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Roo's Satyr and Faun Xenotypes - Integrated Mods
A collection of tasty mods that Roo’s Satyr / Faun Xenotypes and the Expanded module have integrated compatibility with.
This could be as little as just specific items and weapons appearing on satyr and faun pawns, to entirely new features or genes being added, in the case of [Alien/Race] Seren, from Stardust.

Important: these aren’t the only mods that Roo’s Satyr / Faun Xenotypes are compatible with, just the ones where the compatibility has been tested and worked on, either by me or other kind modders out there. To see the specifics of each mod’s integration, check here[github.com].

Known Incompatibilities:
🟡 Combat Extended: No patch planned on my end.
🟡 New Limbs Needs Training: Satyrs and Fauns will not spawn with unguligrade legs.
🟡 Anima Animals Combined: Roo's Satyr and Faun Xenotypes Expanded has integrated compatibility with this mod, but MrXarous has reported the original mod might not work perfectly, so please use at your own discretion.
🟡[NL] Facial Animation: Fauns will not use their custom head types. Leaguenet's Facial Animation Xenotype Compatibility mod may fix this!

Can I suggest a mod to be made compatible?
Absolutely! Just comment below.

I’m getting an error.
You can report bugs on the bugs discussion pages of each of my mods, or feel free to join the Discord if it’s a bug you want to iron out together.
Items (35)
Roo's Minotaur Xenotype
Created by Rooboid
https://i.imgur.com/7KSyi32.png The ancient origins of the minotaur remain shrouded in mystery, helped very little by their hostility toward humans. Man once reared not only cattle, but also minotaur — branding them with hot irons and enslaving them as lab...
Roo's Minotaur Xenotype Expanded
Created by Rooboid
Welcome the minotaur to the Rim with open arms with this expanded module of Roo's Minotaur Xenotype. Battle or befriend multiple minotaur factions, build your own army of bovine hoplites and flesh out your pawns with brand new backstories and apparel. This...
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Created by Oskar Potocki
https://i.imgur.com/SaZMDO9.png Vanilla Expanded Framework incorporates a multitude of functionalities for different mods in order for us to boost performance by not duplicating code across several mods. Examples of shared functionality include custom base...
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Classical
Created by Oskar Potocki
https://i.imgur.com/m7knAau.png https://i.imgur.com/y5G2hS0.png See change notes https://i.imgur.com/QO75ONx.png Unite the broken Republics against the common enemy. Stop the senators from squabbling and plotting against each other by completing a chain of...
[1.4] Vanilla Factions Expanded - Vikings
Created by Oskar Potocki
https://i.imgur.com/TP3b6El.png https://i.imgur.com/m7knAau.png https://i.imgur.com/RNmnJ4H.png https://i.imgur.com/y5G2hS0.png 1.3.2 (25/11/2020): fixed mead not applying correct buffs 1.3.1 (28/10/2020): Lothurr now drop lothurr antler when butchered, re...
Vanilla Traits Expanded
Created by Oskar Potocki
https://i.imgur.com/m7knAau.png https://i.imgur.com/TP3b6El.png https://i.imgur.com/N5mR7gS.png 1.7 (06/08/2021): - Production specialist with the perfection trait can produce legendary items - Prude pawns now won't engage in loving if they have no spouses...
Vanilla Animals Expanded
Created by Oskar Potocki
https://i.imgur.com/m7knAau.png https://i.imgur.com/VHycREK.png 1.1.0 (10/06/2022): 1.4 Update https://i.imgur.com/hGxHj49.png THE INDIVIDUAL ANIMALS EXPANDED MODS WON'T BE UPDATED TO 1.4! Vanilla Animals Expanded is a large mod that contains almost all pr...
Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Memes and Structures
Created by Oskar Potocki
https://i.imgur.com/m7knAau.png https://i.imgur.com/p9XKooP.png https://i.imgur.com/TP3b6El.png https://i.imgur.com/CcvW2wi.png Vanilla Ideology Expanded is a mini-series of mods aimed at expanding the content in ideology - be it memes, relics and symbols ...
Medieval Overhaul
Created by SirLalaPyon
https://imgur.com/uP81dpN.png https://imgur.com/8PRQMfM.png https://imgur.com/ObeyGWJ.png Hello, my name is is SirLalaPyon, to cut it short, one thing led to another and then suddenly I made an overhaul. Figured might as well make everything I want in my m...
Medieval Tailor
Created by Arisher
A sister mod for Medieval Overhaul. This Mod brings more clothing for your medieval playthrough. Included in this mod are Bar Maid Dress, Commoner Tunic, Fancy Tunic, Jerkin , Old Shirt, Rags, Royal Hose , Royal Tunic, Simple Shirt, Trousers, Blacksmith Gl...
Giddy-Up 2
Created by Owlchemist
This is a continuation and overhaul of Giddy-Up, permitted by Roolo, its original author. This new version is an all-in-one, highly performant, complete with new features and improved integration. New here? What's Giddy-Up? Giddy-Up includes three modules:...
Alpha Genes
Created by Sarg Bjornson
https://i.imgur.com/rLaa7So.png Warning: Huorong security software falsely detects AlphaGenes.dll as a Trojan virus. Sadly I can't do anything about it. I ran two antivirus and Malwarebytes to ensure my PC was not infected. Features - More than 300 new gen...
Alpha Biomes
Created by Sarg Bjornson
