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Helaene - Vampire Class (DE)
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Sep 15, 2018 @ 6:43pm
Apr 19, 2020 @ 2:57pm
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Helaene - Vampire Class (DE)

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Helaene's D:OS2 Definitive Edition Classes
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If you're seeing skill icons as question marks, please make sure you've downloaded and enabled my Shared Library mod - it is required!

Per popular request, a new Vampire class mod!

Vampirism skills are tied to both Necromancy and Warrior tracks, and include a wide variety of buffs, debuffs and damage abilities, as well as (of course) health-stealing. It is also has great mobility, with several skills that can assist you in getting around the battlefield quickly and safely. Skills scale on Strength. This mod is also very Undead-friendly - I've been play-testing as Fane.

This mod also features new 'unlockable' skill tiers at levels 2, 6, 10, 14 and 18. When you reach each of those levels, a lock icon will appear above your character's head, and a decaying heart will appear in your inventory. Consuming the heart will prompt an internal dialog where you can decide which of the available options you'd like to choose. This unlockable behavior will be available to any player that has memorized the Bite skill (level 1 / starter skill).

I've also included a healing coffin in your starting inventory, which takes the place of a normal bedroll.


Level 1:
* Slash - (Starter) Attack your enemy with physical damage and make them bleed. If another enemy is close enough to your target, they may be struck as well.
* Bite - (Starter) Sink your fangs into the neck of your enemy, causing piercing damage, and granting yourself some of their health. Progressively sets Bitten, Maimed and Ravaged statuses on subsequent hits if the previous status is still active.
* Stalk - (Starter) Jump to your enemy and make yourself invisible for one turn.
* Throw Daggers - Toss two of the daggers that you stash under your cloak.
* Hunt - Activate your heightened vampiric senses, increasing initiative, sight, hearing, accuracy, wits and chance to hit for three turns; while sniffing out invisible enemies. Protects from blinding.

Level 2 Unlocks: Supernatural
Ring of Brawn (+1 Strength, +1 Constitution, +5% Chance to Hit)
OR Ring of Agility (+1 Finesse, +1 Sneaking, +5% Dodging)
OR Ring of Willpower (+1 Intelligence, +1 Telekinesis, +5% Vitality)

Level 4:
* Bloodrush - Rush forward, hitting all enemies in your way with physical damage and causing bleeding. Leaves a trail of blood.
* Hemoglobe - Project an orb of blood at your enemy which can bounce to additional targets, leaving blood at their feet.
* Pounce - Push off the ground with your superhuman strength and attack an enemy with piercing damage.
* Bloodthirsty Blade - Enchant your target's blade with extra hunger for blood; causing extra damage, life stealing and chance of bleeding.

Level 6 Unlocks: Psychic Influence
Psychokinesis - Pick up a character or object and drop it somewhere else, doing damage and leaving a blood surface.
OR Levitate - As a vampire, you can raise yourself off the ground for short periods of time, making you immune to surfaces.
OR Always Invited - Unlock any locked door or container using the powers of your mind.

Level 8:
* Bat Swarm - Reduce visibility by summoning a swarm of bats, occluding enemies' sight and causing them damage.
* Regurgitate - Vomit up cursed blood in a cone, thereby removing several negative statuses from yourself. Does damage to characters in its path.
* Impale - Ram a wooden stake into your enemy. Set a status that deals them piercing damage when they try to walk.
* Soul Armor - Increases Magic Armour and steals more from each enemy around you.

Level 10 Unlocks: Intimidation
Haunted - Chill surrounding enemies, knowing you are a supernatural predator on the prowl.
OR Hunger - Embrace your dark nature and let your vampiric hunger show, possibly terrifying your enemies.
OR Hysteria - Target character is driven mad with fear, attacking whatever characters are closest to them.

Level 12:
* Four Course Meal - Using your vampire superspeed, zip through four enemies for a satisfying dinner.
* Enthrall - Mesmerize enemies in a cone, disarming and muting them but turning their allegiance for two turns.
* Cannibalism - Devour a corpse for sustenance.
* Blood Sigil - Sear a blood sigil into the ground that cripples and bleeds enemies, while hasting allies.

Level 14 Unlocks: Blood Magic
Bloodbath - Channel Countess Elizabeth Báthory who bathed in the blood of virgins to keep herself young. Removes diseased, decaying and burning from you and nearby allies.
OR Hot Blooded - Set your nearby enemies' blood boiling, and deal damage to each. They will explode after three turns or upon their death.
OR Bloody Redemption - Heal and gain damage incrementally for every nearby bleeding character.

Level 16:
* Bloody Barricade - Raise a wall of corpses to block your enemies.
* Exsanguinate - Drain your target of blood, dealing immense damage. Knock them out for one turn and make them weak for three.
* Turn - Turn an ally so that they can temporarily enjoy the benefits of vampirism. Grants death resistance. If they kill while turned, they'll prolong the status.
* Summon Vampire Bat - Summon a vampire bat voidwoken to do your bidding.

