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Advanced Architecture Mod
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Oct 21, 2015 @ 6:45pm
Aug 14, 2016 @ 3:42pm
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Advanced Architecture Mod

This mod is now to be considered abandoned. I've had errors with the dev kit that even installing a new dev kit on a new pc with a re-install of windows hasn't fixed and I have yet to get anything resembling help from official channels. As this is now the third mod I've spent hundreds of hours on only to find myself unable to even open the mod I'm finally done with Ark and modding for it. Thank you all for your kind words and support and I hope you enjoy your time with this game. I will be leaving this mod and Urban Event Space up but all other works of mine have been removed from Steam.

mod id #: 539464369

I'm creating a new webpage to get all my info in one place that doesn't have the limitations that Steam discussions have. I'd really like to hear some feedback about what you guys think about the style and content! I'll be finishing the wiki and the blue tab soon and will be updating that page with new items each week. Thank you in advance for any advice/feedback you can give! (Steam is being a jerk and deleting all my wiki links so please copy and paste them but remember to remove the spaces. Sorry about the inconvenience!)

http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/

Server admins can now change the hitpoints, crafting material requirements of my structures and whether or not they can be picked up via ini variables. Please see the links below for more information!


After years of dedicated study at the Royal Academy, your Royal Engineer is finally ready to put his knowledge to work for you! This mod adds one new engram, the Royal Engineer's Workstation. The workstation unlocks at level 40 and comes with a complete set of blueprints for all included castle pieces. This mod now has the Portable Workstation that allows usage with engrams for a more organized crafting experience:)

Advanced Architecture Mod is designed as end game content for tribes. The material requirements of each piece are multiples of what their original Ark equivalent would cost but they are much more massive. One Castle Wall on top of a Castle Foundation will reach as high as a Thatch Foundation with five walls on top! If you're looking to play this alone or with a small group of friends, there is a Single Player version in the works that will have reduced materials costs and all engrams left in the list for easy admin building.

This mod also re-introduces an old concept; Its good to be the king, (or queen!). So trifling things like paying for choices have been left to the plebs. With your vast resources you can create collections of items instead of just one. I call this the Color Cycling System and the CCS works with several pieces in my mod. This system allows you to dynamically cycle through available materials until you find the one that best suits your castle's style.

There are currently over 130 new structures added to the game with this mod and they can all be crafted inside the Royal Engineer's Workstation, (which unlocks at level 40).
Castle Foundation
Straight and Curved Walls, (over 1 dozen total)
Multiple ceilings
Multiple Flooring options
Decorations - Braziers/Sconces
Basic Throne

Most structures can be dyed in this mod. The battlements had to be all or nothing so the wood and stone will both be dyed at the same time.

Please see these resources for more detailed information on the structures and for upcoming information:

Patch Notes Thread: Check out this thread if you want to see recent changes or if you want to know what's coming in the next patch.

Spawn Commands including admin box:

Item Desciption List:

Crafting Material Changes:
http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/crafting-material-overrides.html

Engram Overrides:
http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/engram-overrides.html

Admin resource for changing the health values of my mod's pieces.
http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/changing-health-values.html

Pickups Via Ini:
Information on how to get this on your server is listed in the features section of the main page of my wiki.
http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/

Showcase video :

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far with testing! Your input has been invaluable in keeping the loose ends from overwhelming me and getting overlooked. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments for this mod. I look forward to what this mod can eventually become!

If you like what I've created and want to help me build a new PC to work on, please click this link!

Paypal Donation []

I also have a small discord set up if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!
I have created a Discord channel and would like to invite everyone who has questions or ideas to check it out!

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模组英文名称:Advanced Architecture Mod
数据更新时间:2021-11-14 16:48:58
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