https://i.imgur.com/rLaa7So.png Updated: 21/10/22 Adds multiple unique new biomes to Rimworld. Features Adds 12 new diverse biomes to your Rimworlds. The mod has been designed with the Alpha Animals mod in mind, although it is not a requirement. https://i....
Alpha Animals
Created by Sarg Bjornson
https://i.imgur.com/rLaa7So.png Adds multiple unique new animals to Rimworld. Features Adds 100+ new, vanilla-friendly creatures to the diverse biomes of your Rimworlds. The philosophy of this mod is that every new creatures tries to bring some new mechani...
Alpha Mythology
Created by Sarg Bjornson
https://i.imgur.com/rLaa7So.png Features Adds 25 new creatures to the diverse biomes of your Rimworlds, all of them based on mythological and magical creatures from different ancient cultures and sources. Similar to Alpha Animals, the philosophy of this mo...
Melee Animation
Created by Epicguru
Adds detailed animations to melee combat, and new melee combat mechanics. This mod aims to spice up the regular Rimworld melee combat by adding custom hand-made animations for attacking & moving, and for new melee mechanics: duels, executions and Unique Sk...
Fallout Traits
Created by Fuglypump
Adds 71 new perks to Rimworld based on the theme from fallout games Also available on GitHub Traits Strong Back: +50 carry capacity Very Strong Back: +75 carry capacity Charismatic: +2 social, +10% social impact/negotiation and +5% trade+drug prices Very C...
[KV] Consolidated Traits
Created by Kiame Vivacity
1.4 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2879753009 When I started looking for a mod to add more traits to the game, I quickly realized three things about the various trait collection mods that are available: they all have some traits I...
Way Better Romance
Created by divineDerivative
Romance overhaul with support for alien race mods. Assigns all adult pawns a sexuality trait, gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual. Chances are adjustable in mod options. This does not use a trait slot! Sexuality traits are assigned after all other traits a...
[Alien/Race] Seren, from Stardust
Created by OdysseyLotus
Initial Anomaly integration has been added. Creep joiners now have a chance to be a seren. As the Empire grew throughout the galaxy, they soon came upon the planet of Panastria, the home of the serens, a race of people supposedly made out of stardust. Tens...
Elders Faction
Created by xrushha
General Info: "Elders" is an ancient psycaster faction that awakened on multiple worlds not too long ago. They hate outsiders, but you can befriend them. Royalty DLC and Anima Gear required for work. Features: This mod adds: New faction; New way to gain ps...
Anima Gear
Created by xrushha
General information This mod allows you to domesticate anima grass through appropriate research, plant it and harvest anima fibers which can be used to craft eltex-like neolithic anima gear which includes tribalwear, war mask, war veil, crown and staff! St...
Anima Animals Combined (temp)[HH]
Created by Hohen
Anima Animals Combined (temp) is a combination of Anima Animals and Anima Animals - Community Pack for Rimworld version 1.4 This is a temporary mod until the original gets updated by the author or gets forked by someone else. I have no intention of improvi...
Steves Animals
Created by Scurvyez
https://imgur.com/MClTdVy.gif https://i.imgur.com/kNldlMg.png https://i.imgur.com/DCSRlhu.png Discord: Steve o.O#1151 PLEASE let me know of any bugs, incompatibilities, or issues with save games and so on! https://i.imgur.com/TgRPtfD.png https://rimworld-b...
Medieval Madness: Tools of the Trade
Created by Madman666
https://i.imgur.com/G7m6slV.png My first full-fledged mod for Rimworld - Medieval Madness: Tools of the Trade is a part of planned Medieval Madness modpack that adds over 50 melee and ranged weapons to Rimworld. From peasant scythes and sickles to heavy zw...
More Religious Origins
Created by Kirby
This mod adds more structures based on real world religions, and some styles associated with them. Styles include sculptures and ideograms, and architectural elements like chairs, columns, and lamps Currently Daoism, Shinto, Norse, Hellenic (Greek), Kemeti...
Hair Modding Plus (continued)
Original mod (Dont use together!): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2114832515 Hair Modding Plus by Butterfish and Shashlichnik For those of us that play RimWorld like The Sims, but with more equal amounts of murder. Download GitHub: ...
Roo's Satyr Xenotype
Created by Rooboid
https://i.imgur.com/B1NvxJM.png Within the clutches of the forest live the Satyr; a race of goat-like pranksters with a penchant for causing mischief. They’re easily distinguishable from Fauns by their sharp horns and curly beards, but before you even catc...
Roo's Faun Xenotype
Created by Rooboid
https://i.imgur.com/B1NvxJM.png Deep within the greenest and dreamiest groves of the Rim exist the Faun – a delicate and nimble relative of the deer, often compared to shooting stars, for as quickly as you catch sight of one, they’re even quicker to flee. ...
Roo's Satyr and Faun Xenotypes Expanded
Created by Rooboid
Out of the mysterious woodland of the Rim rises The Fae Tribe: a mysterious community of native xenotypes that strive to protect their land from the tyranny of invading Mechanoids. Protect them and receive bountiful fae offerings for your bravery, or finis...
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