Level 18 Unlocks: Immunity
Blood Mist - Disappear into a blood cloud, giving yourself Freeze, Stun and Knockdown immunity for four turns.
OR Undeath - As an undead creature, make yourself invulnerable for two turns. Prevents all statuses, both positive and negative.
OR Mental Fortress - Harden your mind against Charm, Taunt and Fear attempts for four turns.

Starter Class
If you select the Vampire class at Character Creation, you'll start with the game assuming dual-wielded swords (however skills should scale with whatever weapon type you equip). The starting skills are listed above. The class comes with preset Leech talent, 1 point each in Luck and Persuasion, and 1 point each in Wits, Intelligence and Strength, but those are all changeable. The default skillset is Necromancy, Warrior and Rogue - you can change if you want, but removing Warrior will disable the starter skills.

A trader named Desdemona is available in several areas to purchase Vampire skillbooks. She has black hair, pale skin, and wears black and red.
* In Fort Joy, behind the Necromancy skill vendor's tent.
* On the Lady Vengeance, next to the stairs as you go below-decks.
* In Driftwood, on your way into the Under-tavern.
* In Arx, underneath the overhang by the toyseller's shop (near a vendor cart with a crossbow).

Install my Shared Cheat Chest mod if you'd like copies of all relevant skillbooks for free when arriving at Fort Joy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2064499288


Please see the Discussion thread for full art credits: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/discussions/1311199662

Huge thanks to LaughingLeader for scripting assistance and inspiration (and patience!). Several of the ideas in this class came from his original brainstorming and I couldn't have done this one without him!

New demo video added, courtesy of oguztr!

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Alastair Cross Sep 1, 2023 @ 8:31am 
Maybe it's just act 1, but I honestly feel like the vampire stuff is pretty weak, not over powered.
I constantly find myself wondering why I'd use them over my other abilities.
Like pounce or stalk when there are abilities that do similar things, but have DoTs or facilitate further combos.
The only remotely useful ability seems to be Hunt and even that I only find useful for the immunity to blind unless I cast it before combat starts which feels kinda dumb.

All in all it's a super cool concept and the theme is fun. The free powers at various levels are a neat idea too, but don't expect to be wanting to use these abilities over scoundrel/warfare/necromancer ones unless you prefer thematics over practicality
mint Jul 26, 2023 @ 7:40am 
If you're reading down here to consider whether or not to get this mod- don't. Unless you already intend to make the game comically easy, this mod shifts the balance so much in the player's favour that it's not even laughable. This mod is a cool concept, but is downright a power fantasy. I'd recommend steering away from it unless you really don't care for balance.
QWERTY Jun 18, 2023 @ 10:43pm 
does your mods work with odinblades?
Major Casse May 9, 2023 @ 4:55pm 
So, having now seen this class in action, MY GOD is it busted. It is so powerful that i gotta ask, is this a power fantasy mod?
Valor Apr 30, 2023 @ 2:26pm 
My question, Is do I have to pick vampire as my starting class to receive hearts?
Shin Apr 3, 2023 @ 3:39pm 
Okay... i just want to share my experience after suffering for a HUGE while trying to make simple edits to the stats of this mod. For whatever reason, and I only found out because i completely broke the mod, using the Engine didn't work, because the pak file doesn't come with the editor's and recreating the stats didn't work.

I was very upset because using the GR2 converter tool to unpak, then edit the stats txt, then repacking was not working. Somehow, steam, or whatever was overwriting the mod everytime. Like it was not loading my custom pak. So what i did was...i Deleted EVERYTHING from inside the steam instalattion folder regarding to mods inside the DefED data folder, and then deleted my mod status file on My Document\Larian\.... AND FINALLY, IT WORKED. I'm so glad now.

What a huge pain in the ass, but at least i learned quite a bit.
Shin Apr 2, 2023 @ 3:31pm 
could you please share this mod for some editing ? i just wanted to set bloodthirsty and Hunt to last forever, cuz i'm really tired of casting them in every battle. But without your "editor" folder i can't have access to the stats and therefore can't edit it.
RatKingNick Feb 28, 2023 @ 11:11pm 
This mod is incredibly fun but unfortunately you cant get the hearts after you've started the game because it bugs out the character. It essentially restarts their leveling instead of letting them eat a heart to get the special vampire ability bonuses. Honestly those seem super fun but I only realized to become a vampire at like lvl 7 and dont want to lose all of my prior bonuses for that. If the hearts could just be received at any level but only one of them could be used that would be so much better!
Chunlisa Feb 4, 2023 @ 4:35pm 
for anyone wondering, the bitten status does work with the Torturer skill
SloppyJoppy Jan 19, 2023 @ 7:25am 
kinda sad you cant go finesse with this, wanted to be a sneaky vampire with daggers, but it scales with str soooo