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My first impressions:

I have since finished the game multiple times

  • + Amazing mix of Rhythm-Game and FPS
  • + Great, meaty gunplay
  • + Lots of weapons, upgrades and modifiers, making every run different from the last
  • + Awesome Soundtrack
  • + Huge Replay-value

  • - Graphically unimpressive
  • - Challenges are somewhat lackluster

BPM manages to blend First Person Shooting with Rhythm game mechanics like no other game before it, at least none that I know of.
Killing monsters in accordance to the beat is just so damn satisfying.
There are a ton of weapons, upgrades and items that make sure every run turns out different from the previous one.
In addition there are random modifiers that can occur on any given floor further varying things up.
We're talking low gravity, an Icy floor that lets you slide all over the place, everything being upside down, yada, yada, yada.
The gunplay feels nice and meaty, and the platforming also becomes more relevant the further in you get.
So it feels great, there is a ton of replay value, it varies things up - and the icing on the cake is, that every Song in this game is a banger!

The only "negativ" aspects in my opinion are, that it's graphically a little outdated and oversaturated in some parts (especially in lava levels).
Also, the optional challenges are fun, but for example it would be great if boss rush could be done with anything else than the very basic weapon, or if it could at least be upgraded throughout.

But overall BPM is an amazing Rougelite, mixing Rhythm-Game and FPS in a wonderful way, that can keep you engaged for hours on end.

I know I'll be putting some runs in every few days, for quite a time to come!
Highly recommended!
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
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Oh my god, how have I not yet written a review for this amazing Game?!

Dragon Age manages to combine an Epic Story, a great tactical combat system and superb presentation almost perfectly in a single Game.

I'll try to keep this somewhat short:

Why is it good?

  • Player Freedom: You get to choose Gender, Race and Class for your Hero, each with a Unique Starting chapter and during the game, your choices MATTER. It will affect how people react to you, how a Quest ends etc. etc.

  • The Combat System: It is a Party based Combat system that can be paused at any point, to give Commands to your party members. While that doesn't sound special - the way it is set up makes it Special. Not only are the different abilities interesting and add a lot of tactical depth, but these abilites can also interact with each other in 2 ways.
    1. Indirectly - for example your Mage freezes several opponents in Place, so another Party member can easily hit an AoE ability
    2. Directly in the form of Combos - For example combining different elemental spells to form the Thunder-Blizzard of the Century

  • Engaging Story and Presentation: If there is one thing Bioware really knows how to do, it's how to create an interesting World/Lore and present it. The World really feels alive and coherent. There is so much material for the player to read into the Lore if he is interested and the presentation is just amazing. The cutscenes are well animated (as is pretty much anything considering when it came out), the voice acting is stellar across the board and the sound assets as well as the music itself is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Characters & Romances: A huge part of Bioware games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc. is the ability for a Player to start a romantic relationship with a party member. To me personally, this is even better in Dragon Age: Origins, than it was in Mass Effect.
    The Characters in both games are of course very unique and likeable, but when it comes down to it, i'd choose Morrigan or Leliana over Tali or Liara any day of the week.
    Also characters that you cannot woo are amazingly well done overall.
    There will be some that you love, there will be some that you just wont ever really understand, and there are some that you will HATE. As it should be - and yet, if you put in the time you might figure out that a villain that you hated, actually had really good intentions.
    So overall they feel really well fleshed out, they feel like actual Persons with real emotions.

  • Replayability: Due to the many different choices, origins and endings that you will experience throughout the game, it is very likely that you will have a second and third playthrough. (Hell I probably have like 20 different chararcters at this point). In addition to that, the game can be really challenging on higher difficulties - so maybe you want to try and beat it on the Legendary difficulty later on.

  • Mods: While the modding community isn't very active anymore, it has been in the past and all their work is still available. Additional armors, better textures, new quests, Locations, characters, the ability to skip parts of the game (♥♥♥♥ the fade!), nude- and ahem "love"-mods. You name it!
    They add to the already huge amount of time that this game will take out of your life. But it was worth every minute if you ask me :)

What's bad about it:

  • Slow Combat: This is pretty much the only thing i can think of. The Animations in Combat might feel slow to some people. They kinda did to me at first and were made faster in Dragon Age II and Inquisition. It's probably best to quickly check it in a Youtube Video - see if it bothers you. It's by no means unplayably slow, but everything kinda feels like it should just be a tick faster.
  • Achievements: Now i dont really know if this can be counted as a negative thing for most people, but i feel bad only mentioning the combat System. So the game does have achievements - however they are not supported by steam. If you decide to play it on Origin, they will show up and you can brag to your friends there, as i am sure we all have a huge amount of friends on Origin....

This seems like i am really biased, but that is the games fault because it is just THAT good. There really aren't many bad aspects that stood out to me.

Overall this is a game that I believe everybody should have experienced at least once. It is certainly better than it's sequels, and to me, it even blows the Mass Effect series out of the water.
Sale or not - this game is definitely worth it's price
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