien
Technical fixes and general enhancements for the PC version of Final Fantasy X / X-2: HD Remaster.

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster is overall a very good port, but has a few minor technical issues that I am used to fixing. Additionally, it includes audio assets for both JP and US regions, but has no way of allowing an end-user to select from the two.

Current Features (0.9.1)
  • Audio Language Selection
  • Soft Reset
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Intel GPU Bypass
  • DPI Scaling Fixes
  • Performance Fixes
  • Cursor Management
  • Custom Gamepad Buttons
  • Button Remapping Support
  • Recover From Stuck Loading
  • Gamepad Mappings for F1 - F5
  • Texture Dumping and Injection (for modding)
  • Distribute AP to Inactive Party Members (FFX)
  • Custom ReShade System with UI Compensation
  • PSN Trophy Sound on Achievement Unlock

    Planned Features
    • Cutscene skipping (mostly done as of 0.5.6a)
Download and Install
The Smart Way
      • (Preferred — Requires No Additional Software)

    The Install Manager is shared by all of my software, make sure you select the correct product.

        SKIM64 will locate your Final Fantasy X / X-2 | HD Remaster installation, download and install the mod. It also verifies that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime is correctly installed.

    Software updates are automatic
      You will be given the option to upgrade when one is released (see step 3).
    • Run SKIM64.exe and select "Untitled" Project X from the product list

      • Select an Update Schedule
          (Branch as seen in SKIM64)
          Frozen 0.8.7
          Use as a last resort if the Main branch gives you trouble.
            Addresses compatibility on Windows 7 and flaky D3D11.1 drivers.
          Main 0.9.x
          Default install
            Updated infrequently, but generally stable.
          Testing 0.9.x
          Fancy Pants new in-game Config UI...
            This branch is not intended for long-term use.

          You may be asked to migrate to Testing to help test something, but you should plan to go back to Main or Compatibility to avoid having your game broken by the next random test update.

      • Run UnX_Calibrate.exe if you use a DirectInput controller.

          This is located in your Final Fantasy X/X-2 install directory.

        Running it will ensure that the mod's special gamepad functionality works on DirectInput-based controllers. It will also compensate if the game is incorrectly mapping buttons.
    Download and Install
    The Hard Way
          (Strongly Discouraged — Requires 7-zip Software and Easy to Mess Up)

    The latest version ( is available from GitHub (grab UnX_0_9_1_9.7z only, not the source code):
      Download from here.[]
        v 0.8.7
      Download from here.[]
    I ask that you never link directly to a GitHub release page when discussing this project; it creates troubleshooting problems for me. Instead, if you could link to the Steam forum post or this guide, that would be appreciated.

    Visual C++ 2015 Runtime
      This mod requires the (x86) version, grab the installer here.[]

    Install UnX (Manual Method)
      1. Extract UnX.7z to your Final Fantasy X / X-2: HD Remaster install path (SteamApps/common/FINAL FANTASY FFX&FFX-2 HD Remaster)

      2. Make a copy of default_UnX.ini called UnX.ini and a copy of default_dxgi.ini called dxgi.ini
        • Run UnX_Calibrate.exe if you use a DirectInput controller
      Uninstall UnX (Manual Method)
      1. Delete dxgi.dll and UnX.dll from your Final Fantasy X / X-2: HD Remaster install path
        • Delete the config files for UnX.ini, UnX_*.ini and dxgi.ini and logs stored in logs/
        • Remove custom textures by deleting UnX_Res
    These settings are somewhat technical and may be reset after a mod upgrade; configuration of the more user-friendly features is discussed in the other sections.

      { true | false }
    Fixes DPI scaling problems in Windows 8 and 10
      The game claims to be DPI aware but is not, leading to incorrect scaling
    Enabling this will change AppCompat settings to correct oversized UI; only takes affect after the game has been restarted once.
      { true | false }
    Allows REAL Fullscreen Mode by Pressing [ Alt ] + [ Enter ]
      Enabling this can profoundly improve performance on some laptops, but it does require more VRAM than Flip Mode (see below).
    Important Fullscreen Notes:
    1. Fullscreen Mode is incompatible with Flip Mode

        The number of buffers in Fullscreen mode should be -1 (Application Preference), 1 (Double-buffer) or 2 (Triple-buffer).

