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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Update: Aug 14, 2016 @ 3:42pm

Patch v1.52

Fixed the missing door/gate snap on the Castle Doorway and increased the open/close speed of the Wooden Door and Doorway Gate by 5x what it was.

I updated the pedestals, braziers, furniture and decorative items so that they can be placed anywhere. This should make them more compatible with mods like Medieval Structures.

Updated the engram list. Re-ordered/grouped everything the best I could and removed the flooring engrams for pieces that are now in the Flooring Bin.

Fixed all stone steps so that they sound like stone when you walk on them instead of wood.

NEW STRUCTURES: Fixed Greenhouse Wall and Fixed Greenhouse Doorway
These two new pieces are designed to replace their vanilla versions while working with my Vanilla Fence Foundation replacement. This allows you to build a greenhouse anywhere you would like, (including right on the ground).

NEW STRUCTURE: Foundation Attachment 01
This new piece is designed to snap to Castle Foundations and rises two wall heights to give some definition to the outside of your castle when building larger structures. You can also use this item on a foundation without walls.

NEW STRUCTURES: Curtain Wall & Curtain Wall w/Doorway
These items are for building walls around your castle grounds. These items will snap to each other as well as to Castle Foundations and the Mega Gateway. The items that can snap to these two new structures is limited beyond themselves. You can snap the new Foundation Attachment to the Curtain Wall and steps and a wooden door or gate to the Curtain Wall w/Doorway.

NEW STRUCTURE: Curtain Wall w/Secret Gates
This version of the curtain wall has two separate sections that can be opened. The top basic stone piece can be raised for passage when using Full Width Steps and the bottom foundation material piece can be lowered. Both pieces will auto close after five seconds and that duration cannot be changed at this time.

NEW STRUCTURE: Stone Steps (Full Width Base)
This piece is designed to snap underneath the full width steps when you need to build downwards.

Update: Aug 2, 2016 @ 3:25pm

Patch v1.51 Emergency Patch

The new Auto Ceiling Gateway was bugged and was keeping players from using it from a dino and is now fixed in testing.

The Cliff Base can now have a Curved Castle Foundation snapped to it like a Castle Foundation.

Update: Aug 2, 2016 @ 3:10pm

Patch v1.51 Emergency Patch

The new Auto Ceiling Gateway was bugged and was keeping players from using it from a dino and is now fixed in testing.

The Cliff Base can now have a Curved Castle Foundation snapped to it like a Castle Foundation.

Update: Jul 31, 2016 @ 3:59pm

Patch v1.50

The Massive Round Stained Glass can now be dyed.

The Kingdom Map now has properly working torches again. They will also remember your choice after a server restart.

The generic pickup was fixed last week for the Curved Rose Window but I forgot about the ini code and fixed that for this patch. I also fixed the large direwolf steps so they now give the correct item when picked up as well.

NEW STRUCTURE: Curved Steps Attachment
This piece will attach to the bottom of either curved steps and is designed to bridge the gap between two sets of steps without a ceiling inbetween.

NEW STRUCTURE: Automatic Ceiling Gateway
Functionally similar to the Auto Fortress Gateway, this new structure has two gates attached and can open either downward or upward via radial menu. This structure will cover one Castle Foundation.

NEW STRUCTURE: WIP Spawnable Cliff Base
This massive item can be found in the test box or you can spawn it with this code:

cheat giveitem

Update: Jul 17, 2016 @ 3:32pm

Patch v1.49

NEW STRUCTURE: Curved Tile Flooring w/ALT Cutout
Added the above piece to the flooring bin and is to be used with the ALT Curved Cutout Ceiling.

NEW STRUCTURES: Large Fortress Steps Direwolf & Sabertooth
These wider variants of the fortress steps are slightly wider than a Castle Foundation and are designed to fit nicely with the new Automatic Fortress Gateway's surrounds. The statues on this version are larger than those on the more narrow steps but they can be cycled like their smaller counterparts.

NEW STRUCTURE: Automatic Fortress Gateway
This new gateway comes with a double gate already attached and is a replacement for the Fortress Gateway. This new structure costs the same as the old one plus the materials for the gate combined and has the combined health. Default mode for this piece is tap E to open both gates inward. The gate will automatically close after ten seconds and you can choose from multiple times from the menu.

Tapping E again after you open the gate will immediately begin closing it. If you hold E you can choose to open the gate outward as well as opening both gates like a drawbridge. All forms will close the same after the amount of time you choose. The structure cannot be pin locked but it does only work for members of the same tribe as the person who placed the gateway.

There are currently two gateway surrounds that you can cycle through and everything, (including the gate), can be dyed separately.

Updated everything in the Flooring Bin with the correct icons.

Added notes to the descriptions of the Castle Well, Pillar Foundation and Curved Pillar Foundation to reflect issues that can occur when using those pieces.

