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The Guild Gold Edition is a great game that, for most people, will be ruined by compatibility issues, occasional crashes and lack of native HD resolutions.

TL;DR: The game is fun but buggy, you may have to do some degree of tweaking before being able to play, and even so, you will probably suffer crashes if you play many hours. There are guides available that help in this regard, but I can only recommend this game to patient players.

The Guild Gold Edition is a medieval business and dynasty management life sim game, somewhat similar to Crusader Kings II, but much simpler in scope and much more focused on trading goods and managing a medieval handicraft shop. Everything happens in real time, and the game can be a little unforgiving at the start while you are still learning the ropes. However, you can always start again with a new character and dynasty.

The Guild Gold Edition is a medieval sandbox game, with similarities to The Sims and Crusader Kings II, but with a focus on trading and management

After your main character dies, you play on as your heir (if you have one and if they are 12 or older), inheriting the possessions of your previous main character, including the shop. If you have enough money, you can hire a master craftsman to manage your shop, and you can focus on other affairs, such as politics, scheming, or managing another shop yourself. This feature enables you to create a little trading and business empire.

As far as variety goes, there are many different shops to try, and each of them can be upgraded in level (becoming a higher quality shop, for example, a Foundry can be upgraded to a Smithy and later to a Goldsmithy), and you may also purchase individual upgrades to each shop (which are smaller, cheaper upgrades that increase things such as productivity and safety).

The game features a day / night cycle, immersive soundtrack, funny messages and some real strategic gameplay if you want to progress throughout history

There are many things that will try to make your life harder in the game, such as plagues, fires, rivals, work accidents and so on. However, the game has a light-hearted atmosphere, and reading things such as
You improved your Stealth level after reading the book "Darkness Is Your Best Friend"
you remember to keep everything in perspective, after all it's just a game.

There are many things to do in The Guild Gold Edition, including trading, managing, politics and scheming

If you are new to The Guild series, I recommend playing the tutorial first and then playing the game on Easy, because there are many things to learn in this game and I believe the best enviroment to do that is in Easy mode, before you feel comfortable to play in Normal or Hard difficulties which will challenge your knowledge and game experience.

The Guild Gold Edition is more similar to The Sims than to Age of Empires

Such as with many simulation games, you can control the speed of time. Personally, I found the default speed (50%) to be too fast for my taste, and came to the conclusion that my ideal speed is between 10% and 15%. This is something you will have to try for yourself to know what you like. Regardless of chosen speed, the game also features a "Turbo Speed" mode which you can activate by clicking on a clock, if you are in a hurry about something.

There is a learning curve

I sticked with The Guild Gold Edition because I'm a huge fan of Crusader Kings II and also a browser game I played for years called Renaissance Kingdoms, and since The Guild has a somewhat similar atmosphere and experience to the one of those games, it grew on me as a pleasant experience. However, the game is somewhat unforgiving and reading Steam guides helped me make the experience a little easier. There is no story to spoil since this is a sandbox game. The focus here is on unique playthroughs and replay value, which the game does achieve.

However, to enjoy this experience, you will have to put with an old UI, some tweaking to mitigate compatibility issues, and the fact that you probably won't be able to play in HD or greater resolutions. While there may be mods that fix these issues, I prefer to play my games vanilla in most cases, so I only fixed the compatibility issues and played the game as it is. I enjoy the experience, but I understand that most people won't.

The Guild Gold Edition is not for everyone, but it's pretty good at what it does

If you read until this part, and if you are still interested in this game after hearing about its issues with modern operating systems, then I suggest you give it a try. Being an old game, it is very cheap at sales.


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