    2. The in-game VSYNC option is a placebo

        In fullscreen mode you need to set VSYNC explicitly either through your driver or by editing dxgi.ini and setting PresentationInterval to 1 (VSYNC) or 0 (No VSYNC).

    Some Alt+Tab quirkiness (e.g. game locks up) may occur after engaging fullscreen mode -- try to keep Alt+Tab to a minimum and manually exit fullscreen mode before using Alt+Tab.
      Also note that Alt+Enter only works after the title screen.

    Centers the Render Window
      If your selected resolution is lower than your desktop, this will move the window (after the title screen) to the center of the screen

      {true | false}
    High Performance Windowed Mode Rendering
      All graphics modes in FFX / X-2 are Windowed; even the one that claims to be "Fullscreen"
      On Windows 8 or newer (Windows 7 is not supported), enabling this may significantly reduce stuttering (irrespective of graphics quality settings)
    This would be enabled by default but it can break a LOT of third-party software that is not written to support this advanced feature.
      Guidelines for Best Flip Mode Performance
      Set this to 4 or 5 in dxgi.ini
      Set this to 0 in dxgi.ini
      May improve performance on Windows 10 if enabled
      {true | false}
    Disables Intel GPUs on laptops with Intel and AMD/NV
      The game was not compiled correctly and cannot do this itself
    Many drivers have options to run a game on the dedicated GPU; many drivers ignore them.

      { true | false }
    Mute the game while the window is in the background
      The game's original behavior can be restored by setting this to false

    Stutter Reduction Pending Removal - Fullscreen Mode is more effective

    Reduce Square-Enix Framerate Limiter Bottlenecks
      The game has poor multi-threaded execution, which can lead to lengthy loading screens and framerate instability even on very high-end machines.
          This will increase idle CPU load
      You may see a significant performance boost for CPUs with 4+ cores (especially Hyper-Threading), but degraded performance on lower-end systems.
          Try disabling this if performance is erratic

      { true | false }
    Allow button remapping in UnX_Gampad.ini
      Leave this enabled unless you suspect the mod is interfering with other controller management software.
      { true | false }
    Hide the mouse cursor intelligently
      The game keeps the system mouse cursor visible at all times
    Enabling this will hide the cursor if you do not move it for a period of time
      [ 0.0 - 60.0 ]
    Time (in seconds) before an inactive mouse cursor is hidden
      { -1 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 }
    XInput controller to use when checking if a controller is present
      If you do not have an XInput controller, set to -1 to disable hot-plug detection.
    When hot-plugging is disabled, cursor will always hide itself even if no controller is connected.
      { true | false }
    Unhide the cursor in response to keyboard input
      { true | false }
    Fix input-related problems when the game runs in the background.
      Fixes issues such as a constantly scrolling menu or a character stuck running forward.
      { true | false }
    Remove confirmation on Alt + F4.
      Game needs this to be set true in order for Alt+F4 to function correctly if FixBackgroundInput is enabled.
    This file is generated after you run the mod and exit the game once.

      { jp | us }
    General Voiceover Language
    • jp=Japanese Audio
    • us=English Audio
      { jp | us }
    Sound Effects Language
    • jp=Japanese Audio
    • us=English Audio
    This affects a handful of things such as grunts during battle; not really language related per-se, the characters have different voices in different regions.
      { jp | us }
    Full Motion Video Language
    • jp=Japanese Audio
    • us=English Audio

    You can override the master preferences per-game.
      Run your game of choice one time and then edit the lines that look like this:
        Voice= SoundEffects= Video=
      Any non-blank value will override the corresponding setting specified in [Language.Master] for that game.
    This file is generated after you run the mod and exit the game once.

