I'm your regular casual gamer and aspiring Steam fan ;) I'm mostly interested in adventures, fantasy games (RPG), puzzles, but I'm also open to new experiences :cozybethesda:
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Thanks for the profile awards!
Hi gang!

Thank you guys so much for all the 12 (!) profile awards! I'm very happy and proud to have received them and wanted to do something special in return. I bought some showcase expansions and well, decided to share some "profile stories": stories on my profile from some of my favorite games. Just something silly for sure, but I still hope you guys will like it.

I'm planning a series: first is Kerbal Space Program which you can read right now further below. Then, after a week or two, I'm going to replace it with another story. Thanks for your visit, and I hope you're going to enjoy this!
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Proof that the Diamond Casino are hackers!
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On the 15th of December 2020 we got the Cayo Perico heist in GTAO; the first heist which could be done completely solo! And guess what? This heist can be a grinders dream come true, if you focus on its main aspects then you can be done in around an hour. A
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It's like Minecraft in space!

I'm having so much fun with this that I just had to give a shout out; this game is a true Steam classic if you ask me. If you like playing Minecraft then I'm quite positive that you're going to love this as well. Maybe a little bit more difficult (then again... redstone can be tricky too!) but oh so rewarding!

So what's this all about? Well, as its name suggests this is about sending small people ('Kerbals') into space by building & designing rockets which will (hopefully) make it into orbit. Remember: what goes up must come down and you might want to prepare for that ;) What makes all this so much fun though is that you can make things as easy or as complex as you want to. And even in 'Sandbox mode' (which is where you gain full access to everything and can do whatever you want) things can still be quite challenging!

My first rocket actually made it into orbit... "sorta" because once it lost its velocity due to Earth Kerbin's gravity it quickly started to decent and that was when I realized that I might want to look into a way to disconnect the rocket from the cabin with the kerbals, and having a heat shield of some sort seems like a good idea too :)

But honestly... that moment when you actually manage to launch your kerbals and then make sure they get back to the surface in one piece? Priceless!

You could actually learn something from all this too!

This is the fun part: the environment (the home planet, gravity in space, etc.) is all based on realistic data. So when you shoot your rocket into space (or.. trying to ;)) then you're actually dealing with a dose of realism. Trust me: you will soon realize that it will take more than simply launching a rocket into space before you actually reach a point where you can stay in orbit.

And that's when the real fun can begin because why settle for one spacecraft? Why not start designing rockets which can transport parts into space so that you could build your own space station? And once you have that: maybe allow other craft to dock with it? That could be a nice starting point to begin exploring the rest of the Kerbal universe.

That's right: it's not just about Kerbin ("Earth") and it's moon ("Mun"): there are more planets you can explore and it will take you plenty of strategy and (somewhat) skilled designs before you'll be able to reach those!

Comes with a mission editor too!

(edited): Bzzt... the mission editor is only provided by the 'Making history' DLC. So not part of the standard game, I obviously got a bit confused there.

Full Steam support too!

This is the part I really enjoy: you can easily share all your designs on Steam or use already existing designs in your own games. Making this a true classic if you ask me!

Summing up....

I'll be honest: I've had my eyes on this game for a while now but the somewhat steep normal price always made me a little hesitant. Especially if you take the DLC into consideration as well, which also has its own costs. Is it worth the normal price? It's hard to tell for me (I picked it up during a Steam sale), also because KSP is a rather specific type of game. Building spacecraft and sending them into space, optionally expanding with building whole space stations (or maybe a whole space colony) are all possible scenarios. But it will take plenty of time and effort, even in sandbox mode, before you'll get there.

I'm easily seeing myself spending plenty of hours in the wonderful world of KSP, just as I can already see myself taking a break from it because I want something different for a change.

Having said that I am definitely a believer. This game is amazing and can provide you with tons of fun and laughs. Maybe even some sad moments too when you were really focussed on bringing your kerbal friends home alive which ended in a some freak accident.
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My adventure in the Kerbal Space Center...
(this is a fantasy "profile story" about one of my favorite games; shared only on my profile for a week or two in celebration of my 12 profile points)

After yet another session of playing Elite Dangerous I suddenly noticed a Steam message... it was from none other than one Werner von Kerman, one of the leading rocket scientists in KSP. He asked me to come over to the Kerbal space center because the kerbals really could use my help with their latest project. They had seen my interest in E.D. and figured I was the right player for the job. This could be fun!

So I headed over there and soon enough I was in a meeting room with Werner von Kerman, Jebediah Kerman and Bob Kerman (not related as far as I could tell). Kerbals are a friendly and somewhat funny looking people, they're small, have rather large heads and they really seem to be quite enthusiastic about the things they do. Though sometimes maybe a little too much.. but now I'm getting ahead of the story.

Mr. von Kerman told me that they were having some issues and troubles with their space program, they needed a fresh look on things. Someone to help them think "outside of the hangar" so to speak and who would be willing to try out new ideas. This sounded really interesting. "But what's all this going to cost us?", I asked. Because if there's one thing I knew it was that spaceships aren't exactly cheap to build!

"Not to worry, Jeb here runs a junkyard and it has all kinds of spare parts which we're allowed to use", von Kerman said. Oh.. kee... is he joking with me? I look mister von Kerman in the eyes and much to my surprise he seems very serious about all this. Junkyard? I look at Jebediah who nobs in agreement to me: "We have the best stuff there, excellent material for starting out our new space program!", he said with full confidence.

Wait, wait.. what?! What kind of weirdness did I get myself into this time?

