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MvM stats:
- Total 2 cities tour count: 600+ (I reset every once in a while, usually after 100 tours)
- Australiums Found: SMG, Sniper Rifle, Amabssador, Tomislav, Scattergun
- Mecha Engine tour count: 5
- Gear Grinder count: 50+

Worthy mentions (quotes):

try me bitch : im gonna eat you

nameology: ohgod
nameology: your head is getting tentacle raped
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Fishtail Aug 20 @ 4:10pm 
Nothing's changing even if you add 100. Goodluck
button Aug 20 @ 3:34pm 
I can add 35 keys pure on top of my last offer if that changes anything, if not all good.
??? Aug 19 @ 1:59pm 
please help me i got scammed
The Fallen Angel | Aug 18 @ 3:10pm 
so I added you to ask a question that has to kinda do with trading
SP3ZTRA Aug 18 @ 2:55pm 
added to discuss about one of your hats
Mango-Boba-Tea Aug 18 @ 10:59am 
Added about the Anti-Freeze Whoopee Cap.