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[WotC] 'Launchers and Hand Grenades' - An Explosive Weapon Pack
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[WotC] 'Launchers and Hand Grenades' - An Explosive Weapon Pack

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IMPORTANT: This is the entire data module to the 'Launchers and Frag Grenades' - An Explosive Weapon Pack. The assets for the weapons can be found here. Subscribing to this is very important, since it contains all of the assets.


War of the Chosen version!

This mod adds 3 new launchers and 5 new grenades to the game. This is a separate mod as Resistance Firearms is grown too big and I wanted this to be a thing on the side.

If you have issues with this mod or spotted a bug, please report it in the Bug Report Thread. If you want to provide feedback, whether its good or bad, then post in the General Feedback Thread.

If you are thinking of downvoting this mod, please provide feedback first, so I know what I should improve on/did wrong.

I don't ask for donations. Period.

  • Adds 4 new launchers to the game: the China Lake from CoD: Black Ops III, M79, the M32 (MGL-140) and the Howitzer from CoD: IW!
  • Adds 5 new grenades: the M67 Fragmentation Grenade, the M18 Smoke Grenade, the M84 Stun grenade, and the EMP grenade and Frag grenade from CoD: IW!
  • Custom Fire SFX for both the M79 and the China Lake!
  • You can customize most aspects of the weapons, and even set them to never appear ever!
  • Fire SFX might be too quiet as to not harm headphone users.
  • The Launcher on the back might be hovering a little bit on certain armors (most AC armors are fine though), but not as bad as before.
  • Fix some bugs, if any.
  • Port more stuff.

Q: Will there be more weapons?

A: Perhaps.

Q: Q: Is there weapons for all Tiers?

A: Yes, but to get to the Howitzer, you need to buy its Magnetic counterpart.

Q: Does this work on a current save?

A: Yes. You can load this mod in the middle of the campaign and the weapons should appear. However, see the next question.

Q: Help? I added this mod on a current save but none of the Grenades showed up?

A: Intentional behavior by the game. You do get the Plasma grenades but any other grenade (EMP, Stun, Smoke, etc) you have to build it from engineering.

Q: Help? I can't upgrade my weapons?

A: You buy the vanilla schematics to build the next tier.

Q: Vanilla version?

A: Not really, no.


  • DTZxPorter for creating Wraith Archon - A Call of Duty Model Exporter.

  • Magmacow. LICENSE[creativecommons.org].

  • Activision/Treyarch for publishing/developing Call of Duty: Black Ops III respectively.
  • Activision/Infinity Ward/Raven Software for publishing/developing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered respectively.
  • luchadordev[www.cgtrader.com] for the M79 model: CGTrader Profile[www.cgtrader.com]/Link to Model[www.cgtrader.com].
  • Artem Yuldashev[stiffme1ster.artstation.com] for the M32 (MGL-140) model.
  • E3245 for assembling, rigging, animating, coding, and whatever else.

Animation Work

UI Work
  • NeIVIeSiS for creating the new weapon/item icons.



Release ver: 1.104:
  • Fixed wrong damage values for Shock and Shockwave grenades

Release ver: 1.103:
  • Fixed wrong damage values for T2 plasma grenade.

Release ver: 1.102:
  • Fixed a bug with the game crashing if you build squad upgrades/do any proving ground projects in Engineering.
  • Added Reward Decks Refresher as a new requirement so that you'll get the new grenades if you do the "Experimental Grenades" proving ground project.

Release ver: 1.101:
  • Disabled UpdateStorage on OnLoadedSavedGameToStrategy() event for now.

Release ver: 1.100:
  • ADDED NEW WEAPON: Milkor MGL-140!
  • Fixed a bug where the M84 caused damage instead of not causing damage.
  • The Grenade Launcher should have their radius and range fixed. Previously, the values were swapped (Bonus Radius: 5 and Bonus Range: 2).
  • Fixed a possible bug where the T2 versions of the launchers appeared in the start of a campaign.
  • Fixed a bug where the IW Shock grenades did not decrease hack defense of robotic units.
  • Made the ability texts more specific for each grenade, so you'll now see what kind of grenade that you're about to throw.
  • Fixed a possible bug with the UpdateStorage() function.
  • Adjusted the M84 Stun grenade UI icon.

Release ver: 1.000:
  • Initial release of this mod.
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∑3245  [author] 2 hours ago 
By default the GLs should appear in the beginning of the campaign (M79, MGL). Grenades on the other hand, aside from the standard frag grenade, won't appear until you build the item in engineering. If by some chance the game doesn't add them, then you can add the weapons in the console yourself:
[*]additem MD_WOTC_GL_M79_STD_T1
[*]additem MD_WOTC_GL_M79_STD_T2
[*]additem MD_WOTC_GL_CLK_STD_T1
[*]additem MD_WOTC_GL_CLK_STD_T1
If the weapons still don't show up, then the mod launcher isn't enabling the mod as it should.
SnoopaLoop1ID 3 hours ago 
Reading through some of the notes it looks like I have to unlock weapons like the M79? by doing autopsies and what not? I edited my game so I am only fighting human advent so that may be why
SnoopaLoop1ID 3 hours ago 
Have tried over and over and over again, can never get this to show up in game. All the other COD weapons mods work fine
kenanthebarbarian Mar 23 @ 8:56pm 
@Gay for JFK The ghost of JFK thanks you for your response.
Professor Whiskers Mar 23 @ 7:33pm 
@kenanthebarbarian Doesnt work, states it in the F&Q and tested it myself
kenanthebarbarian Mar 21 @ 10:41am 
Has anyone tried this with Vanilla?
Nitsah Mar 18 @ 1:09pm 
The large smoke bomb does environment damage is this intended? It's enough to blow up vehicles and collapse roofs and fall to your death.
Nick Mar 11 @ 12:42am 
Hi, Great looking MOD btw, just about to start a run with it. But one random question... for the photos you added above, what mod/mods are you using to get those female outfit shots?! they look badass!
∑3245  [author] Feb 8 @ 11:55pm 
At this point, I'd advise waiting until you start a new campaign with this mod enabled.
tomomi1922 Feb 8 @ 11:49pm 
Thanks for the console command, but even with these commands, no launcher ever showed up. This is so strange.