      Possible settings include any directory in UnX_Res/gamepads/...

    If you want the game's default buttons, set this option blank
    Changes the game's button icons

      Created by Naria
      Created by Continuity
      Created by Continuity
      Created by Continuity
      Created by Continuity
    Use XInput or DirectInput for button combos (see Gamepad.PC)
      For non-XInput compatible controllers, it may be necessary to configure legacy settings for buttons on your controller to match XInput button names
    Refer to the v 0.2.0 Release Notes[] for more details.

    Custom Button Mappings
        For PC-specific features

    Calibration is only necessary for DirectInput controllers

      [ Select + Cross ]
    Turbo Mode
      Disables audio
      [ Select + Circle ]
      [ Select + Square ]
    Encounter Rate
      [ Select + L1 ]
      [ Select + R1 ]
    Hide HUD
      [ Select + L2 + R2 ]
    Open PC Menu
    Alt + Enter
      [ L2 + L3 ]
    Toggle Fullscreen
      [ Select + L2 + Cross ]
    1x,2x,4x,8x Speed
    • FFX Only
    • Preserves audio
    • 8x skips cutscenes!
      [ L1 + L2 + Up ]
    Fix a stuck loading screen!

    Soft Reset (FFX)

      Soft reset in FFX works by pressing L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start.
        Pressing those buttons will trigger a game over screen and return you to the main menu. Soft reset does not work during enemy turns in-battle or from game menus, but will work during player turns or from the field.

    Misc. Keyboard Odds and Ends

      Key Combo
      Ctrl + Shift + H
      FFX Speedboost
        Equivalent to Select + L2 + Cross
      Ctrl + Shift + P
      FFX Timestop
        Fun distraction during cutscenes
      Ctrl + Shift + Q
      FFX Quicksave/Quickload (DANGEROUS)
      Ctrl + Shift + F
      FFX Toggle Freelook
        Requires gamepad; uses left analog stick
      Ctrl + Shift + A
      FFX Toggle Entire Party Earns AP
      Ctrl + Shift + V
      Toggle VSYNC
        Only meaningful in fullscreen mode
      Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
      Soft Reset
      Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K
      Kick Start (fix stuck loading screen)
    This file is generated after you run the mod and exit the game once.

    Final Fantasy X

      { true | false }
    Grant AP to All Party Members (even the ones not in combat)
      This can be toggled while the game is running by pressing
        [ Ctrl ] + [ Shift ] + [ A ]
      { true | false }
    Apply Sensor Ability Without Equipment
      This can be toggled while the game is running by pressing
        [ Ctrl ] + [ Shift ] + [ S ]

    Final Fantasy X-2
      Coming Soon... (maybe)
    On-Screen Display
      OSD Readings

      Toggle Framerate Counter
      Ctrl + Shift + F
      Toggle Clock / Version
      Ctrl + Shift + T
      Toggle GPU Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + G
      Toggle CPU Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + C
      Toggle Memory Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + M
      Toggle I/O Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + I
      Toggle Disk Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + D
      Toggle Page File Monitor
      Ctrl + Shift + P
        OSD Appearance

        Ctrl + Shift + +/-
        Show / Hide
        Ctrl + Shift + O

        Color and Scale Config
        Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\osd.ini

              Changes made using hotkeys are saved in osd.ini at (normal) game termination.

        Command Console

          Activate / Deactivate
          Ctrl + Shift + Tab
            Cycle Commands
            Up / Down

          The Special K Global Injector (optional), includes documentation:
        %UserProfile%\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\ReadMe\cvars.txt
            Work In Progress
          I would like to extend a warm thanks to the Steam community for these tools and add-on content.

      Controller Friendly Launcher
      Steam Thread
      (Author: Xan)
      UnX Configuration Utility
      GitHub Releases[] (Author: TrowGundam)
      VBF Extraction Utility
      GitHub Releases[] (Author: Topher)

        Texture Mods
      Texture Mods authored before v 0.6.0 (July, 2016) must be placed in
      The hash algorithm used to name files was changed and those textures will only load from there.
      HD Lulu
      Steam Thread
      (Author: Dro)
      Sphere Grid Icons
      Steam Thread
      (Author: FallenStarTimeMastar)
      Comprehensive FFX Texture Cleanup

          Please read the list of known incompatible software.

