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About Krista aka HaTsUnE NeKo
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I am the Moses of Cats, in cat years i am 364 years old

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I am female, A Furry and a pegasister. My avie if from a game called second Life. that is a depiction of my fursona. I play tons of games, not just Kenshi. Kenshi pales in comparison to the hours i put into SL, which to my estimation is around 35,000 hours over 14 plus years.

Friendship invites are only accepted if your in Kenshi and your profile is public. ( or have it in your games list ) this is mostly due to me being Admin for that forum so if you have questions you can ask me that way.

I do not accept random friendship requests otherwise. use my comments area first before sending request if you are not a part of Kenshi.
Thank You.

Kenshi Merch now available at this link
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Not in the store Front links.
Kenshi Scroll Cell Phone Cover [teespring.com]
Kenshi Foot Scabbards [teespring.com] aka Socks.

Added 26 new product designs on T-Spring for Kenshi Merchandise.
These are the Kenshi Wallpapers you find on Steam.
Including Masks, Cups, Fanny Packs, Samsung and IPhone cases, Stickers, Die-Cut Stickers and 3 new T shirts

Promo Code,
Good until

Logos and Kenshi are copyrighted material. I have special permission from the Dev to have these printed.
All Logos belong to Lo-Fi Game Studies

Pokemon Go account: 1435 5936 1234
Second Life ID; Lisa Yohogania [my.secondlife.com]
Second Life ID; Misa Menges [my.secondlife.com]
PSN ID; Lisa_Yohogania
Crunchyroll : Hatsune_Neko [www.crunchyroll.com]
Plays.TV account [plays.tv]
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My Flicker Account [www.flickr.com]
Paradox Interactive Krista Kenneth [forum.paradoxplaza.com]
Origin.com Game Service: Miss_Smorg
Epic Games. HaTsuNe_NeKo
GoG HaTsUnE_ NeKo [www.gog.com]
TikTok Game shorts nekkoya.hatsune21

Updated Main Computer as of 5/30/2018, Original build 11/3/2012
Case: Cooler Master RC-932-KKN5-GP HAF 932 Advance Full Tower Case
EVGA 700 B1, 80+ Bronze 700W ( Factory Replacement 5-15-2018 )
iHAS524-98 Internal DVD Writer
Zalman CPU Fan with 92mm Fan LED (CNPS9500A LED-CU) ( new )
GIGABYTE GA-78LMT USB3 R2 Series Motherboard ( New )
CPU AMD FD8150FRGUBOX FX-8150 Processor - Eight Core, 3.60GHz (4.20GHz Max Turbo)
Video Card: GTX 970 ( Replacement 7/31/2019 )
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz
Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz
24GB Total Ram
Western Digitol 1TB Hard Drive ( New )
Toshiba Canvio External USB-3 5TB HD
ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms Full HD Widescreen LCD
Windows 10 64 byte bit byte bitter OS Home Edition

( New = added between 5-1-2018, 5-30-2018 )
( Replacement = added/replaced in 2016 )

Where i store all my silly and cute pictures [s227.photobucket.com]
My personal Youtube channel where i keep all my favorite video links

My comments area is only for questions or pat's on the back. hate or anything else will be reported and deleted.
English is the only language i know how to read fully, posting comments in another language and after i use google translate it sounds bad, i will report that to Valve for harassment.

Due to the recent influx of account hijackers, if your account is invisible or if you have only one or two free games in your inventory i will not accept your friendship invite.

I am not part of the steam Forum Admins.
I am "not: one of the Developer's for the game Kenshi. i only moderate the forums to make sure people behave. plus i love the game sooo.

Gamer chic since 1985. before it was cool!!!

A Hymn sung by a bard in Kenshi about my character.

Harmothoe, Harmothoe, she lived a life of anguish!
For chained in Rebirth she was condemned to languish...
'Til one day she'd been ravished by the high paladin most vile!
And she swore her dark vengeance with a murderous smile...
She stashed a long nail, forged to a blade...
And one by one the guards were slayed.
Now the high paladin lies dead, a nail in the eyeball...
With it the name Harmothoe, in blood on the high wall!

If you wish to help support this kittah please feel free to click the link
Hatsune on Patreon [www.patreon.com]
I Mod for fun, but i still need tuna and milk after all. =(^.^)=
Screenshot Showcase
Hatsune Neko Gaming Jan 16 @ 7:33am 
my name is orange because I'm a moderator in the forum.
Whistler was indeed in the game but later removed. why? idk. i don't think it was ever used. so they finally removed it.
DootSlayer Jan 16 @ 1:57am 
What was whistler originally in kenshi?
Frission Jan 16 @ 12:23am 
Been wondering for a while, how come your name is orange? x3
Hatsune Neko Gaming Jan 15 @ 4:49pm 
i do not watch over her mods. i only curate Space lettuces mods atm.
making a patch would be easy, as whistler is no longer in the game.
you just need to correct that. which is rather simple to do.
DootSlayer Jan 15 @ 4:39pm 
Hey sorry, my comment was accidentally deleted (i was using the lovely mobile app) but I might have mixed something up, you don’t look over her mods do you?

Also would a patch be difficult/ time consuming to make?
Hatsune Neko Gaming Jan 15 @ 2:50pm 
ill have to make a patch, or reupload the Mod, as steam doesn't allow me to make changes to it.