Maks Rosebuster   Poland
Birthday: 13 August

Current avatar done by: Darky
Just a lil red fox. Feel free to hug, stroke and squeeze. X3

Furry. Brony. Gamer. Chess enthusiast. I speak Polish, English and some French.

I like various games: new and old, adventure games, action games, puzzles, shooters, strategy... everything unique, impressive, inspiring. Things with lovely storyline too. And stuff that can be enjoyed a lot when played with friends.

I'm an achievement hunter. Collecting achievements gives me lots of fun and satisfaction, especially when I manage a hard one. All the achievements you see on my account were properly earned, without any cheating, achievement editing or exploiting glitches in games. If I can't get some achievement properly, I'd rather not have it at all. Otherwise what's the point?

I won't accept all random friend invitations. It will depend on my mood and the impression of your profile page. If you didn't set up a profile or it's private and I can't view it, I will reject right away. If you explain why you're adding me in a comment on my profile, you'll make it easier for me.

* You want to be friends
* You think we have things in common and we'll get along
* You like some games I play and you want to talk about them

* You only want to beg or offer me trades
* You just want to RP and instead of ever talking.
* You're planning to tell me "I'm bored" and expect me to come up with ways to entertain you.
* You don't use punctuation.

* Never try to call me on Steam. Not without agreeing it with me first, but even then I'd rather use a different voice service.
* Don't invite me to join your game through the option in Steam. Ask first.
* Don't block me with the intention of taking a break or coming back later. It's frustrating for me. There's no guarantee I will talk to you again after that.
* Don't drop random links to videos without explaining what it is. I'm just too often shown some pointless rubbish that's just a waste of time, sorry.
* Don't replace words with single letters. It's "How are you?", not "how r u".
* Don't press Enter every few words, bombarding me with 20 short messages before I can even reply. If you haven't finished what you wanted to say, do it before sending.

I appreciate your friendship more than anything, no need for gifts. However if you decide to send a gift in your kindness, you'll have my gratitude! I'm trying to keep my wishlist up to date, with the things I want most on the top. But I will never ask you for any. Please never send me games by Konami or EA. I refuse to support them and I don't want you to give them any money because of me.

Unfortunately the list of gifts I need to thank for got too long. I keep a list here, but it's very outdated as it's become too troublesome to maintain, I'm sorry.

The people who made direct gifts to me - THANK YOU, MY FRIENDS! []
The people I won games from, as they offered them to a broader group of people for a chance to win - THANK YOU TOO! []
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FAQ and other helpful info
These questions keep coming back. Read and be enlightened!

Q: Why do you ignore me? I sent you a message 20 seconds ago and there's still no answer!

A: Because I have a life. I'm not sitting at the keyboard continuously. If you want to know if I'm around, poke me and wait for an answer. I'll either reply or get back to you later when I can. Don't trust my Steam status. I switch it sometimes, but whenever Steam loses connection for a bit, it automatically turns my status back to "Online" anyway, which isn't very helpful. Even if it says I'm online, I might be sleeping or busy. And if you see me switching games, it might be a bot doing that for me. So just ask please! And apologies in advance if I sometimes fall asleep in the middle of the chat. Sometimes tiredness gets the better of me. Thanks for understanding!

Q: I love your art! How did you draw it?

A: I didn't. The artwork you see on my profile was done by other artists for me and I have full permissions to use it. Why didn't you read the descriptions? I gave proper credit to the artists who created these pieces. And by the way it still belongs to me even if I didn't draw it, please don't steal.

Q: Can I have your cards/items?

A: No.

Some Rosey links:

* My achievement hunting progress on MetaGamerScore []

* My SteamGifts profile []

* My Uplay name: rosebuster

PS. Origin sucks.
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Happy holydays! While there were many woes, trials and tribulations on this year, hopefully on this 2024 we're all able to move on and share new emotions!:dragon_dg:

Enjoy with family, or with friends!♫:dogepaw::fullheart:
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