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[WOTC] Iridar's SPARK Arsenal 3.0
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Jun 11, 2020 @ 10:46am
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[WOTC] Iridar's SPARK Arsenal 3.0

In 1 collection by Iridar
[WOTC] Fire and Flames Collection
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Adds new weapons, tools and gameplay mechanics for SPARKs, MEC Troopers and regular soldiers.


New Primary Weapons for SPARKs and MEC Troopers:
  • Heavy Cannons (3 tiers)
  • Incinerators (3 tiers)

New Secondary Weapons for SPARKs and MEC Troopers:
  • Ordnance Launchers (3 tiers)
  • Kinetic Strike Module (1 tier)
  • Munitions Mount (2 tiers)

New Heavy Weapons:
  • Kiruka Autogun
  • Kiruka Autopulser
  • Heavy Strike Module
  • Powered Strike Module
  • Restorative Mist
  • E.M. Pulse

New Inventory Slot for SPARKs and MEC Troopers: Auxiliary Weapon

New items that go into that slot:
  • Special Shells for Heavy Cannons (3 variants, each has 2 tiers)

New Weapon Upgrades:
  • Experimental Magazine - grants an Ammo Slot.
  • Speed Loader - reload for free when performing a dash.

New Experimental Ammo: Sabot Rounds

BIT and GREMLIN Changes:
  • SPARKs, MEC Troopers, Specialists and other similar classes can now use both BITs and GREMLINs as secondary weapons.
  • BITs can be used with all vanilla Protocol abilities, including remote hacking, but they are weaker in that role than GREMLINs.
  • BITs no longer grant a generic Heavy Weapon slot, and instead add a BIT Heavy Weapon slot.
  • Control over the heavy weapon in that slot is temporarily transferred to the target allied soldier when you use Aid Protocol on them.
  • Having a BIT or GREMLIN equipped will grant Aid Protocol, Active Camo (see below) and Entrench Protocol.
  • Entrench Protocol will extend the duration of Aid Protocol used on self as long as the unit doesn't move, but the cooldown is extended as well.

Misc changes:
  • SPARKs and MEC Troopers have their detection radius increased by 50%, making it much harder for them to stay concealed. Having a BIT or GREMLIN equipped will grant the Active Camo passive ability, which will reduce the detection radius to be the same as for regular soldiers.
  • SPARKs and MEC Troopers no longer have a dedicated Heavy Weapon slot by default, but they can still equip them on a BIT, or in the Auxiliary Weapon slot, if you complete the required Proving Grounds project.
  • SPARKs and MEC Troopers can now Hack objectives without having a BIT equipped and gain +30 Hack at squaddie.
  • SPARKs and MEC Troopers now have Hunker Down and Deflect animations. SPARK Arsenal currently does not add any abilities that use these animations, but it allows existing third party abilities, such as Shield Wall, to visualize properly.
  • Shredder Gun, Shredstorm Cannon and Plasma Blaster heavy weapons now properly knockback enemies on kills.


This mod is a significant buff to SPARKs' and MECs' power. However, it is created around the expectation that SPARKs and MEC Troopers do not have Utility Slots. So if another mod adds some Utility Slots, and lets you carry more than 2-3 grenades/rockets, please do not complain that it's overpowered, that is not the intended behavior for this mod. The mod does support grenades/rockets in Utility Slots, if that's what you want to do.


SPARK Heavy Cannon can fire for free when using RPGO under the effects of Overdrive. This is caused by RPGO and will not be fixed in this mod.

  • X2WOTCCommunityHighlander v1.21 or higher is required. It's possible to manually configure the mod for the limited compatibility for the older Highlander versions, the instructions are here.
  • Shen's Last Gift DLC is required.
  • Alien Hunters DLC - probably required.

