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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Constellationist Class Definitive Edition
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Sep 24, 2018 @ 11:41am
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Constellationist Class Definitive Edition

The Constellationist is an Summon-based class.

This class use the power of the 88 constellations. The Constellationist primarily use the 12 Zodiac signs as summon, each sign has unique powers and weaknesses. The class also allow you to use the power of minors celestials spirits like Lyra, Corvus and Andromeda.

Quick Class Build

The Summoner : The Constellationist need to be a great tactician, you most learn how and when to use X celestial spirit , be the master of your battlefield. This class come with some basic support skills to help your summons, such as : Centaurus's Touch, Pegasus's Celeritry and more. If you want to increase the number of summon you need to learn Celestial Knowledge, Celestial Mastery or Celestial Resonance. Be careful, using more then 1 celestial spirit will set the Constellationist weaken, meaning that your direct damage are going to be lower. This class also offer a small set of damage skills, such as : Orion's Arrow, Hydra's Fire and The 88 Spirits's Might.

How to build this class : For the attributes max Memory and Constitution, since each summon need 3 memory slot. The abilities, simple you want to max out Summoning and Leader. For the talent part you want Comeback Kid, Mnemonic and Stench. Glass Cannon is not out of option , since your primary damage come from your summons.

The Constellationist class add 13 new spells with 14 new summons, each of the summons add 5 new spells. TOTAL: 83 new spells !

See all Skills and Summons. [docs.google.com]

You can test every spells inside Game Master Mode.

Zodi the Constellationist is the master of the celestial knowledge! You can find him :
  • Fort Joy: At the start location close to the statue.
  • Reaper's Coast: On Lady Vengeance, on the top deck.
  • Driftwood Square : Close to the waypoint Shrine.
  • Nameless Isle: On Lady Vengeance, on the top deck.
  • Arx: At the start location, beside the first shrine

There a vase at Fort Joy close to Zodi with all the skillbooks.

Version :

  • Creation of definitive Edition.

The Constellationist - SkillBooks .

See Also

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Nexus Link [www.nexusmods.com]
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Opakk May 29 @ 12:31pm 
i found a way to get the innate spells back

create a new game, get the skills, save the spell bar with the mod improved hotbar, then, load your main game, take an empty spell bar, load what you saved, then drag and drop the spell in the spell menu
⦃Sค†คn⦄ Apr 30 @ 8:56am 
@spencerdeavers2015 did you fix it?
V6 BraindeaD Apr 28 @ 2:35pm 
Whats the sense to use Hemo Shield on Blood Orbs?
spencerdeavers2015 Apr 8 @ 8:47am 
Hello, I recently started using this mod along with the Epic Encounters mod and started running into a glitch. For some reason whenever I do the celestial knowledge skill, I still can only spawn in one summon. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?
Gorwe Mar 4 @ 2:30pm 
Do these scale with points into Summoning? Answer: They do.
Gorwe Dec 26, 2022 @ 7:19am 
What a beautiful mod!
Buddy ☩ Dec 11, 2022 @ 7:29pm 
Molten Pillar for Aries has no way to access it directly yet it is independent in the turn order with AP. This can soft lock the game.
Morning Glory Jul 26, 2022 @ 4:05am 
I understand that the author abandoned the mod, but maybe someone faced a problem.
Even though I reached level 9, "Celestial Mastery" does not appear on sale from the seller.
jin2000_ren Jul 23, 2022 @ 5:15am 
Is this mod make player overpowered?If it isn't,I will add it now,if it is,I can add some hard enemies mods.
McZero Apr 20, 2022 @ 4:46pm 
It's pretty OP, but very enjoyable to play mechanically!