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Creature Finder Deluxe
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Creature Finder Deluxe

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Creature Finder Deluxe
If you run a single player game, read carefully the mod description!
All comments about "not finding any creature" will be deleted.

Easily find your lost pets or find a high level tameable
This mod is clean and stackable,
but works best in the last position of your mod list!

Fix for last Ark Patch. Tamed creature will be found again.

Shift F8: Open the Creature Finder Deluxe window
F6, F7: Cycle through found creatures
F8: Toggle creature Indicator
F9: repeat search

for changing the keys read the discussion HOW TO SETUP KEYS

ATTENTION: If you play single player or run a non-dedicated server, you need to start ARK:Survival Evolved with the launch option
otherwise only creatures in sight will be found.
How to setup the -preventhibernation flag:
1. Select the Library tab present at top of the Steam client. Right click on ARK: Survival Evolved and select settings from the list of options available.
2. In the "General" menu item you will see a "Launch Options" text field.
3. Enter
4. close the settings dialog and start ARK

To use the CREATURE FINDER DELUXE press Shift F8 (mod default key setting) to open the search dialog. Choose a desired creature class. You can enter a search text in the text entry field (for example: Tek ) or leave it empty. For an exact search use the "". (example: "Dodo")
Make further options like gender or tamed (if ShowOnlyTamed is not set to True in the GUS ini)
Click the "Search" button. If any creature is found, you will see an indicator on the lower side of the screen, showing the found creature, the name, the gender, the level and the distance to the creature. the background of the indicator shows the distance to the creature in color: green (<3000) over yellow to red (>=3000m)
If more than one creature is found, use the F6 and F7 keys to cycle through the found creatures.
The found creatures are sorted by the distance to the player.
Of course only creature already spawned can be found.
You can disable the search for wild creatures in the GameUserSettings.ini (see below).

Teleport Tamed Creature
An Admin on a Server is now able to teleport a stuck tamed creature to his place.
The Admin needs to be sure, that the creature fits in the target space and that the target environment can hold the creature.
Teleporting a tamed creature will only work as an admin on a server.
How to use the teleport feature:
1. in the search window, first target any tribe member or tamed dino of any tribe.
2. search for the tamed creature
3. if there are more than one creatures, choose the one from the minimap by clicking on the green dot.
4. press the house icon on the bottom of the search window.
5. the mod will try to teleport the creature. If this failed, choose another location and repeat.

optional INI (GameUserSettings.ini) entries:
[CreatureFinderDeluxe] FindAllCreatures=True/False default True : if set to False, then only tameable creatures will be found - default True is changed in V1.32 ShowOnlyTamed=True/False default False : You can search for tamed and wild creatures CreatureClassRequired=True/False default False AdminOnly=True/False default False ScanRange= (number in m.) default 1000000 - can be a value between 100 m. and 1000000 m.

The option "AdminOnly" can be used for server admins, who want to find lost pets of any player but do not want that their players use the creature finder. To find the pets of a player, target the player or a tribemember or another pet from the player/tribe and open the Creature Finder Deluxe window. You will see the tribename/playername and the id in the finder window. You need to check "tamed" and you can choose the class of the pet or the name and click search.

If this mod causes lags while searching, you need to set "CreatureClassRequired=True" in the ini.

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My thank goes to SamKo for his awesome map widget.

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This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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Süleyman ÇAKIR Dec 2 @ 7:57am 
Is it enough for only the host to use '-preventhibernation' on a non-dedicated server, or does each player need to write it on launch option?
Armed-N-Dangerous Nov 30 @ 7:08pm 
Can we use symbols, such as asterisk *, to replace words or letters? Would be a big help for mods like Omega, where we could replace the "variant" with an asterisk in order to search for, let's say an Ultimate Dodo . We could type Ultimate * Dodo in order to search for all different variants of an Ultimate Dodo. Because the different variants come between the level (Ultimate) and the name of the dino (Dodo). Example-- (Ultimate Fire Dodo, Ultimate Ice Dodo, etc.)
H I S A K A Nov 27 @ 1:05am 
Nice mod. Also for the comments about the Carcha, yeah he does not show up because that mf is so rare, just means that he hasn't spawn.
Arkunox Nov 26 @ 8:54pm 
doesnt open the menu for me when i try to open it is there a particular reason why?
Jester.3194 Nov 26 @ 8:38am 
Hey. After following steps in description (without adding .ini files anywhere, just Steam starting options for ark) works like a charm. Thank you soo much for your work. cheerzzz
Ripwired Nov 25 @ 5:01pm 
is there any way to add to the finder where u can search all creatures?
Jesse PinkMAN Nov 22 @ 4:01am 
why does it says no creature found ???
Liz LIz <3 Nov 21 @ 6:50pm 
do you only need to use prevent hibernation once
f17legacy Nov 21 @ 4:32am 
i do like you recoment but when i go out from ark, and gp to play one more it is't work, and i go check in mode it out from mode property
van Grunz Nov 18 @ 7:52am 
Did you load this mod before or after the Dino mods? Perhaps it could help loading it before if loaded after.