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Happy Family
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Happy Family

Happy Family
  • The Wedding Rings - to mate your dinos easily
  • The Pacifier: auto-imprints your baby, you can carry your baby and toggle baby growth
  • The Hourglass: set the age of your dino

Wedding Rings
For easy mating craft the Wedding Rings. You get two rings when crafted one.
Put each ring in the dinos inventory and choose "Use" on the ring to activate it.
The dinos will start to mate. You do not need to set them to wander.
While wearing the activated ring, the dino is unable to move.
To deactivate the ring, take it out from the inventory.
Crafting cost: 2 metal ingot - Player level: 20

Put the pacifier into baby's inventory and choose "Use" on the item to activate it.
The pacifier will now start to auto imprint your baby.

You will find two new options in the dinos radial menu (if not disabled in the GameUserSettings.ini - see below)
Stop Baby Growth
If you choose this option, the baby will stop to grow, it will not be auto-imprintet and it does not need food until you start the growing again.
(This option can be disabled in the GameUserSettings.ini: see below...)
Crafting cost: 1 sap, 1 dye pink - Player level: 20
Pick Up (can be disabled in GameUserSettings.ini - see below)
You can carry most of your baby dinos. It depends on the weight of the dino. Some young dinos are too heavy to lift, others are too heavy even as a baby like a bronto.
(Sometimes releasing the carried dino does not sync correctly, the visual dinos size changes to adult, but not the age - this is an Ark issue, because the dino is scaled to adult size while throwing. The aberration crab has the same issue, try this to see the issue: with left crab claw pickup a non-adult dino and release it again...)

***** NEW *****
To set the age of your dino, put the hourglass in the dinos inventory and use it.
The dino gets two new radial menu entries: "add 1% to age" and "subtract 1% from age".
Crafting cost: 1 crystal, 1 wood, 1 stone - Player level: 20
You can disable the engram for the hourglass with the game.ini entry (see below)
***** NEW *****

Cheat Codes:
cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/Family/PacifierItem_Family.PacifierItem_Family" 1 1 0
cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/Family/WeddingRingItem_Family.WeddingRingItem_Family" 1 1 0
cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/Family/HourglassItem_Family.HourglassItem_Family" 1 1 0

Following are options in GameUserSettings.ini
[HappyFamily] NoStayBaby=True/False NoCarryBaby=True/False NoAutoImprint=True/False
NoStayBaby: If true, the "Stop Baby Growth" radial menu entry is not shown (default is False)
NoCarryBaby: If true, the "Pick Up" radial menu entry is always hidden (default is False)
NoAutoImprint: Set to True to disable auto imprinting

To hide the engrams, copy the following into the game.ini (choose the engram you wish to hide)
Under paragraph
OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="PacifierEngram_Family_C",EngramHidden=True,EngramPointsCost=75,EngramLevelRequirement=150,RemoveEngramPreReq=False) OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="WeddingRingEngram_Family_C",EngramHidden=True,EngramPointsCost=75,EngramLevelRequirement=150,RemoveEngramPreReq=False) OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="HourglassEngram_Family_C",EngramHidden=True,EngramPointsCost=75,EngramLevelRequirement=150,RemoveEngramPreReq=False)
to remove the engram

If you want to support my mods, click here:
More mods by Grebog


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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84 Comments Nov 12 @ 12:49pm 
Did you ever look into making a single-use version of the imprint pacifier? :SE4Fortitude:
Grebog  [author] Oct 7 @ 5:25am 
My Dino Patrol 1.75 Mod has joined the OFFICIAL ARK MODDING CONTEST starting 10/6/2018
Please vote for my Dino Patrol 1.75 Mod! Thank you!
AquaticHyena Aug 2 @ 8:06pm 
we are having an issue on our server where the pacifier isnt imprinting on baby dinos, we arnt using anything that has to do with babys so nothing should be conflicting
norman_ Jul 1 @ 9:41am 
Is it possible to make the Hourglass prevent to lower the Dino Age? Because you can tame a Creature, lower it's Age, release it and take it back. After all it has an Imprint without mating. Jun 24 @ 4:27am 
Yes! Auto-imprinting scales with age. Example: baby dino has 5% maturation, imprinting is 5%.
Spartan Jun 20 @ 8:39am 
The auto imprint still works if the server got baby grow x5 for example ?
Hulk 🐸 May 19 @ 6:42am 
Best baby mod ever :-)
MessageMan Apr 29 @ 11:08am 
@Riffy and @Cstalker I belive the classic flyers mod messes with there id's so the ring doesnt recognize the flyers.
Riffy Apr 28 @ 7:26pm 
Yeah they don't seem to enter mate when you use the rings and just leave them standing around
Cstalker Apr 27 @ 1:57pm 
anyone get this to work with classic flyers? my birds wont breed under any conditions.