        This software immediately disables most mods once it starts
          Do not use this software!

      • FRAPS disables most of UnX's features

        • If you need an alternative framerate counter use RivaTuner Statistics Server.
        • If you need an alternative video capture solution, anything other than Dxtory should work.

      MSI Nahimic and Razer ...
      • The game is known to freeze at startup in some versions of Nahimic
      • Most (all?) of Razer's game enhancing software is incompatible

      RivaTuner Statistics Server
        Never run this with "Custom Direct3D Support" enabled.

      In general, if some feature does not work, third-party software is to blame.
          Start by disabling third-party software one by one until things work correctly. Please let me know if you discover any incompatible software so I can try to fix it.

      Unknown Issues
        When reporting a problem, if it is crash related, copies of logs/crash.log, logs/preloads.log, logs/dxgi.log and logs/unx.log will help me diagnose the problem -- please paste them to and provide a link so I can debug it.
      Source Code and Donations
      I believe strongly in open source software and I never charge a penny for any of my work. However, these projects do take a considerable amount of my time and I like to think that has some value.

      Donations are completely optional, and they permit me to buy books, tools and dedicate more of my time to these projects. See the GitHub repository[] for more information.
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      Isaac Mar 5 @ 8:58pm 
      Does anybody have the original ps2 versions of the character textures? specifically Yuna and Tidus
      Dick_Jones_OCP Feb 25 @ 9:06am 
      @KLED Thanks for clarifying. Can you tell me what programs would be needed to view and modify the textures? I'm assuming that it can be done in their native formats but it's entirely possible that some might have to be converted.
      KLED Feb 24 @ 9:36am 
      @Dick_Jones_OCP Yes, In the main .ini file change Dump=false to true. It'll make a dump folder (game directory\UnX_Res\dump) and store the textures as the game loads them, which you can then edit and place in the inject folder (UnX_Res\inject\textures) to use.
      Dick_Jones_OCP Feb 21 @ 1:56pm 
      I've been told that it's apparently possible to use UnX to extract textures from the game for modding. Can anybody clarify if this is true? I'm investigating the possibility of whether or not I might be able to create some community mods
      Judgement0s Feb 20 @ 9:32pm 
      This mod seems to cause the pre-rendered cutscenes to all be green. I just want JP voices, is there a way to purely force that without all the extra bloat that I don't need? Already tried turning off everything else in the mod, but it still causes the cutscene issues which aren't present when the mod isn't installed.
      Shaddix Feb 9 @ 5:09am 
      Just commenting on how funny it is to see unzipping a file and renaming two ini files as "the hard way" and "easy to mess up". Obviously overstated to get people to download your other tool for some monetary reason. Thumbs down
      Kaldaien  [author] Feb 5 @ 12:11am 
      Xbox controllers don't support analog triggers correctly in DirectInput.

      You won't get any custom button mappings working until you use your Xbox controller with native XInput.
      StylishHokie Feb 5 @ 12:04am 
      The right trigger on the Xbox One controller isn't responding to the UnX calibration tool and I haven't gotten a single one of those custom button mappings to work on the controller.
      Nath30 Jan 27 @ 5:03pm 
      I had to uninstall the mod to re enter the Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth otherwise the game would crash. i even tried save editing my location to inside and it still crashed.
      Also to get any button combos to work i had to setup a steam controller config
      Also game has crashed 4 other times on my play trough, don't know it they were due to this mod
      metalcorechaos Jan 14 @ 5:55am 
      I never wanted to install any mods because they always seem glitchy or have issues running. I broke down a week ago and installed this one. Now I can't play FF X or X-2 even with the mod uninstalled and the game reinstalled fresh. Fuck my life.