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WotC Ballistic Shields
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You need DLC to use this item.

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WotC Ballistic Shields

Balistic Shields

This mods adds three tiers of ballistic shields as secondary items.

From the default classes rangers and specialists and

from Musashis classes the samurai, specops, infiltrator and rpgo can equip shields.


Shield go in secondary item slot and will work with all primary weapons except cannons and sniper rifles for obvious reasons.
The primary secondaries mod allows you to use shields with melee weapons and pistols.

Shields grants 6/10/14 shield points and half cover to allies but impose a -3 mobility penalty.

Provides the Shield Wall ability that replaces hunker down.
Works like hunker down but can be used outside cover and provide full cover for allies.
While the shield wall is in effect the soldier has a -20 defense penalty.

Additionally shields allow you to make a melee attack with your shield that leaves your opponent disoriented.

Tier 1 is a starting item.

Tier 2 is unlocked by medium armor.

Tier 3 is unlocked by heavy armor.

Claus - All assets including meshes, textures and animations
Musashi - Code

Future Plans
A dedicated class that utilizes shields.
Cutomizable decals on shields.

Claus's Patreon:


Musashi Donations
donate link[www.paypal.com]

Mod troubleshooting

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brandonlee503 7 hours ago 
Any update on class that uses shields? Looks cool
Jetrauben 12 hours ago 
I ask because Slash and Shield Bash are basically superfluous together - they do an identical amount of damage, for one.
Jetrauben 12 hours ago 
@Musashi Great mod, and this really adds some neat tactical variation in battle. Having a tactical shieldbearer is pretty cool and I'll be interested to see how well a dedicated class devoted to it works.

But at present, are there any plans to expand or alter ability support for ballistic shields on the Ranger and Specialist?

At present the latter's abilities are pretty much ALL shut down by carrying a ballistic shield, which seems fair - the shield is a pretty specialized item and not having a Gremlin means hacking and combat protocols logically shouldn't work - but the abilities still show up on the ability bar. Slash and Shield Bash are also simultaneously present as well on the Ranger's. Would it be possible to remove them, or is that hardcoded into the class?

Also, a question - would it be feasible to have the ablative health reduced and replaced with giving the bearer permanent access to at least half cover? Or did that not work as well in your testing?
Arkhangel Jul 14 @ 5:47pm 
@Trigg: well, Musashi just released a DW melee model. sneak preview?
@triggerhppy26: Looks like it!
triggerhppy26 Jul 14 @ 4:07pm 
In the first photo....is that someone in the background with dual pistols!??
Arkhangel Jul 14 @ 4:45am 
@Archwing: you can give LW2 classes the ability to use it. you just need to edit the ini of the class mod to set them to use Shields as a secondary. Can't remember the line offhand, but Musashi did mention how a few times on the first couple comment pages, check there.
Arkhangel Jul 14 @ 4:42am 
@Johnson: you don't build them. they get upgraded along with your armor tiers. just check your classes that can use them (Specialists, Rangers, Samurai, etc).

@Defender: it does work mid-campaign. also works fine if you toss in the coding into a class mod to use 'em. i gave Field Medics and Tanks the ability to use 'em.
!Defender Jul 14 @ 1:56am 
it is a secondary weapon won't show up on utility or primary and it's already there unlocked since start(i start new campaign tho i don't know if it works mid campaign)
johnsonf1513 Jul 14 @ 12:25am 
sorry. I can NOT see any shield item when I want to build weapons. any advice please? I have WOTC.