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8.6 Hours played
Attempted to play all the way through, but am no longer compelled to finish due to frustration.

I really wanted to enjoy this as it is heralded as being a successor to Heretic/HeXen as well as '90s FPS titles. I seriously can't see this and fail to understand any such comparisons as the ONLY similarity is art style. Having play Duke Nukem, Quake, Quake II, Heretic, HeXen, HeXen II, Unreal, Strife, DooM, DooM II, and many others over the years, I never felt such disappointment as it didn't play like any of those games. As Ion Maiden (Fury) nailed this claim in every regard, I chose to give this game a chance.
Firstly, what I did enjoy or thought interesting. The art style is unique and creates a nice atmosphere which is aided by a nice soundtrack. Although looking like a dated game, it looks good and feels like it was made many years ago.
Yeah, now what I didn't like and I know, not much to like, lol. Combat is what an FPS is about and it is not fun nor engaging. When one plays say DooM or Quake or Halo or any other FPS, you can feel a comfortable loop or play style(s) forming as you get more experience with it. In Graven, it boils down to whacking almost everything with a wooden staff. I don't say everything because there are annoying flying enemies that spit acid from miles away that you can't hit with it. Another note, with almost 8 hours in, I have 4 weapons and 2 spells. Now, you might say, wow, you have that many at your disposal and only use a staff? Yes, the sword is not an upgrade as it deals about the same damage and has a block mechanic, but is executed badly. As for ranged you get a weak wrist crossbow and a crossbow that shoots rocks that functions as a shotgun, but does unreliable damage. The spells are an absolute disgrace to magic as they are the most impractical, weak, very inefficient at resource cost and killing power. The devs explained that using spells to shock water or ignite barrels to help be resourceful in combat. Alright, shocking water just stuns enemies and does little damage and you have to be about 2 feet from a barrel to ignite it then the enemies just take a minor amount of damage. So, basically use the staff for melee and crossbows for flying until certain later enemies (we will get to THEM).
Progression is another setback as one would expect from a game of the targeted period, is somewhat maze-like level design. Graven doesn't do hallways connected by arenas and tries a large map connected by different unique areas rather than level transitions and tries to make a hub from Cruxfirth and each area is somewhat reachable from that hub. However, this is a major issue as each area is not reachable from there and is an absolute pain to traverse the world because every damn time you quit, enemies are repopulated. Also, saving, doesn't even do that. You always start back in Cruxfirth. I do not understand this decision and it needs to be fixed as everyone seems to hate this or do not respawn the very annoying enemies you have created. I understand re-killing is part of the economy, but then fix it by having better rewards or lower costs or have them in secrets or actually make the combat enjoyable. Even at that, starting the game up again is depressing as you have to slog through the enemies again and again or just run and hope you don't get hit.
So, the enemies, the reason for combat and all. 90% of the time is zombies then cultists. Now, why is that bad? Zombies deal a lot of damage on higher difficulties and once you get a hang of their attacks, a few can be easily killed. However, they are thrown at you in large groups and take many hits unless hit in the head which is somewhat hard for the poor hit detection of the staff. Then the other issue is the slow clearing of enemies using a staff. In DooM, the Rocket Launcher does splash damage and high direct-hit damage, clears weaker enemies quickly. Now, I am not saying add one, but this is a problem on ALL difficulties and is worsened as you progress because enemies eventually have both ranged and melee or long reach for melee which out-ranges you and are forced to used your precious ammo. This is another major issue as melee weapons don't use ammo or mana and use stamina which is annoying since it feels out of place and is there to just slow you down or prevent you from jumping. Speaking of the weapons, they can be upgraded, but I laughed at them as the spell upgrades were the only ones that seemed worth the high cost (hint, hint, all of them are crazy expensive). So, you never actually feel any stronger as you progress (yes, I fully upgraded the Staff, Sword, Wrist Crossbow, Crossbow, and both spells) which is not good.
So, the other enemies? Skeletons that have longer reach melee, skeletons with bombs and wrist bows, cultists with throwing daggers, 4-legged beasts with really bad animations that don't display attacks properly, flying acid-spitting things, armored cultists, ghosts, and some ghostly skull boss. Notice how I don't know their names or speak fondly of them because none of the enemies are fun to fight or seem unique in a game play perspective. In DooM, an Archvile is instantly recognizable as it has a reputation for resurrection demons, dealing a lot of damage when those flames start flashing, or their appearance. How about the first Skarj you faced in Unreal? Scary, dodging attacks, rushing you with movement predicting projectiles, and a Predator-inspired design?
Anyway, rambling, moving on now. As a strong suggestion, wait until many issues are addressed and I do look forward to seeing this game be complete, but it has been a few years and is looking grim. For the devs, keep improving, but the game has a good atmosphere with a somewhat there story that could improve the immersion, but it is severely held back by the most important part, the game play. Movement is slow, progression is slow, enemies are not fun to fight, and I would rather not use any of the weapons in my arsenal as I don't like them or the feel of them. Another thing, the inventory is somehow more annoying than Heretic because there are not quick-cast hot keys for items and instead everything is on a hotbar and must be selected and some weapons take multiple slots for some reason. Also, ammo counts are too low for higher difficulties (played on the 2nd to hardest difficulty first time then did various testing on others) along with a really low item cap on "Quartz Flasks". Weapons should fulfill a role in combat or possibly make spells viable as stated above, the sword is honestly worse than the staff. Spells are useless outside of puzzles or not wanting to use arrows on explosives. Make enemies fulfill specific roles in combat or seem unique. All melee enemies are the same, rush player and perform attack and later enemies just get ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ range that doesn't match animations or ranged units get armor so they can't be head shot. Until many, many updates to those categories and bug fixes (yeah, quite a few teleporting enemies among other problems) are implemented, I won't be revisiting this game and I would suggest the same to you unless you want a frustrating experience. I would very highly recommend Amid Evil if you want a perfect example of a throwback '90s.
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This guide will assist you in getting all of the achievements as well as teach you a thing or two about the game.
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9.5 Hours played
Luxor is a match 3 arcade game with a twist - the orbs move on a path. The goal is to shoot colored balls at the "trains" or segments moving along the path and match all of the balls before it reaches the end. More and more segments are required to complete the level with more colors being introduced, and the segment getting a farther head start incrementally ramps up the difficulty. Rinse and repeat for the 100 or so levels then the glory of the Egyptians gods will be restored.

The graphics look fine and the UI functions as intended.
The audio gives proper feedback and has a nice thematic sountrack.
No bugs were encountered in my playthrough, but a few complaints. Later Luxor games offer more power-ups with awesome, unique abilities, which this game sorely needs. The "catch up" mechanic of the segments seems to be very weird or unfair at times when making numerous match chains.

Overall, an addictive and good time killing experience for anyone. Also, yes, I am aware that many can not play the game. The game doesn't work as intended with new hardware, but an easily to comprehend patch exists for many of the Luxor games
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