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Dino Patrol V1.75 (ARK Waypoint System)
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Oct 29, 2017 @ 8:03am
Jun 14 @ 5:16am
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Dino Patrol V1.75 (ARK Waypoint System)

MOD ID=1184763409
The ARK Waypoint System
This mod implements a waypoint system for patrolling tamed dinos.
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Hotfix for waypoints very far away. This should work now, but in SinglePlayer the "follows:" message is always empty.
In Multiplayer the "follows:" message is shown, if the dino is in visible range to the waypoint.
Fix for missing rope after coming out of stasis.
  1. Totally Rebuild waypoint system (i hope there are no issues with existing routes from older mod versions)
  2. Removed waypoint distance check to other waypoints.
  3. Very large creatures should now reach each waypoint, like wyvern, titanosaurus
  4. Waypoints can be set in water at every height.
  5. New graphics for underwater waypoints added.
  6. New radial option to set the dino to go round trip instead of looping.
  7. Better height waypoint handling.
  8. Waypoints can also be set to invisible individually or all together.
  9. Prevent Stasis Handling updated (optionally in GameUserSettings.ini see mod description):No need to set waypoints to prevent stasis anymore. But is still needed to be set on patroling dino.
  10. Many other improvements!
  11. Christmas GFX removed.
  12. Several Bugfixes.
  1. Each waypoint can be switched to a height waypoint with 7 different heights.
  2. Stasis prevention: you need to enable this in ini (see below)
    Each tamed dino assigned to this route can be set to prevent stasis.
    What does this mean? Dinos are patrolling without a player in range.
    To enable the stasis prevention add this to your GameUserSettings.ini
    [DinoPatrol] AllowNoStasis=True
    If AllowNoStasis is enabled, each tamed one assigned assigned to a route has a new radial menu option: Prevent stasis/Allow stasis
  3. Radial menu cleaned up:
    Submenus for behaviour, visuals and type.
    • Behaviour menu:
      1. Stop here: The dino will stop at this waypoint. Let the dino continue its patrolling by switching to Start on the dinos radial menu.
      2. Pause Time: 6 different pause times. The dino will stop at this waypoint as long as the pause is set.
      3. Enable wandering: Only available if a pause time 10 seconds or higher is set. The dino will be wandering as long as the pause time is set.
    • Visuals menu:
      1. The appearance of each waypoint can be set to one of five different meshes:
        Stone, flower, mushroom, shell and flag. The height waypoint is a nice red balloon or a box kite.
        Waypoint placed in water can only be set to the underwater meshes: the flag, a sea mine, a crate, or a dead piranha. This underwater waypoint can also be set as a height waypoint.
      2. Show/Hide waypoint: option to set the visibility of the waypoint. The HUD text is always be shown while standing near to the waypoint.
      3. Show/Hide route: the complete trailing route can be hidden or shown.
      4. Trail color: each trail part can be set to one of five colors.
      5. Visible to Tribe/All: the complete route can be hidden to non tribe players.
      6. Hide/Show all waypoints: All waypoints of this route can be hidden/shown at once (but the waypoints set individually hidden won't be shown)
        An assigned dino also has a radial menu entry to Show/Hide the complete route.
    • Type menu:
      1. Change to height waypoint: The waypoint visual changes to a red balloon with a initial height of 500.
      2. Change height: The height waypoint can be set to one of seven different heights.
Example scenarios:
1. Place the START waypoint and set it to STOP and rename it to START or what ever you want.
2. Add a new waypoint near some rocks to harvest. On this waypoint set the PAUSE TIME to let's say 5 minutes and then set active ENABLE WANDERING (this option is only visible, if a pause time other than standard is chosen).
You may rename the waypoint to HARVEST POINT (example).
3. Move your tamed doedicurus to the START waypoint and on the dino choose START PATROLLING.
4. The doedicurus will walk to the first waypoint and then begin his harvesting while wandering around. After 5 minutes the doedicurus returns to the START waypoint and stops his patrol. Empty his inventory and choose again START PATROLLING on the dinos radial menu.

First place the start waypoint.
From the waypoint you add one sub waypoint and place it everywhere you whish.
There is a distance check, the next waypoint may not placed too far away from the previous waypoints.
Add and place more waypoints for a patrol route.

To add a dino to this route bring the dino near a node of the route.
Using the dinos radial menu, you will see two new menu entries:
"Start patrolling" and "Remove from Patrol".
Choose "Start patrolling" and the dino follows the next waypoint and continues his patrol endlessly.
If you want to set a "Start waypoint" and the dino is already set to another "Start waypoint", remove the old using the radial menu.

When placing the waypoints be sure that your patrolling dinos are able to reach the placed waypoints.

By removing the "START" waypoint (can be picked up) all connected waypoints are also removed.

The waypoints cannot be damaged by other player or dinos. The waypoints should not block any resource spawn.
The waypoints do not have any collision, they are only visuals structures.

The waypoint engram costs are: Player Level 1 1 wood 1 fiber

Admin command:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoWaypoints/Item_Waypoint.Item_Waypoint'" 1 0 0
Hide Engram (Game.ini)


If you have any issues please write them down in the BUGS discussion.
I will delete and issues and error written in the mod comments section.

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Ralph 23 hours ago 
Love thise mod. Found its a great way to prevent dino babies from imbedding into the floors and each other while growing. An this in combination with a dino collector provides all the stone, wood, thatch, berries and fiber we could ever use.
KIWI Aug 21 @ 9:35pm 
when you enable wandering through the mod can the creatures still mate/breed like normal? or is that disabled?
MYTVY Aug 19 @ 8:42am 
is there/will there be any way to get the patroller to sprint? thinking complex diplo bus route
Kumari Ashamaki Aug 8 @ 11:37am 
Welcome to aCw Gaming!
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We have Ragnarok, The Island, Scorched and Aberration all clustered!

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Mod list here
Mekkiepoo Jul 27 @ 12:28am 
Could this mod be used to assign "parking spaces" to flyers so i dont have to organize them every time i come home?
CoyodiSoul Jul 16 @ 11:09pm 
It would be good if you could start a patrol by selecting a dino from the flag, rather than the other way around (kinda like the Procoptodon's pouch) for when the start waypoints are very close together.
ST34K4S4URUSR3KT Jul 16 @ 11:57am 
can you add a sprint option to patrols so dinos can patrol quickier?
sszp23556 Jun 28 @ 3:24pm 
I like the underwater world very much. I hope I can do the diving mirror MOD, filter out the blue light in the water, and restore the true color. Thank you.
Toves Jun 21 @ 4:51pm 
that would be amazing... I'm dreaming of gigantos moving through the trees (along the ziplines) by themselves
TyNotFnTyler Jun 20 @ 11:38pm 
That option would also help @Troves with his question, by attacking at zipline it will allow them a ravager to attach to zipline