Curved Wall with Rose Window no longer gives the wrong structure when picked up. Thank you to Sayya for yet another report of something I overlooked:)

Note on Roofs: Because I made the roof pieces while trying to get them one high, there are sizing issues trying to get snaps working for multiple levels high. You can still place walls below to trick them into going more than one level high but I am still unable to get them past that. Will update these again after more testing.

Note on Massive Stained-Glass Window: I am unable to get the piece to properly report the correct colors when changing just one section at a time. I will continue working on this issue this coming week to see if something can't be done.

Update: Jul 3, 2016 @ 4:16pm

Patch v1.48

NEW STRUCTURE: Curved Wall w/Rose Window

Updated the Curved Half-Height Wall, the Stained Glass(blocked arch) window, the Rose Window and the Straight Gated Window to the new wall material.

Added more than a dozen new flooring variants to the Flooring Bin. There are now wood floorings for all ceilings that are craftable in my mod, single component tile floorings for all but three of my ceilings but still thirteen two component tile flooring pieces to go.

Added curved pieces to the pickups via ini system. I believe that everything is finished for the pickups at this point. Some items like the wall toppers and other low cost items were not included and many items like the infocenter have an always on pickup ability. Please let me know if I missed anything!

The Kingdom Map no longer has the grid pieces or options regarding those. Things I wanted to do are not possible with this version of UE so its just a map now. The realistic and in game maps of The Island along with Valhalla and The Center can be cycled through and will come back with a server restart.

Update: Jun 26, 2016 @ 4:04pm

Patch v.1.47

Half-Height Castle Wall, Single Fireplace, Double Fireplace, Curved Wall, Curved Gated Window, Curved Gateway, Fortress Gateway, Drawbridge and Mega Gateway added to new material list so the outside and inside can be dyed separately. On gateways the granite pieces and gate rests can also be dyed separately.

Flooring Bin now gives the correct item when picked up.

All Roof pieces added to the pickups via ini system.

Garden Pool Foundation now has the same snapping options as the Castle Foundation, (minus the ark vanilla wall snaps).

Update: Jun 19, 2016 @ 4:02pm

Patch v.1.46

Added snap points to the Full Round Ceiling w/Cutout so they can be attached for either curved steps.

Most Wood Flooring pieces are finished and inside the Flooring Bin. All flooring engrams except the bin have been removed from the engram list and from the other workstations.

Fixed Modular Columns so that they no longer report that their materials can be changed.

NEW ITEM: New Metal Sconce: This item replaces the old sconce that was causing crashes when used in certain situations. Since the old ones were causing crashes in certain situations they have been removed entirely. I attempted to leave them as is and they still were allowing server crashes. Sorry for the inconveniece but I set the crafting cost to 1 metal ore to make up for the sudden loss.

NEW STRUCTURE: Long Bridge Ramp
This new bridge piece is designed to snap to foundations and other Long Bridge pieces. The default orientation when placing this structure is for the ramp to be heading down but there are snaps for going up. I wanted to mention that here as they can be hard to find from up close so stand back a ways for running the ramps up!

Update: Jun 12, 2016 @ 4:15pm

Patch v.1.45Modular columns are now coming back with your changes after server restarts.

The first steps of my materials redo are finished:) While I get a new material worked out the format is there and that means Castle Walls and Castle Doorways can have individual dyes applied to the inside, outside and any granite pieces.

NEW STRUCTURE: Castle Ceiling (Curved Inverted)
This new ceiling is made to fill in the gap between straight ceilings and curved ceilings. The texture is locked in the one direction but you can snap them to each straight ceiling piece to dictate the orientation. These pieces do not snap to curved pieces.

NEW WORKSTATION: Castle Flooring Bin
This new workstation will have all flooring blueprints that can be crafted with my mod. I'm working on getting flooring options for all of the ceilings and realized I would need nearly fifty new engrams once they're finished. Instead of forcing all of that clutter into your engram list, this new box will be like the current Royal Engineer's Workstation where you only need to learn the box's engram. All of the individual engrams for flooring will be turned off in this patch as well.

Update: Jun 5, 2016 @ 1:53pm

Patch v.1.44

Since The Center map was added to official mods I added that map to the Large Table Map.

Added longer Delays to the Armory Statue and both Modular pieces in an attempt to get the saved data loaded correctly. Testing is showing that still isn't enough. I will be working on something that can update all of your modular pieces in a certain range as its looking like the game will not update them when the server loads.

I believe all walls, foundations, ceilings and battlements are working under the pickup system. Please let me know if I missed something!

Daises are fixed and no longer show the infocenter menu. They now have the generic menu I've added to other pieces that can be picked up.

Snap points have had a major overhaul with the walls and ceilings. The straight pieces and curved pieces have been revamped to make better looking transitions between the two. I did the snaps so that pieces already placed would not be altered, (some gaps would have occurred), and the changes will take place with newly placed pieces. This might be a hard transition for those playing by themselves on live servers but its for the overall betterment of the mod. Over the next few weeks my time will be focusing on getting everything up to a higher standard of functionality now that most of the base pieces are finished.