  • [WOTC] Iridar's Weapon Skin Replacer - removes unwanted "primary" versions of some of the items added by this mod.
  • [WOTC] Iridar's Template Master - Core - adds icons for Incinerators' weapon upgrades that are available only if you also use Immolator Overhaul mod.
  • [WotC] Weapon Fixes - fixes Incinerators attack visualization.
  • [WOTC] Rocket Launchers 2.0 - fully supported. This mod enables SPARKs to carry, Take, Arm and Give rockets, as well as Fire them with the Ordnance Launcher. SPARKs do not suffer movement penalties for carrying rockets. All rockets are supported, including the Tactical Elerium Nuke. Judgement Day is upon ADVENT.
  • SPARK Launchers Redux - can be carried in the Auxiliary Weapon Slot.
  • [WOTC] Iridar's Scatter Mod - adds scatter to grenades and rockets and HE/HESH Heavy Cannon shots.
  • Immolator + Chemthrower Abilities - adds Canisters that work with SPARK Incinerators when carried in the Auxiliary Weapon Slot, and weapon upgrades for Incinerators themselves. You can also subscribe to [WOTC] Immolator Overhaul so that Mitzruti's Immolators look like mini-Incinerators.
  • WotC Ballistic Shields - fully supported. This mod enables SPARKs to use Ballistic Shields as secondary weapons, providing all the same abilities and bonuses as for regular soldiers.
  • [WOTC] System Infiltration - fully supported. SPARKs and MEC Troopers can use System Infiltration with and without BIT/GREMLIN, as well as carry the Hacker's Laptop in the Auxiliary Weapon slot.


I tried to keep the mod as compatible as possible, including all the major overhauls. For compatibility notes with specific mods please go here.


The mod is highly configurable through various files in:


First of all, huge thanks to my patrons on patreon[www.patreon.com] for producing this mod. It's a blast to work with so many wonderful people. Particularly:
Arkhangel, lago508, Chris the Thin Mint and Wolfcub05 - feedback and ideas.
Kiruka - a long time patron, requested the Autogun to make SPARKs better equipped to deal with the Lost. I named the weapon after her as a sign of appreciation for her support.

And thanks to comrades in arms:
XCOMrades - Russian translation.
Musashi - for graciously providing the custom death animation code.
NeIVIeSiS - for making many of the icons for this mod.
bstar - brainstorm assistance.
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Draco-Storm 6 hours ago 
Found my new favorite weapon and it is from this mod :steamthumbsup: all i have to say is "kaboom?" "yes Rico, Kaboom".
Tyrannosaurus Tux Sep 20 @ 10:31pm 

Oh, thank you. Now I can sing the artillery march aloud as I bring something that resembles a 75mm gun to bear on the adversary.
Iridar  [author] Sep 20 @ 7:54am 
@Tyrannosaurus Tux
Use XSkin or Weapon Skin Replacer mods.
Tyrannosaurus Tux Sep 20 @ 7:49am 
I love being able to bring bigger guns. I just love the first tier, though. How would I be able to keep the look while upgrading tiers?
Darkrenown Sep 8 @ 4:25pm 
Ahh, I confused it with the heavy autocannon. TY.
Iridar  [author] Sep 7 @ 9:02pm 
Shells work only with a Heavy Cannon.
Darkrenown Sep 7 @ 4:46pm 
Hello! I just finished the proving grounds project and ran a mission with a Spark + HE shells, but I couldn't see any way to actually use them. I wasn't using the Munitions mount, just the HE shells. Thanks for any help!
SPIRIT-117 Sep 7 @ 2:19pm 
got it, thanks. i might just enable the whole thing and see what happens/works/doesnt work.
4rrakis Sep 7 @ 2:14pm 
Mod Jam is plug and play if you enable the whole collection linked on the mod page. If you only want some of those mods (or only this one) you probably have some config editing to do. In that case you should start reading the discussions on Mod Jam to see what gets changed, and take a lok at its config folders.
SPIRIT-117 Sep 7 @ 1:54pm 

Thanks, ive looked at that but so far left it disabled in the name of as few mods as possible to reduce potential conflicts. so far this is the issue ive run into with mods (the heavy cannons and stuff not being upgradeable).

if i do enable mod jam, is it more or less plug and play assuming all dependencies are enabled and i can expect this to work? and is there a way to make it so it only affects this particular mod?