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Builder's Helmet
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Sep 1, 2016 @ 4:29pm
Jan 22, 2019 @ 2:40am
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Builder's Helmet

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Builder's Helmet
This Builder's Helmet gives a buff, which helps you to build structures.
The target structure has a colored overlay. You can pick up the structure.
Autopick next item from inventory for last placed structure.

Press [Shift Middle Mouse Button] to choose the Structure in front of you.
Press [Left Shift Key] while placing to supress the auto build
New GameUserSettings.ini entry
[BuildersHelmet] FastBuildUsingShift=True/False
This toggles behaviour of the [Left Shift Key] while placing:
If set to True, you need to press the left shift key while placing to choose the next item automatically.
Default is False.

WARNING, Weight changes need an update of the mod due to Ark engine changes.

New fast-build mode. If you know minecraft, you will be familar with placing of blocks.
No need to choose the same structure item in the inventory repeatedly while placing more than one structure of the same type.
This Builder's Helmet gives a buff, which helps you to build structures.
The target structure has an outline effect. the outline can have one of seven different colors.
You can change the color by pressing the "Weapon Accessory" key (default "N" key).
Another great feature is, that you can pick up every structure you target.
This should work with any structure, even from other mods.
To pick up the structure press the "Drop Item" key (default "O" key). There is no timer to pick up, be carefull.
The rights for picking up is handled just as destroying a structure, but can be configured (see below)

Try this:
If you can't reach a structure without jumping you jump and press and hold the "Use"-key (E). The outline marks the selected structure.
Now press the "Drop Item"-Key (O) while holding E and you will pick up the structure.

The Builders Helmet can be configured to set the weight of the character. The default is "disabled" (see below)
Requirements for helmet or helmet skin
- character level: 1
- engram points: 2
required resources:
  • 2 stone
  • 10 fiber

Admin command:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/BuildersHelmet/PrimalItemArmor_BuilderHelmet.PrimalItemArmor_BuilderHelmet'" 1 0 0
Hide Engram (Game.ini)
OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_BuildersHelmet_C",EngramHidden=True) OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntrySkin_BuildersHelmet_C",EngramHidden=True)
(in Shootergame\Saved\config\WindowsNoServer folder for single player, in Shootergame\Saved\config\WindowsServer folder or LinuxServer folder for server)
[Builders Helmet] NoCollision=True/False No Collision for all placements which would throw the error "is obstructed" PreventPickUp=True/False set to True to disable picking up structures (default: False). PickUpDamaged=True/False If True structures can be picked up, even if damaged. (default: False) PreventPickUpDamagedPickupable=True/Yes Set to true for other modded structures which can be picked up, but are not allowed to pick up if damaged. (default: False) MaxWeight=0 0 to 2000 set MaxWeight=0 do disable MaxWeight(default). All other values overrides the players max weight for all players NoOutlineEffect=True/False Toggles the OutlineEffect on or off for all players(default: False) TimeToPickUp=3600 Set the time for structures to pick up in seconds, after the this time the structure is not pickupable anymore. (default=0 timer is disabled) NoCollisionKey=None/Alt/Ctrl/Shift example: NoCollisionKey=Shift (default: Alt) those keys are only the keys on the left side of the keyboard. None means that no additional keypress is required FreeFloors=True/False (False: default) for snapping foundations side by side. The builders helmet is indestructable but gives only 10 protection. HideBuffIcon=True/False (default False) to disable the buff icon PickUpBlacklist=StructureItem Class Name,StructureItem Class Name comma separated list of item class names (do not forget the _C postfix. those items are NEVER pickupable example: PickUpBlacklist=PrimalItemStructure_TekTransmitter_C PickUpWhitelist=StructureItem Class Name,StructureItem Class Name comma separated list of item class names (do not forget the _C postfix. those items are always pickupable, only relevant if pickup timer is set. example: PickUpWhitelist=PrimalItemStructure_Furniture_WoodTable_C FastBuildUsingShift=True/False If set to false (default), use shift key + left click to place without autopick. If set to true, use shift key + left click to place with autopick
The Outline Effect can pe toggled by the "MapMarker"-Key (default P)
I had to change the "Prevent Pick Up Damaged" to "Pick Up Damaged" to be clearer. As default a damaged structure should not be pickable.

Please have a look on the video above.
How it works: As you place a structure it shows a green preview if the structure can be placed and red if the structure is not placeable.
During placement press LEFT ALT key to disable the collision and you can place structures mostly anywhere by left clicking.
Sometimes the structure stays red, this is because this structures have to be used by the player, and on this location it is not possible if it is placed there.
Use at your own risk!
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Grebog  [author] Jul 28 @ 4:58am 
@Jeffrey C Drywater the distance is not adjustable. it is the Ark Engine Distance for accessing structures.
Jeffrey C Drywater Jul 27 @ 4:37pm 
Greetings. I do not see any option to change the range of the highlight - in other words, how close I need to be to a wall to see the outline. Is this adjustable and I am missing it or is it not adjustable. Thanks in advance and I appreciate your work.
Grebog  [author] Jul 6 @ 12:27am 
@All WARNING, Weight changes need an update of the mod due to Ark engine changes.
Instead you can use the "Ingame creative mode", there is a new option for infinite weight (please have a look at the last Ark update log)
Light>Dark Jul 5 @ 9:05pm 
nerver works for me is their a config line i need to add to make it change weight
Grebog  [author] May 15 @ 10:54am 
@ggg1122jj see mod description second line
ggg1122jj May 14 @ 1:07pm 
mod ID?
darkqueen1229 May 8 @ 9:56pm 
Great mod! Thanks.
Error Apr 28 @ 5:01am 
and platfrom anywhere , but platfrom anywhere if you pick it up it will stay there for ever
Error Apr 28 @ 5:00am 
this hat can pickup redwood anywhere's trees i cant make it to blacklist
Vesuvius Apr 7 @ 3:03pm 
This mod work fine with SuperStructures?