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Weapon Expansion (Beta)
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Weapon Expansion (Beta)

Weapon Expansion is a large content mod that adds a large amount of new weapons, skills, armor, items, a mastery system, and more. Requires Norbyte's Script Extender, LeaderLib, and Animations Plus.

Note: This mod is in beta, so expect bugs, but also expect fixes. Please try and provide as much information as you can when reporting, and providing a save file will help. Currently a big rewrite it underway, so thank you for your patience, as updating has slowed.

Note 2: The mastery menu currently does not support controllers, as they are a whole different ball of wax when it comes to UI modding. The mastery system itself will work, but you won't be able to open/navigate the menu.

Main Features
  • New types of weapons, including dual shields, firearms (rifles & pistols), halberds & glaives, greatbows, katanas, quarterstaffs, rapiers, rods (melee wands), runeblades, and throwing weapons (shurikens, flasks, chairs, improvised weapons).
  • Unique weapons! Currently there are ~27 unique weapons, all featuring unique skills, mechanics, and looks. Everything from an anvil hammer to a blunderbuss.
  • Personalized unique weapon scaling - Each unique weapons can have their scaling stat changed by combining them with an attribute token, for any build under the sun (they can even scale with Con/Memory/Wits).
  • Various armor/equipment options, such as quivers you can visibly see, a unique blindfold, a unique backpack, and a unique demonic gauntlet.
  • A mastery system that allows you to gain passive damage increases with specific weapon types you use in battle, as well as unlock the use of mastery scrolls, for specialized weapon skills.

    If you're feeling generous, an easy way to show support is by tipping me a coffee:


    I love modding this game, and I love interacting with the community. Every bit helps to keep me doing what I'm doing. Thanks!

    Script Extender Required
    Norbyte's Divinity Script Extender[github.com] is required for this mod to work.

    Extender Setup (Divinity Mod Manager)
    If the Divinity Mod Manager is installed, and your "Game Executable Path" is set, simply click Tools -> Download & Install the Script Extender.


    Weapon Merchant
    WeaponEx exclusive items can be bought from a special merchant, located near the dungeon shrine in Fort Joy, or on the Lady Vengeance afterwards, near the LeaderLib trader. It will be near the start of the act in Arx.

    Weapon Types
    Weapon Expansion adds a plethora of new weapon types to mix things up.

    Battle Books
    Assault your enemies with the physical manifestation of knowledge. Perfect for scholars and philosophers alike.

    Dual Shields
    Dual shields allow you to fight with a combat shield in your mainhand, and a regular shield in your offhand. Scales with Constitution.
    Note: The offhand shield has more armor to compensate for the fact that "weapon" shields can't have armor.

    Currently only firearm exists in Weapon Expansion, in the form of a unique blunderbuss - Eruption, the Portable Cannon. This weapon comes with unique skills and mechanics, such as a small radius of splash damage around targets hit.

    Halberds & Glaives (Polearms)
    The "Spear" type on weapons has been renamed to "Polearm", to encompass halberds, glaives, spears, and quarterstaffs.

    Halberds & glaives scale with Strength by default, and are more akin to strength-based spears, but with new models.

    A unique halberd exists, called the "Warchief's Halberd", that is capable of switching between "spear" and "axe" stances, and included two unique skills for each stance.

    Greatbows are huge Strength-based bows capable of piercing the hardest dragon scales. Greatbows gain their own unique mastery skills, and have visible arrows when you use basic attacks (Warning: This was a true pain to make happen!).

    A unique greatbow exists that is capable of hurling lightning bolts.

    Hand Crossbow
    A unique arm-mounted crossbow. Rather than taking up a weapon slot, this weapon goes in an accessory slot, and allows you to shoot bolts of various types. Hand Crossbows have their own "assassin"-style mastery skills.

    Katanas & Odachi
    Katanas and Odachi (two-handed katanas) provide a Strength-scaling, backstabbing alternative to daggers.
    With lower crit damage, but slightly higher base damage, they work with Scoundrel skills, and come with their own mastery skills as well.

    A unique katana/runeblade hybrid katana exists, as well as a unique two=handed Odachi.

