スターダスト兵士ロビン   London, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
People seem to be confused to just what I am, so I'll make it brief; I'm a Robin. I'm evil, male, and my likes include fuzzy rabbits, ranting about dumb stuff in games, and cute girls. -3- I'm not exactly a super complicated existence.

~Additional: All Wishlist stuff is just for me to remember to take a nose sometime. Good luck trying to gift me anything you butts; I've ALSO added a bunch of lewd and spooky fake-outs to baffle and confuse people so they don't waste money on me! >:O
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My first game of Bomberman in years and years and I won! :DDD I couldn't watch Amiya's chat while I was playing, but I hope everyone else had fun too. -w-
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For MAXIMUM IMMERSION you understand! :3 Also with added bunnies! NOTE: You have to disable the L4D1 survivors when playing L4D2 characters, and vice versa! One set active at a time in addons section!
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Created by - RobDeLaMorte
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LadyBella Jun 13 @ 11:24am 
Thank you , Mr Myers. I wanted you to close hatch so you can get the points but thank you . Myers is the best ♥️
Stryker Jun 13 @ 11:03am 
Fun stealth Myers, gg!
michael myers lover Jun 12 @ 2:10pm 
+rep best clown
dizz Jun 12 @ 2:08pm 
+REP qt
MagnusMorren/TTV Jun 6 @ 12:34pm 
+rep Fantastic clown with a terrifying build to come across :happy_creep:
♥ Happy Anniversary ♥ Jun 5 @ 3:17pm 
+Rep: Amazing clown with a really fun build to go against. A tense match and pleasant to talk to in the end game chat. All the best :8bitheart: