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The Tombstone (Inventory recovery after death)
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Sep 21, 2017 @ 7:08am
Nov 17, 2018 @ 4:57am
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The Tombstone (Inventory recovery after death)

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The Tombstone (inventory recovery after death)
MOD ID=1139981401
Get your inventory back after death.

Fix for not placed Tombstone in Extinction
Fix for wrong Slot Position of same item types after respawn

This mod places a tombestone at the location where you died automatically.
This tombestone has an inventory and can only be accessed and destroyed by the owner or tribe, but it does not have any collision.
When you die, your inventory is transferred to the tombstones inventory.
When you respawn you get your items back from the tombstones inventory. You can disable this feature (see below).
As default the Tombstone stays in game forever, but can be destroyed by the owner or if the inventory is emptied (see ini settings below)
In the case that the game is unable to spawn the tombstone, the death corpse will be accessible as in the standard game play.

This mod is useful for all players who have difficulties to get there items back from the death corpse.

To customize the behaviour of the tombstone you can enter the following ini entries (all entries are optional).
Put more than one entry under one [TheTombstone] paragraph.
[TheTombstone] KeepInventoryOnDeath=True/False
default: True
Respawning after players death, the inventory of the players tombstone is transferred to the player.

[TheTombstone] DestroyGravestoneWhenEmpty=True/False
default: False
If True, the tombstone is destroyed if the inventory of the tombstone is emptied.
It will not be destroyed if the player carried nothing.

[TheTombstone] OneTombstonePerPlayer=True/False
default: False
True: only the last tombstone stays in game for each player, all other will be destroyed automatically (to prevent spamming tombstones due to lot of deaths)

[TheTombstone] AutoDestroyAfterSeconds=[value]
default: 0.0
setting this option to a value higher than 0 will auto destroy the gravestone after [value] seconds.
the default setting disables "auto destroy after seconds".
example: AutoDestroyAfterSeconds=345600 will auto destroy the gravestone after 4 days (4*60*60*24)

Commands for admins:
cheat scriptcommand tsremove *
destroys all tombstones in the world
cheat scriptcommand tsremove PLAYERNAME
destroys all tombstones belonging to player PLAYERNAME
cheat scriptcommand tsremove STEAMID
destroys all tombstones belonging to player STEAMID
cheat scriptcommand tsremove TRIBEID
destroys all tombstones belonging to tribe TRIBEID

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By Grebog
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Apr 15 @ 10:40am
May 18 @ 6:09am
Dec 9, 2019 @ 6:04pm
No tombstone when you die in Aberration, lost everything
< >
Grebog  [author] Aug 4 @ 6:56am 
@Martok There is no known way to handle Ark bugs by a mod. And because you fell through the map, Ark respawnes the player after a time, but the player did not die in this way, and the "died" event did not fire.
Martok Aug 3 @ 1:19pm 
Hi, so I had this happen: I was playing Genesis and teleported from the Ocean Biome to the Volcano Biome and upon spawning in I fell completely thru the map until the respawn map showed up asking me where to respawn at, after I clicked to respawn none of my items were in my inventory everything was gone. I am assuming that because I fell thru the map my body disappeared deleting everything, would I be correct in that assumption or was it just a glitch with ARK or something else?
Just to add to my last comment, all corpse recovery mods work this way, Awesome Telepoerters, Personal Gravestones, etc. AFAIK there's no way to retrieve your items if you're the last person to die in a boss arena.
@CreepingChamp the last person in a boss arena almost always loses their inventory due to the arena mechanic, gravestones will be placed, but as soon as the last person dies and respawns, everything inside the arena is destroyed, dinos (including the boss and any minions of the boss), structures (which ordinarily can't be placed in boss arena), item caches, etc. So the mod is working as intended, it's just the way the arena works.
Grebog  [author] Jul 26 @ 4:05pm 
@CreepingChamp, sorry, that the mod did not work, as expected. I think, that boss fights breaks the mod. I need to check this out.
CreepingChamp Jul 26 @ 3:57pm 
It is truly an amazing mod, but I want to ask if there is a known bug in the Crystal Isles, where when you get killed by the Crystal Wyvern Queen (Gamma) your inventory doesn't get restored. I did the Fight with a friend of mine and he got his loot back after he was killed by Wyvern Heir and I didn't after the Queen killed me. Would be nice if you could confirm if either it is intentional or a bug.
Great mod btw. Aside from this edge case, it works really well, and adds a neat flavor to the game, finding other people's gravestones in the world is a nice touch and adds a little more character to each map :steamhappy:
It's weird, after uninstalling the mod, my LevelExperienceRampOverride settings started working, and after I died, my implant was back in my inventory with the extra chibi levels applied. No idea what in the mod was causing these issues, but removing it definitely fixed it. I might try deleting the mod completely and resubscribing to it and see if the same issue occurs. Just FYI this was in a single player world. I currently play on a server with this mod where there is no issues with my implant, so maybe it was a corrupted mod install.
Grebog  [author] Jul 22 @ 8:35am 
@ no, this mod does nothing with you inv, except on death, the normal inventory items ares saved from the dropped bagpack to the tombstone.
Does this mod do anything to your character implant? With this mod installed my implant is just a white square, and is missing all the character data and I'm unable to gain chibi levels (the chibi pet levels up, but the change isn't applied to my implant, just shows the chibi level as 0), and for some reason it was stopping my LevelExperienceRampOverrides settings in my game.ini. After removing the mod, my implant is gone.