If you're adding me, please comment below with the exact reason.

Beware of impersonators. They will often link you to my inventory claiming it's their "trading/storage account", while they have a private inventory. This is my only steam account. I do not use any other accouts for any reason whatsoever.

A little something to kick-start your day:

Do NOT bother trying to buy any of my items that aren't listed for sale. Doing so repeatedly will get you blocked !

MvM stats:
- Total 2 cities tour count: 500+ (I reset every once in a while, usually after 100 tours)
- Australiums Found: SMG, Sniper Rifle, Amabssador, Tomislav, Scattergun
- Mecha Engine tour count: 5
- Gear Grinder count: 50+

Worthy mentions (quotes):

try me bitch : im gonna eat you

nameology: ohgod
nameology: your head is getting tentacle raped
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Be sure to read this:
I am being impersonated. Check the following to make sure it's the real me:

:ABZU_Fish: Level 50 Steam Profile with 4 years service badge
:ABZU_Fish: A complete collection of Fire Horns/Team Shine primary weapons showcased under Item Showcase (not under Artwork Showcase)
:ABZU_Fish: Spellbound Brainiac Hairpiece and Spellbound Rotation Sensation in my inventory
:ABZU_Fish: 6500 hours of TF2 playtime
:ABZU_Fish: 4 year Steam member badge
:ABZU_Fish: And finally, read the steps outlined below to check for impersonators/scammers

How to check for scammers/impersonators (aka imposters)

**The biggest giveaway to impersonators/scammers is that they will always link you to their "trading account" and ask to "check" your items. If you encounter either, it's a red flag**

Step 1 : Go to the user's profile, and copy their steam profile url.

Step 1.1 : If you can't see the user's steam profile URL, open steam on a web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.), login, and then go to the user's profile. The web address on the web browser is their steam profile URL.

Step 1.2 : If you can't see the user's steam profile URL, you can enable the feature by following: Steam (on top left corner of the steam window) > Settings > Interface > and check (☑) "Enable Steam address URL bar when available". Click ok. You should see the Steam Profile URL on top of your steam window now.

Step 2 : Copy this user's Steam Profile URL. NOTE: DO NOT CLICK AND FOLLOW THE LINKS THE USER DISPLAYS IN THEIR PROFILE DESCRIPTION. This is the first and easiest way for scammers to deceive others by linking people to the user they are impersonating, and calling it their "trading account". Otherwise, they copy the user's profile they are impersonating so it looks like you're dealing with the real user, but it's just the impersonator's deceiving tactic.

Step 3 : Go to or and paste this user's steam profile link on the search box.

Step 4 : Click search. You will now see the user's profile on the respective site.
On , a banned or marked user's profile will be displayed in red in communities from which they are banned. This means they are most definitely a scammer and shouldn't be dealt with in any matter. Here's an example:
On , a banned or marked user's profile usually comes with a warning pop-up box. If there is no warning pop-up box, you will see a red or orange/yellow icon on the left of the site which reads "Banned" for red icon, and "Caution" for yellow icon. This means they were banned for deceiving or scamming someone. Do NOT trade with them. Here's an example:

NOTE: This is my only active account, I don't have any alts or "storage" accounts. My inventory or profile will never be private, and I will never have a custom profile URL. Please check and before you deal with anyone for your own safety. I do not claim responsibility for any impersonators' actions

Friend Requests :

:ABZU_Fish: I do not accept random friend requests. If you wanted something, just leave a comment on my profile before you add me. "Added to trade" isn't a good reason, be specific.
:ABZU_Fish: Please try not to add me for trading, just send a trade offer.
:ABZU_Fish: If you're loooking to make an offer/trade, please use the trade offer link HERE . It saves both parties a whole lot of time.


:ABZU_Fish: Check out my outpost and profiles to see what i've got for sale. Feel free to leave an offer if you wish.
:ABZU_Fish: Please do NOT send trade offers on items that aren't for sale. I won't be very happy, and neither will you - after what follows with that trade offer.
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Use this trade offer link if you wish to make any offers.
SDBurn Apr 23 @ 10:50am 
Added for discuss
Fishtail Apr 22 @ 7:17pm 
It's not for sale unless you buy all 3 racks in the electro set for full 400 pure.
Tabula Rasa Kid Apr 22 @ 7:03pm 
Added to discuss exquisite rack electrostatic :)
ProPlayer Apr 21 @ 10:56pm 
the 2650 i was trying say ref in items
ProPlayer Apr 21 @ 10:52pm 
howdy i got scammed can u help me also look my tf.bp i lost my like 2650 by a hacker idk what to do can u help me plz also steam didnt help me
b4brony Apr 21 @ 7:45pm 
I added you, wondering if youd like to quickbuy my hat.