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WotC Ballistic Shields
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Jun 19, 2018 @ 5:39am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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WotC Ballistic Shields

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Balistic Shields

Update june 2021: now features shields for sparks (thanks to Iridar and Claus)

This mods adds three tiers of ballistic shields as secondary items.

From the default classes rangers and specialists and

from Musashis classes the samurai, specops, infiltrator and rpgo can equip shields.


Shield go in secondary item slot and will work with all primary weapons except cannons and sniper rifles for obvious reasons.
The primary secondaries mod allows you to use shields with melee weapons and pistols.

Shields grants 6/10/14 shield points and half cover to allies but impose a -1 mobility and -10 aim penalty.

Provides the Shield Wall ability that replaces hunker down.
Works like hunker down but can be used outside cover and provide full cover for allies.
While the shield wall is in effect the soldier has a -20 defense penalty.

Additionally shields allow you to make a melee attack with your shield that leaves your opponent disoriented.

Tier 1 is a starting item.

Tier 2 is unlocked by medium armor.

Tier 3 is unlocked by heavy armor.

Console commands to add shields
AddItem BallisticShield_CV 1 AddItem BallisticShield_MG 1 AddItem BallisticShield_BM 1

Claus - All assets including meshes, textures and animations
Musashi - Code
Iridar - Tweaks and Fixes

Future Plans
A dedicated class that utilizes shields.
Cutomizable decals on shields.


Mod troubleshooting


Vanilla / LW2 Version when?
Never, at least not from us. Who asks this again will be banned.

How do add this to custom classes?
Add the following code to the X2SoldierClassTemplate section of the XComClassData.ini of the custom class mod:
+AllowedWeapons=(SlotType=eInvSlot_SecondaryWeapon, WeaponType="shield")

Dedicated shield class when?
As soon as i have time for it.
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Gata Oct 13 @ 6:27pm 
So, i could live with that issue but i find it a shame to be unable to see those nice models in action. Hence why i write this comment in order to put light on this, may be something simple i overlooked, might be not, i do not know.

PS : This mod, Iridar's five tier overhaul, the Community Highlander and Primary Secondaries were installed for a fresh campaign and weren't added midway,midgame or midtactical.
Gata Oct 13 @ 6:27pm 
Hello, i'm having trouble making the MG and BM tier of the SPARK shield appear in inventory ; despite having done every upgrade for it, the only available shield is the CV one.

I first tried to use console by using 'AddItem SparkBallisticShield_MG 1' (also BM) and 'AddItem SparkBit_MG 1' and nothing.

At this point i thought that something had messed up the unlock tree (I should mention that i'm also using Iridar's five tier overhaul mod but no other weapon/equip/armor has any issue so i don't think it's that).

Seeing that the shield was supposed to upgrade alongside the spark armor i tried to find the command in order to give the spark armor tech in the DLC_3 config folder of Xcom and found 'PlatedSparkArmor' and 'PoweredSparkArmor', whom i also tried to no avail.
Deadput Oct 10 @ 1:46pm 
Wouldn't matter since there isn't animation support for them being in the primary slot.
Lux Manifestus Oct 10 @ 11:51am 
If I wanted the shields to be equipped in the primary slot, how might I accomplish that?
ShadowSliderAeon Oct 4 @ 10:57am 
Minor Bug. The Shield Abilities in the tactical layer are showing up in Russian? (or something similar: that was definitely Cryllic, though) I'm using English Locale BTW, and all other abilities are still properly in english. Not sure what's causing it, and attempts to track down the source are failing.

For the record, I only have two other mods that affect Ballistic Shileds: Lago's Shield Rework, and the Bridge mod for Covert Infiltration.

Suggestions? or am I just seeing things?
ZJwh5S Sep 25 @ 5:08am 
Bug report: The shields seem to be working. However, after swapping Secondary Weapon to shield, I'm unable to swap back to BIT (it's not one of the options) during loadout.
4rrakis Sep 12 @ 1:25am 
You're welcome!
mdcem Sep 12 @ 1:12am 
@4rrakis wow I wasn't even aware of those bridge mods. Made everything work. Thank you very much!
4rrakis Sep 11 @ 8:40am 
You could use "Strategy Overhaul Bridge: Ballistic Shields"
mdcem Sep 11 @ 8:15am 
I'm using Covert Infiltration, and it only shows infinite T1 shields. Anything I can do in the .ini files to make T2 and T3 craftable?