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Animal Backpacks
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Oct 1, 2018 @ 12:18pm
Oct 29, 2019 @ 10:17am
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Animal Backpacks

Have you always wondered where those backpacks for your critters are?

Well look no further as you now have one.

This mod adds backpacks for nearly all critters. It does not add the animals themselves, you will need others mods for that.

This just makes sure that they all have backpacks.

Backpacks added
  • Black Gorillos
  • Bonedogs
  • Crabs
  • Goats
  • Gorillos
  • Gutters ( aka Beak Things )
  • Land Bats
  • River Raptors
  • Robot Spiders ( Guard and Worker Types )
  • Spiders ( not small ones )
  • Skimmers
  • Swamp Raptors
  • Swamp Turtles
  • Boneyard Wolf
  • Crimper

List of things to do next.
  • Take suggestions for other creatures for backpacks.
  • Add Backpacks with lanterns.
  • Finish Animal Traders Mod and test

File On Nexus[]

Credit for re-rigging the bags goes toHowls@TheMoon

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you are the best!

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Feb 7 @ 7:42am
Compatibility issues
Hatsune Neko Gaming
Jan 25, 2019 @ 3:31pm
Малый перевод удачи вам :) ;)
< >
⛤BAPHO⛧ Aug 20 @ 9:32am 
So I opened up your mod in the Kenshi Modding Tool and checked the item in question.
Turns out, it really just has an athletic modifier of 1. I doubled it and it works! :beeped:
But i swear, when I recently played the game on my second machine, I already had the bonus active... probably caused by another one of the bazillion of mods I'm using.

Thank you again, Hatsune for your work! :gk_heart:
⛤BAPHO⛧ Aug 20 @ 8:57am 
All of a sudden, the backpack for the robo spider seems to have bugged out.
I'm not getting the 2.0 athletics bonus anymore which it used to add. Without it's kinda meh, running around with 10 mp/h max.
Could it have something to do with the load order? Where is your mod placed best? Thank you!
[PuddingOnMuscles] May 10 @ 7:47am 
seems like mostly only animal backpacks spawn in hiking shops now, didn't see more than 1 or 2 "normal" backpacks anymore, last time none, but 20 animal backpacks.

and all those similar symbols for all those different animal backpacks aren't really visually stunning
iansomniac Jan 27 @ 10:59am 
I'm not getting the athletics multiplier anymore.
Reaper leviathan Jan 27 @ 7:30am 
I am not 100% sure on this one but in the mod its outlined that only vanilla animals were touched in this mod. so maybe other animals and animal backpack mods for those animals work with this mod without conflict. Again i'm not sure as i myself haven't tested it. I am not the mod author though, I just popped onto steam and saw your comment and figured I would give some of my own feedback.
nomenemo Jan 26 @ 7:15am 
Do your mods (animal traders and animal backpacks) have any compatibility issues with the Animals, Animals, All Kinds of Animals mod? I've seen the compatibility discussion about the taming mods but the AAAKA also adds some backpacks and animal traders for the added animals in the mod
Hatsune Neko Gaming  [author] Jan 25 @ 7:12pm 
There is no beak bot in vanilla.
So no.
Only what is listed above is added.
Reaper leviathan Jan 24 @ 10:49pm 
Oh ok thank you!
Hatsune Neko Gaming  [author] Jan 24 @ 8:12pm 
They are randomly generated when shop's restock. Do I can't give you a actual place to get them.
You need random luck.
Reaper leviathan Jan 24 @ 7:01pm 
ok. it does say robot spiders (didn't see it when i first read it) Uh, any idea on where to get them? Any sort of backpack for animals seems pretty rare.