Then, suddenly someone's banging loudly on the door, scaring the heck out of me. I look up and the door slams open and a bewildered kerbal is running straight for the table with a look of total panic on his face: "HELP, HELP", he shouts: "It's a disaster, it's the end of the project! We're all DOOMED!!". I look up to him: "What is it?", I ask: "what's the big issue?".

The kerbal looks up to me with a puzzled face and asks me who I am. I introduce myself as ShelLuser, the new overseer of the space center. "There won't BE any space center!", he suddenly cries out.

"Now Bill, calm yourself", mister von Kerman says: "please explain yourself...". Bill nods, takes a few gasps for breath and starts talking: "I just came back from city hall. They told me that if we don't send any spacecraft into space soon then we won't be allowed to call ourselves a space center any longer! And if we can't be a space center we can't launch craft, and if we can't launch crafts... we're DOOMED!".

At this point I can't help wonder... are these guys being serious with me or are they trying to pul a big one? I mean.. seriously? This is just silly...

"Come on Bill... may I call you Bill?", the kerbal nods towards me in agreement: "why all the panic? I mean, even if they would go along, we'd still have all our equipment here, we'll still be building rockets and such. There's no reason to panic...". I look over my shoulder expecting the others to agree with me on this. I mean.. this is just stupid.

Instead... I see the same look off terror on everyones faces. In fact, mister von Kerman even grabbed his cellphone and apparently just got a connection: "Hello? Jennifer? Yes, Kerman here, sell all our stocks in the kerbal space center. Yes, all of them! Quickly, the world is coming to an end!".

"Guys, guys... GUYS!!", I yell: "snap out of it already.. seriously, what's the problem here? All we have to do is build a rocket, sent it into space.. done!". When all the kerbals look at me with a complete surprised look I continue: "Isn't that why you contacted me in the first place? Surely you must have some confidence in my abilities?".

The kerbals look at me and nod in agreement: "By Kerb!", mister von Kerman says: "you're right! this calls out for a celebration. Jeb, bring the champagne. Mr. Shell, thanks you, you have saved our project!", and before I can say anything else they all leave the room being in a completely cheerful mood.

This was going to be one bizarre experience.... and it was!

I can't tell you guys about everything we went through because I doubt it will fit into this box, but... there kerbals are something else.

So at first we decided to send a rocket as far up as we could just to see what would happen. Bill (yes, the same Bill as the one above) quickly volunteered to be the pilot and before we knew we were building a rocket! And as mister von Kerman showed me: it was much easier than it looked!

We grabbed a pod, some fuel tanks and attached a rocket to it. Now, I don't know too much about rocket science but I do know they used stages. So at some point a craft would jettison some rockets so that it became lighter and easier for the next engine. When I talked this over with von Kerman he looked puzzling at me and said: "I'm a rocket scientist, not an engineer. Go talk to Jeb about that". So off I went, and for sure: Jebidiah had something for me. "So we took this ring design", he said: "and then just filled it with dynamite. Then we reinforced one side and... success!". O.. kee.... I guess.

So we ended up using that part as well and soon launched the rocket. Much to my surprise the staging went quite well, the lower half of the rocket got jettisoned and the second engine kicked in. So far, so good, soon enough we only had the command pod left which made a small trip out in space, only to fall back to Kerbin ("earth").

And then it happened.... "Mission control? It's getting hot in here and I'm seeing all these pretty colors outside, can you suggest what to do? over", Bill suddenly asked. "Have you tried taking some pictures of it, that sounds like something we all would like to see. over", one of the control monitors answered. What?! I walked over there, grabbed his microphone and asked Bill what it was exactly which he was seeing. And for sure: it was the orange / red glow of flames. No doubt the heat building up from re-entering the atmosphere.

"Maybe we should have used a heat shield", Jeb suddenly said out loud. What now? "Wait, you're saying that the rocket has no heat shields?!", I ask. Jeb shakes his head: "No, their delivery got delayed so we just spray painted the command module so that it looked good".

What. the.... "Bill, do you read? You have to abort immediately, press the panic button so that the rockets may be able to slow you down.. Bill?... "... and the answer I got totally took me by surprise: "Oh wow guys, thanks for all the fireworks! You shouldn't have! boy, that must have cost a fortune to make it be heard all the way up here. I must grab my camera, one moment!".

And that was the last we ever heard from Bill....

Yeah, these kerbals are a strange bunch to work with I can tell you that.

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ShelLuser Feb 8 @ 10:15am 
Mιᴋαelѕoɴ™ Feb 5 @ 6:00am 
Hello, I have seen your message in my profile. Thank you and don't worry. Nice GTA guides, keep it up :good:
ShelLuser Jan 28 @ 6:23pm 
@POU: GTA 5 story mode (so full single player) or do you refer to online but just on your own? Not sure if you can play story mode ("singleplayer") offline, I kind of doubt it but... GTAO is always online but you can enforce an empty lobby. Feel free to drop me a chat to see what can be done here.
POUusnavy Jan 28 @ 3:02pm 
is there a way to play gta 5 offline single player?
ShelLuser Jan 28 @ 2:58pm 
And just when you're ready and proof reading your guide you play one more take on the GTAO Cayo Perico heist, resulting in a "WTH?!" moment ;) There's a reason I love this game, and the new heist despite it being a pain the "behinds" when you need to find out how things work.

I need to rewrite some parts of my guide but this week I'm also in a better state than before, and I got the whole weekend to work on it. This will be my biggest guide ever (how fitting) but... it's coming!
ShelLuser Jan 24 @ 10:26am 
@Jasmin Happy to help! Since I got most of them for free I'd rather see them put to good use (whatever that use) than letting them expire :)