    Quarterstaffs provide a physical-damage alternative to staffs. Metal quarterstaffs scale with Strength, while wooden quarterstaffs scale with Finesse.

    A unique quarterstaff exists with its own unique skill.

    A sword-style alternative to daggers, rapiers scale with Finnese and can backstab, but provide a slightly longer reach than daggers and damage base than daggers, at the cost of less critical damage.

    A unique rapier/runeblade hybrid weapon exists.

    Rods are wands that can be used in melee basic attacks and skills. Instead of shooting with a basic attack, they shoot via weapon skill.

    A unique rod exists that can swap between rod-mode and wand-mode.

    Runeblades are Intelligence-scaling magical swords. Each runeblade has an inherent element, and can activate their internal rune to provide passive damage and bonus effects. Rune buffs can be combo'd together to create new buffs. Additionally, Chaos runeblades work by absorbing surrounding surface to activate runes of the appropriate element, and have access to special blood-type buffs.
    Note: "Runes" in this case are referring to the inherent element of runeblades, and runeblade-only runes you can purchase and insert into runeblades, not base game runes.

    A chaos-elemental, two-handed unique runeblade exists.

    Runeblade Links:

    Throwing Weapons
    Various throwing weapons have been added, including shurikens (normal, explosive, poison), flasks (lowers elemental resistances), and various weapons turned into throwing weapons (chairs, daggers, spears, every basic weapon type).
    As you use throwing weapons or grenades, your Throwing mastery will increase, allowing you to throw objects directly when your mastery and Strength is high enough.

    Unique Scaling
    All unique weapons can be combined with attribute tokens to change their scaling attribute. This includes regular uniques and modded uniques. Attribute tokens found at the WeaponEx trader.

    The Weaponmaster
    Mastery scrolls can be purchased from The Weaponmaster, located around in all the major towns during the game.

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RzRTelhalm Sep 30 @ 5:05pm 
@THE CANDY CANE MAN I just tested with only Weapon Expansion and that's not the case on my end. Do you have any other mods running?
THE CANDY CANE MAN Sep 30 @ 4:06pm 
For some reason, the mod is causing undead characters to take poison damage instead of being healed by it
Vyklade Sep 27 @ 2:59pm 
What's the crafting recipe for shurikens? If there is any that is
Luduaver Sep 26 @ 12:09pm 
@A1 Steaksauce
The project is very active on GitHub [github.com]!
We will see the update in the future, I don't know when, but maybe soon!
I'm looking forward to the 1.0 update!
~Ember Rose~ Sep 24 @ 7:37pm 
I love this mod so much it added the warchiefs halberd which is such a fun and intricate weapon with its 2 stances which both have a diff spell and passives etc but it just randomly stopped working, like i can still use the weapon but anytime i try to use the axe stance it just casts the stance skill then nothing changes, it was working just fine until recently, i have a theory that the warfare expanded might be messing with it so i uninstalled the warfare expanded one but it still didnt work so im not sure if it might be a problem with leader lib or what but i am pretty bummed to not be able to use such a cool mechanic, still a cool spear tho lmao just dont know how to get the stance workin again
A1 Steaksauce Sep 19 @ 11:43pm 
Probably a silly question since i'm pretty sure you lost your computer or something like that, but any chance of this being updated?
Cadburys King Sep 8 @ 2:17pm 
I just wanted to say I love this mod and am excited for when you finish it. I love playing as a one handed rapier duellist, not to mention the other cool classes I've yet to try. Keep up the good work man, you're awesome.
[BØO] E U P H Ø R I A Sep 6 @ 12:30pm 
Hey ! Where can i find a RAPIER please ? the vending machine doesn't have it ...
Hekwig Tornfold Sep 2 @ 3:52pm 
For some reason this mod makes my undead not able to heal from poison. I have confirmed this by removing mod by mod from my game and testing it. The undead stopped not being healed once this mod was removed. Any ideas what could be causing this behavior? I remember being able to use this mod without these issues about a year or so ago, might be the new updates that changed something?

I am using the latest version of all mods. downloaded a few days ago and my mod order is based on the mod load order guide found here on Steam.
gumd. Sep 2 @ 9:34am 
what's the outfit the weaponmaster has on? that odachi + katana on his belt are awesome