ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Grebog's Mods
all those mods are developed by me
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Creature Finder Deluxe
Created by Grebog
Creature Finder Deluxe
Easily find your lost pets or find a high level tameable
This mod is clean and stackable

New Creature List for better overview and easy selecting a dino.
The numbers in the dino list are:...
Builder's Helmet
Created by Grebog
Builder's Helmet
This Builder's Helmet gives a buff, which helps you to build structures.
The target structure has a colored overlay. You can pick up the structure.
Autopick next item from inventory for last placed struc...
Dino Patrol
Created by Grebog
MOD ID=1184763409
The ARK Waypoint System
This mod implements a waypoint system for patrolling tamed dinos.
(Please read always the "Changes Tab")
  • build a many routes with as many waypoints you need
Builder's Improvements (vanilla improved)
Created by Grebog
Builder's Improvements
This mod does NOT implement new structures.
The mod adds snap points and changes some restrictions of vanilla structures.
Just subscribe the mod, install it and it will work out of the box.
Natural Babies
Created by Grebog
Natural Babies - with new behaviours

This mod changes vanilla and / or other modded dinos, if they can be tamed and can have babies
Also all spawned non-adult dinos stay in the world even after removing this mod.
Created by Grebog
Item Finder by Grebog
Easily find your lost Items!

This mod is clean and stackable

To use the ITEM FINDER press F3 to open the ITEM FINDER window.
Enter your search phrase in the upper left text entry ...
Happy Family
Created by Grebog
Happy Family
  • The Wedding Rings - to mate your dinos easily, they will stay in place while mating
  • The Pacifier: auto-imprints your baby, you can carry your baby, toggle baby growth and set flyer to fly or land
Builder's Companion
Created by Grebog
Builder's Companion
With this mod other tribe members are able to see what structure you are just placing in the world.

Companion Note removed. Mod works out of the box now.
Toggle tribe viewing using "EXTENDED H...
Created by Grebog
Feeding Machine
The feeding machine generates food for your pets and feeds them, all automatically.
This is also true for dragon milk and nameless venom.
This machine does NOT feed babies automatically.
The range is th...
Aberration: Durable Items
Created by Grebog
Aberration items with infinite durability:
Climb Pick and the complete Hazard Suit
MOD ID : 1256373426

This mod changes the vanilla climb pick and the complete vanilla hazard suit to not lose durability.
Just install and have fun!

Creative Mode Plus
Created by Grebog
Creative Mode Plus
MOD-ID: 1575498290
  • Placing structures repeatedly like in minecraft or similar games
  • In fly mode use the mouse scroll wheel while holding the "run" key (left shift key) to move faster or slower
  • While looking at
Randomly Colored Dinos
Created by Grebog
Randomly Colored Dinos

All creatures spawn with random colors. Male can be more colorful than female.
You will NOT lose any dino, if you remove this mod.
Colored dinos do not lose their colors, if you remove thi...
Wall Clock With Alarm Timer
Created by Grebog
Wall Clock With Alarm
Clean and stackable
This wall clock is the ultimate time tool in Ark:Survival Evolved.

Fix for clock not being usable and placing bug

Flourescent hands for better readability in...
The Tombstone (Inventory recovery after death)
Created by Grebog
The Tombstone (inventory recovery after death)
MOD ID=1139981401
Get your inventory back after death.

Fix for not placed Tombstone in Extinction
Fix for wrong Slot Position of same item types after respawn