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About Me

I am a mod developer for XCom 2. The magnum opus of my modding career is the Resistance Firearms pack for XCom 2 and XCom 2 War of the Chosen. It's not the end for me however; I will always try to top my previous efforts.

I also like playing PC games when I'm not in the mood to mod.

Favorite Games so far (in some particular order):
* The entire XCom series, minus Interceptor and Enforcer.
* Jagged Alliance 1 & 2
* Metal Gear Solid series
* Fallout 2 and New Vegas
* CrossCode
* VA-11 Hall-A
* Stardew Valley
* Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotuka) series
* Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
* SimCity Series, up to SimCity 4: Rush Hour
* Cities: Skyline
* The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion
* Hyperdimension Neptunia series. (My guilty pleasure)
* Deus Ex series (minus Invisible War and The Fall)
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R series
* Grand Theft Auto series
* Rimworld
* Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare [Campaign, Zombies] (Multiplayer can suck a fat one)
* Wolfenstein (3d, The New Order, The New Colossus)
Workshop Showcase
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Chimera Squad Version as of: 5/1/20

This mod adds the master of infiltra
292 ratings
Created by - ∑3245
Workshop Showcase

This mod adds the Midwestern P
98 ratings
Created by - ∑3245
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[TFP]Erica.S 4 hours ago 
Hi! Just wanted to add. I used to be a modder years ago and enjoy your work and the tutorials you post for the community. I made private small adjustments of your mods for my own use and just wanted to say thanks!
Zerschmetterling May 12 @ 8:31am 
Hello! Please accept my friend request, i have a couple of questions about your resistance firearms mod (their individual weapon animations to be more precise)
XIGREC May 12 @ 1:04am 
Hey dude how are u ? please i have a problem , the weapon dont have image in the list , they are glitched
Majoras, Talking Bear Apr 28 @ 1:43am 
Heya, if you're looking for more riggers to help port more stuff, Id be happy to help
Shady 8 Rounds Apr 27 @ 9:57pm 
You are the MF'ing man for that Jagged Alliance xcom 2 voice pack! :vahlen: :ss13ok:
Jackass Mar 23 @ 10:21am 
Hi, I'm making an XCOM music pack and decided to crack open yours for Ground Zeroes to get a better idea of how to set up my .ini files. I noticed you have a MissionMusicSet called "Wildcard", what kind of mission does that apply to? Also, would you happen to have/know of anywhere that has a complete list of the mission types you can put there?