Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Mystics (DE)
Game Mode: Story
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Oct 29, 2018 @ 5:30pm
Feb 5 @ 5:51am
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Mystics (DE)

If the shadows get real dark, hit ESC and then resume, will clear up in most cases. Bug with the day/night cycle.


Mod Load Order
NOTE: not all mods are on steam. Use the following links to get the necessary mods and put them in the order provided. See the screen captures above as comparison for mod files that will need to be in your mod folder. If you are missing any of the following mods, this will not work correctly.
The Pyramid Of Shadows DE is a story mod that wont show up on your add on list. It will show up on your adventure list and is also playable as a stand alone.
Mystics Two is a story mod that wont show up on your add on list. It will show up on your adventure list and is also playable as a stand alone.

Mods not dependencies but suggested:

Mods not on steam but required with notation:

NOTE: Epic Encounters is no longer a dependency of this mod but the mod files need to exist on your machine for it to work. If you don't want EE2 combat overhaul, leave the Epic Encounters mod inactive.

This mod also requires
1. Day/Night cycle.
Yes, it will be dark at night (There are torches you can carry with you and spells you will find to create light).
You will get tired (Find a bed to sleep on).
3. Coupled with The Pyramid of Shadows story mod (Pyramid only).
4. Using Epic Encounters 2 for different gameplay functions and added uniques.
Read Documentation here[docs.google.com]
5. 3 unique classes
6. 4 unique races
7. Added skill books for general traders for the following mods (Special thanks to Focus)
NOTE: some of these mods have mod requirements as well. Read the mod description and install accordingly. These mods should be after the Epic Encounters mod except for the Luminary prerequisite "Custom Damage Types". Custom Damage Types should be the first mod in your load order.
NOTE: This mod seems to effect the speed at which AI reacts in combat.

Suggested Mods
Quality of life: HQ World and Icons Mod
HQ World and Icons Mod[www.nexusmods.com]

Expansion Pack: Mystics Two

Thanks to: LaughingLeader, Dima01, Norbyte, Composer, Kalavinka, Murderbot, Scawsome, Tiqon,13, Heinz234 and Heinz, Focus, Snowmanloveu.

Demon Kin race by: Majoras Vox

Minotaur Help: Majoras Vox

Game Testers: Chair, Murderbot

Contact: @Reavers on discord

Thank you Larian for such a great game experience!

See Mystics Two mod for more.

Special thanks to the Mystiic's crew for streaming their playthrough.

You can typically find me in this Discord chat:
Join up! https://discord.gg/BjGXhbn

GM Map integration Credit:
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retrotie  [author] Apr 7 @ 4:46am 
1. Make sure you have all the dependencies.
2. Try running it without any other mods except the dependencies.
spencerdeavers2015 Apr 7 @ 12:12am 
Hello, whenever the game tries to load me into Riverrun I experience an unexpected Script Extender Crash. Any ideas to what the cause of this might be?
retrotie  [author] Mar 25 @ 6:21pm 
Epic Encounters is the name of the mod. Click the link in this mod page and you should be able to find documentation on it.
Midnight Mar 25 @ 2:19pm 
Thanks for the comment. I still don't know if it's possible to use the ascension mod with a controller.
retrotie  [author] Mar 22 @ 7:12am 
yes, it sounds like you are having issue installing it correctly.
It looks like you have figured it out. Some of those commands you use are for linux, not windows.
The mods missing from your list are because of a game bug, not mod bug. You need to move the .pak to the correct folder, steam doesn't always put it where it should.
Midnight Mar 21 @ 3:34pm 
The Ascension mod was not designed with controllers in mind, and is unusable.
Midnight Mar 21 @ 2:46pm 
I've discovered a second error. Norbyte's Extender only requires the special launch option if you're on a Linux device (like Steam Deck). I'm on Windows.
Midnight Mar 21 @ 1:37pm 
My previous comment is in error. The black screen appears AFTER character creation.
Midnight Mar 21 @ 1:30pm 
In order of discovery:
-Chronicles: Shared Library did not appear in my mods list, despite being subscribed to.
-Norbyte's Extender requires that this (WINEDLLOVERRIDES="DXGI.dll=n,b" PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 %command%) be added to the Launch Options, but adding this line causes DOS2 to refuse to launch.
-Removing this line from the launch options box causes the game to launch, then throw an error dialogue, then launch normally.
-Mystics does not appear in the story list, but MysticsTwo does.
-Attempting to play MysticsTwo causes the screen to turn black before character customization. The pause button (Start for me, I'm on controller) brings up the menu, allowing me to return to the title screen.
I hope this helps! Any advice to fix would be nice. I should be open to PMs, but IDK.
Midnight Mar 21 @ 1:14pm 
I have several issues that need addressing, but I need to collate the list, give me about an hour.